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Beirut explosion

by Joe in The View From North Central Idaho at 21:40, Tuesday, 04 August

Via MSN:

A large cache of explosive material seized by the government years ago was stored where the explosions occurred, according to top Lebanese officials — specifically ammonium nitrate…

The cache was estimated to be 2,750 tons. Boomershoot uses about 1 ton each year. Timothy McVeigh used (IIRC) about 2.5 tons in the Oklahoma City bombing.

This is the best video I’ve seen so far:

Shocking video of massive #explosion from 7 different angles.
Reports of casualties are still coming in according to #Lebanon‘s health ministry. Still, no one is sure what caused the massive #blast that shook ...

Tuesday, 04 August


Senator Cruz is right.  Peaceful poests are one thing, rioting is another thing altogether.


by Mas in at 18:00, Tuesday, 04 August

Recent events around the country have raised lots of questions about defending oneself and family if caught up in one of the many riots.  I discussed that with Gila Hayes of the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network (ACLDN) in the … ...

"Giant steps are what you take..."

by Tam in View From The Porch at 20:42, Tuesday, 04 August

This video shot with the new Sony A7S III is absolutely amazeballs...

It was such a wild shot that my palms forgot to sweat near the end there.

Florida Man

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 19:29, Tuesday, 04 August

The Other McCain notes Florida Man Strikes Again. In the annals of American journalism, one thing is forever certain. No matter what happens, “Florida Man” is always in the headlines In the long list of pointless crimes, this is more pointless than most. It must be something in the water… Over a long wait at […]

TFB Review: CMMG Mk17 – SIG P320 Mag Compatible PCC

by Rusty S. in The Firearm Blog at 17:00, Tuesday, 04 August

The CMMG Banshee/Resolute line of PCCs is one of the more impressive systems that has come out lately.  Instead of being straight blowback, it is a radial delayed blowback system. This enables the Banshee to be able to withstand higher pressure cartridges like 10mm Auto, and have softer felt recoil and less gas to the […]

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I mean losing I understand but when the city's team (or college's team) is victorious?  This sad headline following a black man's victory in a prizefight with a white guy is just mindnumbingly disturbing.

I've seen a few explosions in person, not on TV.

"That sounded like fireworks, T-Bolt.  Maybe it was a fireworks factory!"

Maybe.  It sounded like fireworks to me, too.  But I don't know.  Remember what I said before?  I am no explosives expert.

"There was a mushroom cloud!  That means it was a nuke!"

I am no explosives expert, BUT...  nah.

"This has to be one of the biggest non nuke man made explosions, ever, though!"

Again, nah.  When the Yamato blew, that was pretty big.  Texas City was pretty big, too.  Not to mention Halifax 30 years before that.  The unique thing about Beirut is all the cellphone footage.

"You know too much.  I thought you weren't an explosives expert, huh?"


Shots Fired

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 14:02, Tuesday, 04 August

Phoenix, AZ,  this guy was really trying hard to get shot by a cop.  The young officer responding to the call was a lot more patient with hi than I would have been, and she still had to shoot him.

Good job, officer.

A Wake-Up Call?

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 14:40, Tuesday, 04 August

Suit filed against Sheriff Baker & Wake Co. for failure to issue gun permits [More]
This is one in-your-face "Only One" who has it in for gun owners, as evidenced by last year's range closure. Too bad damages won't come out of his pocket, but let's hope the county comes to realize it can't afford to keep this Baker goon in a position of influence....

What Can Brown Do to You?

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 14:22, Tuesday, 04 August

It’s been one year since the Dayton shooting that took nine lives, and injured 27 others – all in a matter of 32 seconds. [More]

And you want us to disarm for you maniacs?

Video Unavailable

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 14:13, Tuesday, 04 August

This video contains content from CBS Television Distribution CMS, who has blocked it on copyright grounds. [Don't Watch]
And Lord knows it's not in their interests to show us what it is about "LIVE BLM & ALM PROTEST DEMONSTRATIONS" they don't want us to see.

[Via Matthew L]

One Question

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 14:06, Tuesday, 04 August

Armed Neighbors Defend Seattle Police Chief’s House From Mob [More]

[Via Michael G]

Welcome to Everytown

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 13:59, Tuesday, 04 August

Suburban life is characterized by a pattern of low-density development — owning a single-family home on a relatively large lot is practically synonymous with “the American Dream.” But this dream would be diminished (to say nothing of your diminished property value) if just down the street from your quiet cul-de-sac neighborhood a developer were to erect a massive complex of cheap apartments. However, such high-density development is exactly what Democrats mean when they promise “affordable housing,” and if you’re living in a prosperous suburb, this is the nightmare they’re planning for your community. [More]
Only a hater would object!

[Via Mack H]

Word Games

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 13:51, Tuesday, 04 August

Well, I’m not in a position to determine what the government can do in a forceful way. [More]
Perhaps. But he's absolutely in a position to give cover to those who are.

[Via Mack H]

In the post-9/11 world, it’s entirely possible that the Abraham Lincoln Brigade would have been on the wrong end of a drone strike.

I have just a huge tangle of mixed feels about this.
— Tamara K. (@TamSlick) August 4, 2020

Second try with subsonics

by Firehand in Irons in the Fire at 16:15, Tuesday, 04 August

I found a box of 53-grain V-Max I have for some reason, and loaded those in Federal cases over what Hodgdon shows as the max load of Trailboss, 4.0 grains.  Five with CCI sr primers, and five with Remington 6 1/2.  The latter are noted as not suitable for standard .223, but work great with things like .22 Hornet and .30 Carbine; since this is such a low pressure load I thought I'd give them a try.

The CCI loads gave an average velocity of 1096 fps, highest being 1126 and lowest 1048.
Remington loads averaged 1014fps, highest 1020 and the lowest 998.  At 50 yards, the five on the bottom(aimed at the bull) were CCI primed,

the fiv...

The only way I'd go for that is if I could keep the knowledge I've gained since.  Especially both firearms and women.

POTD: M27 in United Arab Emirates

by Eric B in The Firearm Blog at 16:30, Tuesday, 04 August

M27 SAWSubject: Photo Of The Day Location: UNITED ARAB EMIRATES What’s going on? We’re looking at Lance Cpl. Mathew Graham, a designated marksman, assigned to Echo Company, Battalion Landing Team 2/8, 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) as he fires his M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle during a live-fire training. You can clearly see “Graham” on the stock […]

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Hot Gat or Fudd CrapWelcome everyone to the 59th edition of ‘Hot Gat or Fudd Crap?’, one of our many series here on TFB. If you’re new to the series, this is where we look at the most obscure firearms that are actually for sale and ask the question – is this Gat a sweet deal or only have […]

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But consulting the collective brain of the Internet solved it.  I have a Husky 5 drawer tool chest that I bought some years ago.  After we moved into the new house, the bottom four drawers kept sliding out, to the consternation of my lady's leg. 

Was the floor not level?  No, it was perfectly level (at least to Earth gravity).

There are apparently some detents made of plastic in the drawer carriers that wear out, and no you cannot buy replacements.

Solution: put a magnet on the frame where it meets the drawer.  I put one on each side just to be sure.  I had some neodymium magnets lying around to test the concept on the bottom two drawers, and they worked so well that I ran over to Ace Hardware in  Middleton.  (it is very nice not to need a 25 minute drive to a real hardware store.)  I bought some ceramic magnets and completed another drawer.  The top drawer can wait for another day;  it does not have this problem

The drawers open easily, but they will not slide open of their own volition.

Shots Fired

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 13:52, Tuesday, 04 August

Not sure where this is from, but this guy was really trying hard to get shot by a cop.  The young officer responding to the call was a lot more patient with hi than I would have been, and she still had to shoot him.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Good job, officer.

Sic Semper 'n All That...

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 12:08, Tuesday, 04 August

The following day, July 31, Chief Smith assigned police to a security detail for Mayor Levar Stoney, citing “serious, credible, and ongoing threats to Mayor Stoney.” [More]
And the most Opposite Day "progressive" thing about it is the citizens his disarmament edicts will affect aren't the ones who are threats to him.

[Via Mack H]

The Right Man for the Job

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:59, Tuesday, 04 August

This snarky "progressive" hit piece on him is testimonial enough for me.

BLM Protester Stabbed in Portland as Another Anti-Police Protester Shouts, ‘Call the Police!’ [More]
And I suppose the productive sector these communists are trying to tear down is expected to pay all medical costs...

[Via Michael G]

L'état, C'est Moi

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:44, Tuesday, 04 August

Gov. Newsom’s ‘Chronically Delinquent’ Property Taxes and Unreported Income Must Be Investigated. Dubious $3.7 million home deal: Has this elitist governor promoted himself above the law? [More]
Does anyone really have to ask?

[Via Michael G]

Lest She be Judged

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:40, Tuesday, 04 August

Joseph’s defense team argued that even if the charges are true, and they claim she had no knowledge of the plan, she is above the law due to judges having judicial immunity for acts “taken in their judicial role.”  A federal judge disagreed. [More]
I'd like to see her do time just for being the arbiter over the fate of others and holding that attitude.

[Via Michael G]

Fisting Follies

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:24, Tuesday, 04 August

White fist bad. [More]

Don't get me started on rainbow fists...

[Via bondmen]

"I Need To Buy A Firearm": Radio Host Who Defended "Peaceful" Protesters Has Apartment Destroyed By Rioters [More]
I don't suppose there's an FFL who would tell him to get the hell out of his store?

Some seem more forgiving than I am. It's not really that, it's just I believe the hardest-learned lessons are the ones that really stick. Plus I'm not above a little "Feel our pain."

[Via ...

Will the $7 million Cure Violence program deliver on the promise to cut homicides 40 to 50 percent? You Paid For It [More]
And continue to pay for it and pay for it and pay for it...

It's not like this was entirely foreseeable or anything...

And rather than riding the parasitic trough feeders out on a rail, finger-pointing and excuses are the orders of the day.

[Via ...
Dobson responded with a letter of his own denying he was part of a shakedown. “This was an opportunity to negotiate,” he said. [More]
Gosh, it's almost like making racism accusations has turned into a lucrative racket or something...

His lawyer sounds like a real BS'er. Any bets he's not on contingency?

[Via bondmen]

I Am Legend

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:33, Tuesday, 04 August

WATCH: Here is what an Operation Legend arrest looks like (explicit) [More]
If he can't be trusted with a gun, who's responsible for trusting him without a custodian

And I guess with all the self-congratulatory hoopla, very few are paying attention to the downside? Like you or I could be declared felons for refusing to obey a tyrannical disarmament edict...?

With all his focus on enforcing existing Intolerable Acts, I wonder when Mr. Barr will show an interest in enforcing rights...

Rainbow stew, anyone...?


Teach Your Children Well

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:19, Tuesday, 04 August

Gun-Toting Kids As Young As 10 Car-Jack Over A Dozen Vehicles In Chicago [More]

Forget it, Jake. It's Chi-Town.

[Via bondmen]

A Blessing from On High?

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:16, Tuesday, 04 August

Soros Infuses $116K Into McCloskey Prosecutor's PAC Days After Charges Filed [More]

[Via bondmen]

Going Postal

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:10, Tuesday, 04 August

The Postal Service will conveniently shut down, unable to deliver the ballots. If some post offices remain open, they will misplace or lose ballots. If ballots cannot be delivered, they cannot be counted. The election will not be decided, not on election night, not the next day, next week, next month ... Amidst the chaos, enough states won’t be able to certify their electoral votes and neither candidate will have a majority. Voila it will be up to Congress to decide, the Democrat controlled House choosing a president and the Senate choosing the irrelevant vice-president. [More]
And more than half the voters would be fine with that.


Meet the 'Press'

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:00, Tuesday, 04 August

On Saturday, the 64th night of antifa riots in Portland, rioters wearing “PRESS” stickers on their clothes threw objects at police, including glass and plastic bottles. They also directed lasers at the eyes of officers (some officers have been blinded for days by these laser attacks). While the Portland Police did not mention fires or Molotov cocktails in its reports over the weekend, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) noted that rioters set fires near the federal courthouse on Saturday night and Sunday night and that a rioter threw a Molotov cocktail. [More]
They're still nowhere near as destructive as the real thing.


A Dubious Honor

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:56, Tuesday, 04 August

We can honor him by continuing the call to end GV & get students resources for healing. [More]
You have to wonder who is oblivious to reality enough to be led by this moronic drivel.

[Via ...

Red ants: step on them before they get out of control.

The College Fix:

Slavemaker ant. Gypsy moth. Rape bug.

These are just three common English names listed in a spreadsheet of 60 plants and animals that have been recently deemed by some academics to have “problematic” monikers.

Herpetologist and University of Arizona Ph.D. candidate Earyn McGee, a science communicator and lizard enthusiast who runs a popular Twitter profile on her reptile expeditions, told The College Fix when asked about the spreadsheet that “There is no room for racism in science.”

There needs to be honesty about the history of ...

It was not dead Abenakis from Canada that vandalized the statue of Hannah Duston in Haverhill, New Hampshire.

Excerpted from the (seriously tainted by Leftist BS) Wikipedia account:

During King William’s War, Hannah, her husband Thomas, and their eight children lived in Haverhill, Massachusetts. On March 15, 1697, when she was 40 years old,[16] the town was raided by a group of about 30 Abenaki from Quebec. In the attack, 27 colonists were killed (most of them children), and 13 were taken captive, to be either adopted or held as hostages for the French. Hannah’s husband Thomas, who was ...

Aquila International, LLC, a US Defense contractor, have announced that they will provide Daniel Defense rifles to various Argentine military organisations. Aquila are the South American distributors for Daniel Defense and have been awarded contracts to supply the company’s M4A1, MK18 and DD5V3 and D4 rifles to elements of the Argentine Marines, Gendarmerie and Army Special Forces. Representatives […]


Nighthawk Custom & Korth Release Mongoose Silver .357 Magnum RevolverSince Nighthawk Custom and Korth started their partnership to bring the German revolvers to the US market, we’ve seen quite a few new models. From highly elaborate collector’s pieces to aggressively styled sports tools. Now, with the Silver version of the Mongoose, they are releasing a more traditionally styled model, which was actually first announced […]

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The po...


Quote of the day—Sam Jacobs

by Joe in The View From North Central Idaho at 06:00, Tuesday, 04 August

Most Americans have never heard of these acts of terrorism from leftist groups that were so numerous throughout the 1970s. But this is a prime example of “those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” The urban unrest, which has rocked America in the early 2020s, is nothing new. The 1960s saw both race riots and left-wing terrorist groups looking to exploit animosity between racial groups in America.

The question is what are we going to do about it? The answer so far from our elected officials is “not much.” If leftist terrorist cells were willing to go this far when they had active opposition from government and corporate figures alike, what are they going to do when confronted with apathy or encouragement from elected officials and the business sector?

The answer remains to be seen, but will certainly be some variant of “nothing good.”

Sam Jacobs
July 2020
America’s “Days of Rage”: The Extensive Left-Wing Bombings & Domestic Terrorism of the 1970s
[See also:


That's the Plan

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 06:18, Tuesday, 04 August

With amnesties, open borders bills, a renewal of chain migration, an end to deportations and new restrictions on ICE and the Border Patrol, a Democratic Congress, by opening the gates to millions, could turn traditionally red states such as Arizona, Georgia and Texas as blue as New York, Illinois and California. [More]
Curious how national and state "gun rights " groups have buried their heads about the greatest threat.

And don't bother with Jo Jorgensen supporters. They're too busy ignoring or talking around the challenge.

If everybody continues to avoid even mentioning what The New York Times gloats about, you bet it will. 

¡Somos el Número Tres!

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 06:49, Tuesday, 04 August

Mexico Now #3 in the World in Coronavirus Deaths [More]
What kind of hateful xenophobe would be against welcoming such future Democrats into our sanctuary cities?

Mystery to Me

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 06:44, Tuesday, 04 August

One person was killed and two more were critically wounded after shots were fired at a large party at a mansion in the upscale hillside neighborhood of Beverly Crest in the early morning hours Tuesday. [More]

And the mitigating justification isn't "poverty"...?

Deputy gang with matching tattoos rules Compton patrol station, LASD deputy alleges. The Los Angeles County sheriff's Compton patrol station "has been permeated" by a violent deputy gang called the "Executioners," according to a new legal claim.[More]
Just the fellas you want to be the "Only Ones" with guns...especially with an incompetent political hire lackey like Alex Villanueva "in charge."

Lockdowns do not stop Coronavirus

by Borepatch in Borepatch at 08:31, Tuesday, 04 August

That's not really a scientific way to say things, so let's try this: there is no evidence that lockdowns prevent Coronavirus deaths, either world wide or within the United States.  The data show absolutely no correlation between these:

Based on the data, there seems to be no relationship between lockdowns and lives saved. That’s remarkable, given that we know for sure that lockdowns have destroyed economies the world over.
Let's start with world wide figures.  In the graph below the vertical axis is death rate per million population.  The horizontal axis is the measure of the severity of the lockdown in that country:

The dashed red l...

The Hu – “Yuve Yuve Yu”

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 08:12, Tuesday, 04 August

The Hu (a Mongolian Rock Band) musically contends (“Black Banner be awakened”) that Mongolian boys should stop eating popcorn, sleeping, and watching soccer, and get on out there, horde up, and sweep down on Europe, or China, or somebody.

Good comments:

“This song makes me proud to be Mongolian, which is weird because I’m Latino.”

“this is the mongolian rammstein.
Nobody understands a shit but everyone likes it”

“Imagine being Chinese in the 12th century and hearing this outside your village”

“My cat listened to this song, he’s now a mongolian warhorse”

HT: Vanderleun.

So How Should the Elderly Defend Themselves?

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 06:17, Tuesday, 04 August

If not with a firearm? The Left doesn’t like firearms, so what is their suggestion? Elderly homeowner shoots burglary suspect in NE Portland, police say. A man shot a woman who was involved in a burglary at his Northeast Portland home early Monday, police say. Portland police said the man shot the woman on 81st […]

New York City Crime: More Shootings Than in All of 2019

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 05:59, Tuesday, 04 August

Because we don’t need law and order. NYC has had more shootings so far this year than in all of 2019. A 24-year-old man who walked bleeding into Lincoln Hospital in The Bronx on Saturday night has pushed the city’s total number of shootings this year to 777 — topping the 776 recorded in all […]

Minneapolis Continues to Slide into Chaos

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 05:58, Tuesday, 04 August

Because that is lawlessness brought on by the Left. Meltdown: Minneapolis violence nearing annual records — in July. What happens when civic leaders stand by while mobs burn down police buildings, and a city council proposes to eliminate law enforcement to appease them? Three guesses, and the first two don’t count. The image is from […]

First shots: New Reproduction FG-42 1st Model from SMG Guns

by Ian McCollum in Forgotten Weapons at 06:27, Tuesday, 04 August

Many years ago, SMG Guns introduced a reproduction FG-42 rifle, a semiauto version of the 2nd model as made by Germany during World War Two. After several more years of development, they have now shipped the first of their 1st model FG0-42 semi autos. There are several significant differences between the two – the 1st model was a milled receiver rifle with a stamped sheet metal stock, a very distinctively steep pistol grip, and a bipod mounted on the gas block. The 2nd model used a stamped receiver, wooden stock, bipod on the front sight block, and a few other differences.

Today I am trying out the new 1st model rifle. It is chambered for 8mm Mauser, and uses ZB-26 20-round magazines. I have been waiting a very long time for this rifle, and I’m very excited to finally have my hands on it!

AK-150 and Beyond – Ambazonia Develops New Arsenal

by ImproGuns in The Firearm Blog at 08:00, Tuesday, 04 August

Since late 2017 a group of secessionists in Cameroon’s former British mandate located in the southwest have been fighting under the banner of a self-declared state named the Federal Republic of Ambazonia or Amber Land. Bordering Nigeria to the northwest and the majority French-speaking Cameroon Republic to the east, Ambazonia takes its name from Ambas […]

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The post ...

Have a Xenomorph problem? Need to buy some time? Well, Smart Shooter, well known for their Smart Shooter fire control system, have developed the Light Remote-Controlled Weapon called Smash Hopper. Smart Shooter’s Light Remote-Controlled Weapon or LRCWS is capable of mounting an AR-15/M4 or any other kind of infantry rifle, the system is not calibre […]

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The p...

Holosun Introduce HE508T V2 Open Reflex Pistol Sight

by Matthew Moss in The Firearm Blog at 06:00, Tuesday, 04 August

Holosun have announced the HE508T V2 red dot reflex optic, available with green or red reticles, has Shake Awake tech as standard and is rated for up to 50,000 hours of battery life and has a titanium housing. We got our first look at the HE508T V2 back at SHOT Show 2020. Last week Holosun announced their HM3XT Titanium […]

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AR-15 Rifle Maintenance

by Greg Ellifritz in Active Response Training at 04:00, Tuesday, 04 August


Written by Greg Ellifritz




Jeff Chudwin is a firearms instructor and retired police chief from whom I’ve taken a couple training classes.&nb...

Something I've always wondered...

by Tam in View From The Porch at 04:37, Tuesday, 04 August

The Beeb had a story about Spain's ex-king, Juan Carlos, leaving the country, and that made me wonder about ex-kings...or, actually, ex-royalty in general.

When you step down from kinging, does your blood still have that magic juju of kinginess in it, that 'divine right' or whatever? Or is it like just regular people blood now?

Like, if some wizard needed "royal blood" as an ingredient for an alchemical potion, could you scrape up some extra bucks to make exile more comfortable by bopping down to the blood bank and squeezing out a pint for him, or nah?

A tale in two pictures:

Sarah Hoyt at Instapundit types "AND OF COURSE THE MSM HERE WILL NEVER PUBLISH ANY OF THIS", which I found weird because I was pretty sure I saw it on both the local and national  network news yesterday evening...

So I expended one mouse click and nineteen keystrokes and found the following:


There are two more ways that social workers and other mental health professionals can assist police officers and their departments:  Community Mental Health Liaisons “The Community Mental Health Liaison (CMHL) program is part of the Strengthening Mental Health Initiative. Thirty-one CMHLs work across the state [Missouri] to assist law enforcement and courts.  The goal is to […]

Can’t Challenge the Narrative

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 05:39, Tuesday, 04 August

Because Big Tech wants you to believe what you are told to believe. YouTube Throws In the Towel. Reasoned and fact-based discussions? We can’t have that! The 21st Century is ALL about Feelings. YouTube deleted a video that dared to challenge some things said by the Left. Eventually the relented, but did put it behind […]

Virtue Signaling 101

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 04:39, Tuesday, 04 August

Because it is easier to virtue signal than to actually do anything useful. The video is hysterical. This is HILARIOUS! 😂 — DeAnna Lorraine 🇺🇸 (@DeAnna4Congress) August 3, 2020

The SCTP (Scholastic Clay Target Program) Nationals is like the Super Bowl of youth shooting sports. It’s the one big event where kids from all across America come to compete in 8 different disciplines of shooting sports: Bunker trap, International Skeet, Double Trap, American Trap, Sporting Clays, Skeet and Double Skeet. Last year, this event saw more than 3,700 kids. This year,  with the COVID-19 scare, more than 1,300 kids attended the shoot. These kids train all year, and  some of the world’s best shooters attend each year. Only the top 3 teams and top 5 individual shooters in each discipline will go home with medals or trophies. You can imagine the hundreds of rounds and countless hours that go into training for this event. With that said, all the time and money spent on training can be lost if you show up and you don’t have the tools you need to get the job done. You need much more than just a case of shells and a shotgun! Here’s how to pack for the SCTP Nationals.



FORT WORTH, TEXAS (July 29, 2020) – The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame is pleased to announce it has created a digital tour guide to support touch-free interaction. This tour provides visitors the ability to access audio and images that they otherwise would not be able to view or hear. The tours include Top 10 Must See Artifacts, and guides for both first and second floors including the Hitting the Mark: Women and Wild West Shows Gallery and the It’s Never Just a Horse™ exhibition. The Museum saw the need to create this digital tour as some interactive exhibits remain closed for the safety of our visitors, and the guides provide a great alternative while the Museum cannot offer docent-guided tours. A companion outside tour of the new Alice Walton Cowgirl Park is also planned for the late summer.


Monday, 03 August


COVID-19 tip

by Joe in The View From North Central Idaho at 20:04, Monday, 03 August

Via someone on Facebook:


I love sick humor.

Updates fro the Johnson Household

by Unknown in Home on the Range at 21:21, Monday, 03 August

Curled up by the Central A.C. vent - my favorite spot in the living room.

Abby Lab here.  Sorry Mom's not been posting much.  She was on antibiotics for 5 weeks due to a bad STAFF infection (do you get that at work?) in her left foot.  That made her throw up a lot.  Dad, because he loves her so much - got her a big orange bucket from Home Depot that says "You Can Do It" on the side.  He's also been cooking dinner every night which means we're having baked chicken, steamed rice, and canned vegetables a lot because everything seems to make Mom spew like a fire hose (trust me folks - it's not pretty)....

Fine Art Tuesday

by Unknown in The Freeholder at 22:30, Monday, 03 August

In the Conservatory, Frances Maria Jones Bannerman, 1883Frances Maria Jones Bannerman was a Canadian painter and poet. She was one of the first North American artists influenced by the Impressionists.

This work, "In the Conservatory", was the first Canadian work to be exhibited at the Paris Salon.

Arthritis, the aftereffects of several bouts of influenza and the death of her husband caused her to turn her hand to ...


So here is what happened yesterday at the “protest.” We were waiting and watching live from the precinct as the rioters set 5 portable construction offices on fire. They then completely destroyed, looted, and lit the Starbucks on 12 ave and E Cherry St. on fire. As the group was walking they were breaking random car windows, car prowling, and spray painting everything…

They made their way to the East precinct with all of us inside. They spray painted the building, tried to break the fence, they threw a mortar that left an 8 inch hole in the wall… We could see a person pouring gasoline around the building that we were occupying, which is when all of us came out. We commanded people to “move back” as we advanced. People who assaulted us were arrested. We formed a line guarding the block. People threw paint, rocks, metal, frozen water bottles, glass and improvised EXPLOSIVES at us which is when we used our dispersal tools. In the process I was injured along with 20 other officers. Yes, I was injured even though I was wearing shin guards, and other protective gear.

The puzzling part is people were chanting “I don’t see no riot here, ta...


What do I own in Venice?

(Checks notes) Hmmm.

Perhaps I should visit more often.

$744 million is a lot of money.

The Tourist movie.

A summary here. Present law provides that if a background check is delayed more than three days, the FFL can (but doesn't have to) make the transfer. This bill would remove that provision; no transfer until the background check comes back.

I think the present rule (1) accords with the reality that the vast majority of background checks (99+% as I recall) come back with "proceed with the sale" and most of the remainder prove to be mistakes or involving ancient offenses; (2) give the government an incentive to process them at least moderately quickly, whereas if there was no time limit there would be no agency inhibition against understaffing the project and delaying the sales.

Ruger has just released their most patriotic rifle yet with its Fourth Edition Vote 2020 10/22 rifle. Ruger sent me a copy recently to get a closer look at and as with all the collectors series rifles, this one has some quality workmanship put into it as well as some neat additions to the package […]

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POTD: U.S. Marines Jungle Warfare Training

by Eric B in The Firearm Blog at 16:30, Monday, 03 August

The look in the eyes of these U.S. Marines is pretty interesting, and I can’t blame them! We’re sitting behind a screen looking at this Photo Of The Day, while they are trying to overcome what has to be one of the wettest and muddiest obstacle course ever. We see a team of marines as they navigate […]

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The post POTD: U.S. Marines Jungle Warfare Training appe...

The Rimfire Report: Lessons Learned from Competing in a Precision Rimfire CompetitionHello and welcome back to another edition of The Rimfire Report! I recently had a chance to speak with a couple of friends of mine who had the opportunity to compete in the Mid Atlantic Rimfire Series (MARS). My friends (Josh and Tom) both shared with me some lessons learned from their most recent competition. From […]

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Sub-Zero Freezing a Cheap Revolver: Does it Break?

by James Reeves in The Firearm Blog at 15:00, Monday, 03 August

In this episode of TFBTV‘s torture tests, James Reeves freezes a cheap revolver – the EAA Windicator – in negative 100 degree dry ice for an entire day, and tries to shoot it with .38 Special and .38 Special +P hollow points. Does it work or does it explode and maim James forever? (“Jaimes?”) ««« […]

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The post Sub-Zero Freezing a Cheap Revolver: Does it Break? appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

A Patrol Rifle Primer: @

by lothaen in The New Rifleman at 16:57, Monday, 03 August

If it’s good enough for Frank Drebin it’s good enough… wait. Hold up. See A Patrol Rifle Primer at


Pore Ol' Bear

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 15:07, Monday, 03 August

It seems that there is a bear near Asheville NC that has been tagged and tracked by the local Wildlife guys.  Somebody put a Trump 2020 sticker on the bear's collar, and now the local do-gooders are offering a $5,000 reward for information on the culprit.  Seriously.

Pore ol' bear.  He has two ear tags, and a collar, and he's probably a freedom-loving bear.  Given the opportunity, he'd probably vote for Trump, because Freedom, and America.  And ow the local Democrats want to take his sticker off.
“We have so many places in this world to put stickers and express...

If Kasich is their benchmark for extremism, there’s no way these people are ever going to tolerate the existence of anyone to the “right” of him. But it is telling that the doctrinaire “left” knows better than to trust phony “conservatives.” The mystery is why any Republicans would be dumb enough to. [More]
Democrats are more than happy to let useful idiot "Republicans" carry their water for them. Funny thoug...

Band of Brothers

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 14:06, Monday, 03 August

I guess, as long as the members are ultimately capable as independents and leadership in areas of proficiency is established by example...

[Via Matthew L]

And this is how they'll make it permanent:

Horse Latitude

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:16, Monday, 03 August

Misled Little Girl Protester Tries To Spook Horse During Austin Riots And Gets Kicked In The Head [More]
Most of our would-be lecturers really do know nothing about anything.

Local organization "Help Asheville Bears" is offering a $5,000 reward for information on whoever put a 'Trump 2020' sticker on this black bear's collar, spotted in North Asheville.
Full story:
(Photos by Sheila Chapman)

— WLOS (@WLOS_13) August 2, 2020


by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 12:17, Monday, 03 August

Soen is a supergroup of musicians from various metal bands. They are solidly Progressive Metal and have been compared to Tool. I really like some of their music. But then Progressive and Metal… What’s not to love? Some of their music doesn’t strike me as metal, being a bit low-key. We might get to some […]

Kim Jong Un Hands Out Presentation Pistols To His Generals

by Matthew Moss in The Firearm Blog at 11:00, Monday, 03 August

We recently got a look at a rather rare pistol courtesy of North Korea’s 3rd Supreme Leader. On 27 July, Kim Jong-un commemorated the 67th anniversary of the signing of the armistice agreement in the Korean War by handing out Paektusan Presentation Pistols. The Paektusan pistols were given to the commanders of the Korean People’s Army […]

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BLM is cocky, aware of its power, made overconfident by easy victory. It, and Antifa, have never met resistance. If things get really wild, though, they will. They will also find that food does not really grow in Safeway, and that a Safeway burned out does not necessarily return to be burned out again. [More]

[Via Len Savage]

Minneapolis Police Department Tells Residents to Cooperate with Criminals, ‘Do as They Say – Give Up Your Wallet, Purse and Cell Phone’ [More]
What else would you expect from the bureaucratic invertebrate calling the shots?

And what do you do if that's not all they want?


The Old Protection Racket

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:29, Monday, 03 August

Nice place ya got here. Shame if something happened to it... [More]

Good. Let 'em make more enemies.

The thing about these thugs is no one has really made them pay the price for their aggressions yet, so they are emboldened to expect more and more costless concessions. 

Be able to answer that and a lot of the problems will go away.


Chicago-Area Leaders Call for Illinois to Abolish History Classes [More]

[Via ...

Today's Five-Minute Activism

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:09, Monday, 03 August

This took me less than that, including to do this post. [More]

The Lackey for the Laird

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:34, Monday, 03 August

In the episode, NRA instructor and member Dezarae Payne describes how her husband, Paul Payne, from whom she is separated, has since the late 1990s worked secretly to tilt board elections in favor of LaPierre. Paul Payne has been an NRA employee, administrator of the NRA Members’ Councils of California, a state affiliate, and a liaison to LaPierre. [More]
Issues of a vengeful ex and Bloomberg's Trace credibility aside, what is being reported here does not surprise me. I was heavily involved with the Westside LA NRA Members Council in the 90s and had cause to cross swords with this lackey on more than one occasion.

Questions of Wayne's "leadership" effectively sidelining NRA could not have come at a worse time but he does not dare loosen his grip. And his strategically-placed (but expendable) "loyalists" know ...

My Kind of Town...

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:00, Monday, 03 August

9 killed, 25 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings [More]
Yeah, keep listening to Lori, Democrat morons.

Forget it, Jake. It's Chi-Town.

Well, I'm Back

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 14:36, Monday, 03 August

It looks like the house is still in one piece. Being away from "the news" for over a week was restorative.

Old Business: It looks like in my hurry to leave for my trip that I neglected to advance the Kasich article I mentioned in my last post to "ready to publish," so it did not get posted on AmmoLand in my absence. I guess the "accident" excuse won't fly around here so I'll take the hit and cop to negligence. It should be out in a day or so. [It's out.]

New Business: I've turned comments back on. As mentioned before I left, I'm just not going to be able to get to all of the emails and social media comments and messages that have piled up. I've got a lot of catching up to do, including in meatspace, so continue to take it easy on me for a day or so and understand why I won't be able to process all the news tips received before turning the lights back on.

No Stone Left Unturned

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:46, Monday, 03 August

Who thinks it's because they wish to be helpful? 

Quote of the Day (from the comments)

by Borepatch in Borepatch at 10:46, Monday, 03 August

The Silicon Graybeard left a comment to ASM826's post, Amplify The Signal, getting Quote Of The Day:

That doctor that was fired from her job as an ER physician after the video talking about the benefits of HCQ (Dr. Simone Gold) said that sub-Saharan Africa, among the poorest countries in the world with the worst healthcare systems had a small fraction of our death rate. Virtually everyone in those countries is on HCQ as an anti-malarial drug.

It is beyond mind boggling that something like this has become such a political issue.
Word.  The "Experts" have not covered themselves in glory here.

He came back giggling and wanting more to mess with.

it's our approved history!"

Some of these people, I can't decide if they're actually evil or just damned stupid.

I was a teenager then, and I remember a lot of what would now be the 'woke' yelling, protesting, and in the farther examples blowing things up.

The more things change, etc.

ANTIFA Leader Meets a Citizen

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 08:25, Monday, 03 August

Antifa leader goes for a sleep

— Andrew Neill  (@AndrewNeill91) August 1, 2020

Democrats Hate Suburbia

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 08:14, Monday, 03 August

And won’t rest until everything is a high-rise, mess. Democrats vs. Suburbia: Biden Will Make ‘Magic Dirt Theory’ Federal Policy. And then I investigated, and discovered that Democrats plan to abolish single-family home zoning. It’s for your own good peasant, so just shut up and do what we tell you to do. Here is what […]

Recall and Safety Warning Issued for Henry Rifles and ShotgunsThe Henry Repeating Arms Company has a long and distinguished history that includes many excellent and iconic firearms. Today, the company is still a leading manufacturer putting out a massive volume of guns. Unfortunately, any company that has been in business for that long, and whose model count grows into the dozens with production numbers […]


Vortex introduces their four new Diamondback HD spotting scopes.Vortex Optics is best known in the gun world for their rifle scopes and red dots. A plethora of shooters choose Vortex products to mount onto their firearms. Though these optics make up a significant amount of their business, they also offer some additional product lines like binoculars, rangefinders, and spotting scopes. Hunters and long-range […]

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Sao Paulo Police Select the Steyr AUG SMG in .40 Caliber

by Matthew Moss in The Firearm Blog at 07:00, Monday, 03 August

Brazil’s Military Police of São Paulo State (PMESP) have selected the Steyr AUG in its submachine gun configuration to fulfil an order for 1,000 submachine guns. The Steyr AUG A3 in submachine gun configuration, feeding from a .40 caliber extended Glock magazines was the winning bidder for the contract. The Steyr beat out competition from B&T […]

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Crime in the City

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 05:48, Monday, 03 August

It seems that the Minneapolis police department is telling residents to be ready to comply with violent criminals.

The Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) told residents they should “be prepared” to hand over their phones, wallets, and purses to robbers.
If tis sounds odd, or out of touch with common practice, recall that Minneapolis is going through a "defund the police" spasm, and the activities of the Minneapolis police department have been severely curtailed.  As a result, violent crime is on the rise.
 Police in the city’s Third Precinct alone have received more than 100 reports of robberies and 20 reports of carjackings in just the last month.
The idea of complying with criminals is repulsive to me.  While the Minneapolis PD may be doing what they have to do to try to keep the citizenry alive and unharmed, it is still repulsive to think that a citizen should be forced to cower in the face of violence.  Rahter, ...

Riot Survival Compendium

by Greg Ellifritz in Active Response Training at 04:08, Monday, 03 August

Written by: Greg Ellifritz


With almost two months of non-stop rioting in Portland and lots of other big demonstrations in other parts of the nation,  lots of folks have contacted me about re-posting some of my riot survival articles.


Here is my best advice…


Stay away from any scheduled protests, riots, uprisings, or large political gatherings.  It is absolutely not safe to attend such an event in today’s political climate.  I hope my readers are smart enough to recognize that.   Both sides of most of these “protests” are at fault.  Both sides show up looking for a fight.  Both sides get exactly what they came for.  The only way to avoid violence like that on a personal level is to avoid being present in the first place.


The only way to avoid such violence on a societal level is to refuse to give either group the attention they are looking for.  Don’t attend the rallies.  Don’t post news of the event on your ...

Not too long ago, I found a lone can of Bell's Brewing Hopslam Ale hiding in the back of the beer fridge. I was excited as I thought I had consumed the last of the supply I acquired in Spring 2019. Those cans were some of the last available after Bell's announced they would no longer ship their beers to Virginia

Hopslam is an annual release from the Michigan brewery. The Double IPA at one time seemed like it had almost a cult following, and the retail price reflected the demand. In more recent years, my impression is the price had moderated somewhat. The newer distribution in cans helps to preserve the beer so those cans that get lost in the recesses of the fridge stay pretty fresh.

The beer pours a golden amber with a sticky white head. The aroma bring citrus and honey to the nose. The taste is bitter grapefruit, with a honey and fruit background. The mouthfeel is sticky and oily. It's not a beer to guzzle, but one to sip and...

What gun for one million radioactive communist cannibal ants?

This was a Twilight Zone episode, right?
— Kirk Freeman (@KirkFreemanLaw) August 3, 2020

ETA: And yes, the story itself dates to last year and is reporting on events that had occurred years before that. But that has just given the ants time to get closer.

Worth a Watch...

by Tam in View From The Porch at 04:15, Monday, 03 August

Definitely a thing worth thinking about.

People pay quite a price for living in democrat-machine one-party-state big cities. The Minneapolis Police have been made to stand down by the local administration that is on the criminals’ side, so the police are actually telling the citizens of their city to surrender their property to muggers and to obey their instructions!

It’s pretty sad to think that there actually are unarmed, defenceless, sheep-like Americans living in cities who’d follow such instructions.


Generate Your Own Academic Paper Title

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 05:24, Monday, 03 August

Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 06:19, Monday, 03 August

Invited guests don’t usually enter a residence through a window. Man climbing through window of Miami-Dade home fatally shot by woman inside, police say. A woman fatally shot a man who was trying to climb through the window of her Brownsville apartment early Friday morning, police said. The investigation is ongoing, but there is really […]

No Police = Lawlessness

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 05:59, Monday, 03 August

Color me shocked. Area Where George Floyd Died Becomes ‘Police Free Zone’ Plagued By ‘Constant’ Gunfire. OK, so I’m not shocked. The area in Minneapolis around where George Floyd died in police custody has become the site of nightly shootings and drug overdoses as police avoid the area and local officials consider how to restore […]

The Mayor Is Disturbed That Cops Are Minutes Away

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 05:39, Monday, 03 August

So Hagerstown, Maryland Mayor Bob Bruchey had a reason to call 911. Cops were not there instantly, and he didn’t like the way things were handled. County official says mayor distorted 911 reaction to theft call. He said in a F*c*book post that he was “on the phone for 9 minutes.” He wasn’t. He hung […]

In 1977, Arcadia Machine & Tool introduced the Hardballer, the first commercial stainless steel 1911. Stainless steel was a hot commodity, although there were some initial teething issues with slide/frame galling. Eventually, AMT introduced a number of additional 1911 models, including the Javelina – a 10mm Auto model available in standard Government length as well as the 7 inch “Hunter” alongside that we have here today. The Javelina was only made for a couple years in the early 1990s, before AMT had financial problems and the market for the 10mm cartridge lost its initial intensity. As best I can tell, about 2000 Javelinas were made between both barrel lengths.

I was rather impressed with how the gun handled when fired; it was more controllable than I had anticipated. And the 10mm projectile made a very persuasive statement on the plates! Unfortunatel...

Minnesota-based Federal Ammunition have announced a further delivery of 5.56x45mm MK311 Mod 3 frangible training ammunition to the US Army. The contract is worth $13.8 million and is part of an earlier contract awarded in 2017. The contract Federal are referring to is one which was awarded to Vista Outdoor Inc. back in June 2017, worth $52 million. The estimated […]




by New Jovian Thunderbolt in New Jovian Thunderbolt at 03:00, Monday, 03 August

For the music

In This Episode:
  • Erin and Weer’d discuss how the anti-gunners are trying to BS about background checks;
  • Xander brings us his Independent Thoughts on fear and his body’s reaction to it;
  • and Weer’d presents Part 3 of his fisk of the Brady Campaign’s Anti-Gun Gun Owners, this time with Mark House of New York City.

Did you know that we have a Patreon? Join now for the low, low cost of $4/month (that’s $1/podcast) and you’ll get to listen to our podcast on Friday instead of Mondays, as well as patron-only content like mag dump episodes, our hilarious blooper reels and film tracks.

Show Notes

Main Topic:

Are you looking for some great tasting summer grilling recipes? Wild Game Cuisine has many venison recipes to offer. Here are a few we think sound really yummy. ~ The Editors

Summer Grilling Recipes venison avocado burger Wild Game Cuisine Venison Avocado Burger

I love hamburgers, especially when they’re made with top-quality venison meat and served between a butter toasted brioche bun.

Next time you want to throw a few patties on the grill, try shaking things up a bit with this venison and avocado combo. The meat is mixed with fresh avocado, minced garlic, chopped jalapeno and a blend of seasonings. Grill ...

Sunday, 02 August


The Old Folks

by Unknown in The Freeholder at 22:30, Sunday, 02 August

I don't know if it's a uniquely Southern thing, or maybe a rural thing, but there has always been the concept of "the Old Folks" in my life. The Old Folks are the oldest generation still alive in a family, usually grandparents or great-grandparents-occasionally great-great-grandparents, although that's gotten to be a very rare case in modern society. They didn't even have to be family. I remember when the Old Folks included the honorary grandmother and grandfather, who were simply our next door neighbors.

The Old Folks are the repository of family stories, wisdom gained through a long life and the ultimate backstop when hard decisions have to...


Lakes trail

by Joe in The View From North Central Idaho at 18:45, Sunday, 02 August

We arrived at Mount Rainier National Park on Thursday. Our first hike on the way into the park was thwarted by closed gate on a Forest Service road:


We found a different trail nearby and walked in about a mile or so and crossed a small stream. We found a log to sit on and ate our lunch. It was a hot day and snuggled down in the bottom of the ravine with the creek a few feet from us made it a lot more pleasant.

After lunch we continued on to our campground, set up camp, then ventured out to a nearby trail which promised great views of Mount Rainier and multiple lakes. The temperature climbed to 98F. And we were going to be climbing up a mountain trail. Hmmm… Well, the hiking is what we came for. And it wasn’t going to be any cooler at our campsite.

The view of the mountain from Reflection Lake was nice and was visible from the parking area:

Bob & Doug just did the equivalent of an 18-hour road trip in a minivan with the HVAC stuck on recirc.

It must smell like feet and zoobreath in there.

"Christ, this thing reeks of Monster Zero and beef jerky!"#CrewDragon #SpaceXDragon #SplashDown
— Tamara K. (@TamSlick) August 2, 2020

If it's Sunday...

by Tam in View From The Porch at 17:33, Sunday, 02 August

There's a new Sunday Smith up at the other blog!

The drawings of the early prototype revolvers mentioned in it can be found on p.136 of Roy Jinks' History of Smith & Wesson.

As was mentioned the last time we looked at a .38 Safety Hammerless on this blog ('way back in Sunday Smith #2), the commonly repeated origin story of these handguns is probably largely hooey.

Gun shop mythology has D.B. Wesson hearing a tale of tragedy, this time of a young girl getting ahold of daddy's revolver and managing to shoot herself after cocking the hammer. Thus motivated, he sat up that night until the design of the Safety Hammerless sprang fully formed, Athena-like, from his furrowed brow.

In reality, regardless of the actual impetus behind the design, the revolver itself ...


The mountain has a hat

by Joe in The View From North Central Idaho at 16:30, Sunday, 02 August

In the last few months I’ve occasionally posted about Mount Rainier 50 miles to the south of where Barb and I live. Last year at this time we went camping and hiking on the mountain. Last Thursday went back to the same campground for more camping and hiking in Mount Rainier National Park. We returned home yesterday.

One of our big joys was to see Mount Rainier up close with a “hat’”: Over 30% of the pictures Barb took are of this “hat”. Although my percentage is lower I took 27 pictures of the mountain with its “hat”.



The Campaign Hat

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 15:30, Sunday, 02 August

Or, the Smoey Bear hat, or the Bden-Powell hat.

It's history that deserves to be remembered.

Toward the end, he talks about cords, and with respect to the professor, I believe he got that detail wrong.  I was taught that, particularly in the Cavalry, the enlisted wore a yellow cord, the company grade officers wore a gold cord, the field grade officers wore gold and black, and General officers wore black cords.

Which is why my hat, today, wears a gold/black cord.

M110A1 Heckler & Koch US Army DMRThe M110A1 Squad Designated Marksman Rifle was aquired to fill the capability gap between the standard issue rifle and a sniper rifle. In this Photo Of The Day, we’ll take another close look at it. Here we look at soldiers from the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, taking aim at the Fort […]

Read More …

The post ...


Burning Bibles

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 12:15, Sunday, 02 August

The antifa proteters in Portland last night, onthe 63rd day of riots over the death of George Floyd, decided to light a bonfire in front of the federal courthouse.

They decided to burn Bibles.  The authentic Word of God.

Left-wing activists bring a stack of Bibles to burn in front of the federal courthouse in Portland.I wonder which version they burned? ...

A 100-year-old Bit of Infrastructure Burns

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 12:22, Sunday, 02 August

From earlier this week… Freight bridges are usually very well maintained, but things do go wrong. UP Train Derails, Catches Fire on Bridge: Report. The stories of the incident are not too enlightening, but if you click thru, the images that accompany this story are pretty amazing. “At around 6:15 a.m. PT, July 29, a […]

Big City Violence

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 10:01, Sunday, 02 August

Does anyone have a plan? First let’s look at New York. Man shot dead outside his Queens apartment, capping a night of bloodshed across the city. 4 murders in 12 hours… that rate beats Chicago’s average… As of July 26, cops have seen a 29% jump in homicides across the five boroughs, from 176 this […]


But getting back to Biden’s solid lead in polling, should we just cede the election to him — and his VP candidate who’d probably be in power within a year?

Not so fast. For over 80 years, pollsters have asked two key questions in election polling. The first is, “Who are you voting for?”

That’s the intention question. The second question is, “Who do you expect to win?” That’s the expectation question.

The answer to the intention question gets all the headlines. Those are the polling results we describe above. The answer to the expectation question gets buried and is scarcely discussed.

But guess what? In cases where the intention and expectation questions have different answers, (in effect, “I’m voting for A, but I expect B to win”), the expectation answer had the correct result 78% of the time.

The intention question had the correct result only 22% of the time.

And, Trump is leading the expectation question right now 55% to 45% for Biden. So, Trump actually is ahead in the polls. You just have to be looking at the right polls. That’s key. So don’t write Trump off just yet....


by New Jovian Thunderbolt in New Jovian Thunderbolt at 07:00, Sunday, 02 August

At first glance, this brilliantly colorful gemstone might look like agate, a stone valued for its beauty and used in the jewelry industry.  It's a gemstone that holds deep, personal memories for me because my Mom collected them. The origin of this stone, however, might surprise you – these stones, called Fordite or Detroit Agate, are actually paint deposits from old Detroit car paintings racks.

Until  recently, automotive bodies were painted by hand on long production lines. The vehicles’ paint would drip off and dry on the equipment used to move the automotive bodies. This enamel paint would then get baked onto the rack and solidify. You can imagine that as if this process is repeated hundreds or thousands of times, the deposits will, layer upon layer,...

The Numbers Game

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 06:24, Sunday, 02 August

Sometime last week, Governor John Bel Edwards said that the covid number are accurate, and anyone who says they are not is being reckless. John Bel was quite explicit, stating that the numbers represent one person, regardless of how many tests that person may have endured.

Ouachita Parish disagrees.

Ouachita Parish Director of Homeland Security Neil Brown joins the growing list of parishes who are raising red flags about the way COVID-19 cases are being counted.
Earlier in the week, DeSoto Parish Sheriff Jayson Richardson and LaSalle Parish Sheriff/Head of Homeland Security Scott Franklin came forward with claims of inaccuracies due to over counting. Sheriff Franklin says the over counting sits at 40.6% in LaSalle Parish. He also mentioned two other parishes and the inaccuracies he claims they are dealing with due to over counting - Red River (40%) and Caldwell (47.73%).
Ouachita joins a growing list of parishes who say ...

Prof. Yamane reviews the book Land, God and Guns: Settler Colonialism and Masculinity in the American Heartland, and finds parts of it to be even more problematic than the lack of an Oxford comma in the title. (Which I had to type twice and it still makes me itch to scan it.)

Amplify the Signal

by ASM826 in Borepatch at 07:44, Sunday, 02 August

Post this everywhere.

More Evidence Presented for Why Hydroxychloroquine Should be Made Available, in a New Court Filing by AAPS

This week the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons submitted additional evidence to a federal court for why interference with hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) should end by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), in AAPS v. FDA, No. 1:20-cv-00493-RJJ-SJB (W.D. Mich.).
“As confirmed by another recent...

I Enjoyed This Video

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 09:29, Sunday, 02 August

Will the protesters ever learn that it's not a good idea to try to attack or intimidate a person who is in control of a 1-2 ton vehicle with around 100 horsepowers?

You will never win that battle

— BasedPoland (@BasedPoland) August 2, 2020

Today’s New Yorker of Color

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 07:37, Sunday, 02 August

E. Tammy Kim, Yale 2002.

There was a time when the New Yorker viewed itself as the voice of an imaginary top-hatted and monocled urban sophisticate of impeccable White Anglo-Saxon pedigree, whimsically named Eustace Tilley, whose costume hinted at residence in an imaginary Regency Manhattan, drawn scrutinizing skeptically a passing butterfly, evidently attempting to determine if its quality rises to a level worthy of his recognition and acquaintance.

Today’s New Yorker of almost a century later, like the American Establishment it speaks to, and for, has changed most remarkably.

Its authors are still dyed-in-the-wool representatives of the community of fashion, channeling the Zeitgeist and del...

When Do We Start Calling Them Improvised Explosive Devices?

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 05:59, Sunday, 02 August

And when will the media stop ignoring this story? Atlanta protesters attacked ICE field office with fireworks embedded with nails, leaked FBI document says. Demonstrators who allegedly attacked the Atlanta Field Office of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) embedded nails into commercial-grade fireworks, according to a federal law enforcement document reviewed by Breitbart Texas. […]

The Headline Misses a Bit of the Story

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 06:31, Sunday, 02 August

The part about “stolen firearms.” Man gets 20 years for threatening Trump, prosecutor. In November, a federal jury convicted Christy on a dozen counts of threatening the president, making threatening communications and taking stolen firearms and vehicles across state lines. [My emphasis. Z-Deb] Federal firearms charges are no joke. That is why I hate to […]


Round here.

Like this one.

SILVER ALERT issued for missing 70-yr-old man from Aspen Hill: Michael Oliver is driving a maroon 2014 Ford Expedition w/ MD tag 5EC4433. Mr. Oliver is 5’9, 170lbs, last seen wearing black t-shirt. Please call 911 if you see Mr. Oliver or his vehicle.
— Montgomery County Department of Police (@mcpnews) August 2, 2020

Now, is this really someone with dementia driving off God knows where?  Or did he just need some 'me' time?  They are so frequent I suspect at least some of the later. But yes, find the confused old man if he has gotten confused and is wandering off to the office he went to in the 1980s to start up work. Please. I just hope they aren't abusing the system, is all, for unrelated situations..

Posing in front a cruiser m...

Everyone has a tobacco product in their face at the steel mill.


7 Tips That Will Save You Money As A Reloader

by Mr. RevolverGuy in Day At The Range at 05:26, Sunday, 02 August

It is 2020, and ammo is hard to come by, and so you have decided to splurge on a new reloading press in hopes of saving a few coins. But you quickly realize that getting started isn’t cheap. However, before you give up on your reloading dream, there are few things you can do to reduce the cost of getting started.

These are;

Start small

When starting, you probably don’t need an expensive reloading press; a good single stage press will do. Single-stage reloading presses are easy to use and affordable. You can get one at around $120 bucks, which is a decent enough price.

Unlike automatic reloading presses, single-stage presses can only output a limited number of bullets. However, for your first reloading press, it is the right option.

Avoid buying online unless in bulk:

Buying primers and gunpowder online might seem economical and convenient, but it’s not. You see, these items cannot be shipped via post and must be handled by either UPS or FedEx. On top of this, you need to pay a Hazardous ...

Eternal Verities...

by Tam in View From The Porch at 05:20, Sunday, 02 August

History is full of lessons regarding revolutions.

The first is that every single time, Robespierre wakes up one morning to discover he's no longer woke enough, and the second is this:

There is always a Captain of Artillery in the wings.
— Kirk Freeman (@KirkFreemanLaw) August 2, 2020

The more, the merrier...

by Tam in View From The Porch at 05:48, Sunday, 02 August

From a reasonably even-handed (considering the source) CNN story on an increase in gun ownership among Latinos:

"Even before the mass shooting, the number of hate crimes targeting Latino or Hispanic people increased in 2018 and the previous four years, according to data from the FBI's annual Hate Crime Statistics report.

Tired of living in fear, some people like Martinez have opted to purchase firearms to feel a sense of security.
The Second Amendment is for everybody. Self defense, and access to the the means to do so effectively, is a basic human right.

Sadly, the reporter showed some evidence of missing the point:
"It's unclear how many Latinos have bought guns in the past year, as there isn't a national database of gun ownership that shows demographics."
That's kind of missing the point of the whole Second Amendment. Being able to shoot muggers or lynch mobs is a happy side effect of the constitutionally...

Government Health Care

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 05:39, Sunday, 02 August

The VA does a lot of things wrong, or so it seems. New lawsuit calls out Clarksburg V-A for lax care in vet’s death. First, what happened. Reta Mays, a former nursing assistant who worked the night shift, pleaded guilty this month to killing seven veterans and attempting to kill an eighth. Her plea agreement […]


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