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Preparedness Notes for Wednesday — January 27, 2021

by James Wesley Rawles in SurvivalBlog.com at 23:04, Tuesday, 26 January

Today is the birthday of singer-songwriter Kate Wolf. (Born 1942, died December 10, 1986.)  Her untimely death at age 44 cut short an amazing career and robbed America of a great songwriting talent. This is also the birthday of the late Helen Chenoweth (born, 1938, died October 2, 2006). She was a controversial Republican congresswoman from Orofino, Idaho. — Note that since we’ve very recently quit the Amazon Associates program, the Recommendations of the Week column may only be appearing on occasional Wednesdays, henceforth. That will all depend on how many books, tools, and other products are suggested to us …

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Garden Lessons – Part 1, by Greenthumb in the West

by SurvivalBlog Contributor in SurvivalBlog.com at 23:03, Tuesday, 26 January

There is an old saying: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.” We had this proverb in mind when we bought our retreat property five years ago, and started work on the garden and orchard immediately, even before we started on the house. The past five years have been a steep learning curve of lessons in taking raw land to (semi!)-productive land. We have had the blessing of not needing to rely on our garden for sustenance during this time. I wanted to pass on what we’ve learned and purchased …

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The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

by James Wesley Rawles in SurvivalBlog.com at 23:01, Tuesday, 26 January

“I am opposed to any form of tyranny over the mind of man.” – Thomas Jefferson

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As a mother of two beautiful baby girls, I have the inalienable right to protect them. How many children have been kidnapped? How many times have you heard ‘I was so terrified?’ How many mass shooting(s) have taken place in ‘gun-free’ zones? How many women will be victims of rape? We are making our voices heard to our local government. We are saying, ‘You do NOT have the right to restrict my right as a law abiding citizen to protect myself and my babies.

Steffanie Hardin
January 21, 2020
Gun activists seek ‘Second Amendment sanctuary’ designations in Ohio
[This is old news but the quote is timeless.—Joe]

It's been a while, this reminds me

by Firehand in Irons in the Fire at 17:43, Tuesday, 26 January

that I need to make bacon again.

Benelli have announced a couple of additions to their ETHOS line of semi-auto shotguns. The new guns were introduced at this year’s virtual SHOT Show. The ETHOS SuperSport is aimed at the competitive shotgun shooter market while the ETHOS Cordoba BE.S.T utilises Benelli’s BE.S.T. finish technology for rust and corrosion protection. Check out Benelli’s announcements below for more […]

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Yesterday's mental illness is today's social policy. - Mark Steyn

Analysis:  True.


You’ll note the National Guard troops aren’t mobilizing to liberate Portland or Seattle. [More]

I guess just being "deplorables" wasn't enough to justify what they have in mind for us.

9mm AK: Kalashnikov USA KP-9 Review // From America with Love

by Mike Searson in Recoil at 14:39, Tuesday, 26 January


POTD: The SG-43 Goryunov Machine Gun

by Eric B in The Firearm Blog at 16:30, Tuesday, 26 January

Photo Of The Day and we are looking at an SG-43 Goryunov Machine Gun. It uses the 7.62×54mmR cartridge and was introduced during the Second World War, in 1943, to replace the M1910 Maxim. Here we can see students who are assigned to the U. S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School […]

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[SHOT 2021] SIG Sauer P320 XCarry Legion Pistol

by Rusty S. in The Firearm Blog at 16:00, Tuesday, 26 January

P320 XCarry Legion Image Credit: Sig SauerHUsh up your 320 New from SIG Sauer this year is the P320 XCarry Legion, a compact pistol set up with a threaded barrel, suppressor height night sights, and a flared magwell.  In addition, it has the tungsten infused grip module for added weight and comes ready for a pistol optic.  SIG has also equipped […]

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in one article about guns and gun culture? I gave up counting. The illustration is appropriate.

Dad Joke XIX

by Borepatch in Borepatch at 15:14, Tuesday, 26 January

I wasn't quite good enough to get admitted to the prestigious marionette school but I knew someone who could pull some strings for me. 

UPDATE 26 January 2021 18:14: Here's a bonus Dad Joke:

Q. Why can't dogs dance?

A. Because they have two left feet.

Outspoken reports:

Biden sides with Trump, signs order on trans military service that changes almost nothing

Now, Joe Biden has revealed he mostly agrees with his predecessor. Critics say the highly-anticipated executive order is an empty screed reaffirming the military’s commitment to enlist all “qualified” and willing Americans, but stops short at changing almost anything in President Trump’s directive. Biden’s order does not eliminate the ban on service members undergoing medical treatment for gender dysphoria. It also, glaring, does not order the military to pay for gender reassignment surgery or other transition-related medical costs, a demand championed by leftwing activists.  

It’s astonishing that after so many years of decline in trust in media — this phenomenon has been going on for over a decade now, something I first started noticing when I published The Great Derangement back in 2008 — media people still think the issue is a mathematical question of “sides,” with widespread audience revulsion a kind of reward for their unflinching correctitude.

Sullivan was a lot closer to the truth when she warned of being seduced by the return of a Biden administration that closely reflects “our values,” which she described as being like the world as represented in West Wing: celebrating “multiculturalism, a belief in the principles of liberal democracy, and a kind of wonky idealism.”

West Wing was General Hospital for rich white liberals, a seven-season love letter to the enlightened attitudes of the Bobo-in-Paradise demographic. If that’s the self-image of the national press, it’s no wonder they make people want to vomit. The coverage of Biden’s inauguration, another celebration of those attitudes, was an almost perfect mathematical inverse of ...

Because I actually saw somebody doing that this morning in the crappy little town where we buy water. Maybe he was just trying to stay warm, I dunno…

Storm came through last night…

by Joel in The Ultimate Answer to Kings at 07:54, Tuesday, 26 January

…announcing itself with big wind.

It was cold enough by the time the storm broke that the snow stayed dry, so I could bundle up and clean everything off with a broom. We even got drifts!


 Of course, she said.  After all, people have guns there, which is just unacceptable in the District of Columbia.  "For individuals who don't know," she says, "guns are not allowed in the District of Columbia." [More]

And this dolt is a "lawmaker."

[Via Keith B]

Revenge of the Wallflower

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 12:10, Tuesday, 26 January

 California prof: Heterosexuality is ‘tragic’ [More]

Those grapes were probably sour anyway.

That and those of us who don't have nine kids from six different mothers are really screwed up.

[Via Michael G]

 Desor doesn’t contend that Straka went into the building, but says that as others tried to charge through the entrance, the activist shouted: “Go! Go!” [More]

And that's the pretext to arrest him and also deplatform him from Facebook?

[Via Michael G]

Depose the Kraken!

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:50, Tuesday, 26 January

 Rudy Giuliani Sued by Dominion Voting Systems for $1.3 Billion [More]

Good. We all should know the truth.

It will be telling if they object to any evidence being introduced, and who the judge then sides with.

[Via Michael G]

This is CNN

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:43, Tuesday, 26 January

CNN Describes Antifa Violence in Seattle, Portland As “Protesters” For “Racial Justice” [More]

Not "Heroes of the Revolution"...?

[Via Michael G]

Say It, Don't Spray It

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:36, Tuesday, 26 January

 Sam Adams Recorded Audio of Ted Wheeler Pepper-Spraying a Man Outside McMenamins. Here’s the Tape.  [More]

If this is justifiable self-defense, would he have been justified to pull a gun and stand his ground?

And my old penpal Sam couldn't find a younger date...?

[Via several of you]

Be Prepared

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:15, Tuesday, 26 January

 How To Prepare For Coming Crackdown [More]

None of us has a crystal ball and no one size fits all.

I'd say figure out what makes sense for you, but I suspect most WarOnGuns regulars could teach me a thing or two.

[Via bondmen]

Taxing Questions

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:02, Tuesday, 26 January

2019 March For Our Lives Foundation 990 Is In, And We Have Questions [More]

Not exactly grassroots, are they?

[Via bondmen]

Runaway Slaves

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:53, Tuesday, 26 January

 Gun control organization mad that minorities are buying guns/moving away from gun control support [More]

I'm waiting for one of them to strap 'em on and badmouth NFAC.

[Via bondmen]

 Trump's Potential Legacy: 50 Million+ Enemies Of The State [More]

We're gonna need a bigger cattle car.

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My Kind of Razzmatazz

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:41, Tuesday, 26 January

30 shot, 7 fatally, in Chicago over weekend - Half of the fatal attacks happened within a four-hour span Sunday morning. [More]
Forget it, Jake. It's Chi-Town.

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Welcome to the Party, Pals

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:34, Tuesday, 26 January

 Missouri Gun Shop Announces They ‘Don’t Have Guns or Ammo for Biden Supporters’ [More]

That's consistent with what I've always advocated.

[Via bondmen]

Daily Defense Redux

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:17, Tuesday, 26 January


LIVE from the Naples FL XINSURANCE offices, Mark and CEO Rick Lindsey talk with David Codrea [Listen]

In case you didn't hear it live and want to hear it at your convenience...

New Digs

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:04, Tuesday, 26 January

 Trump establishes 'Office of the Former President' in Florida [More]

I'm surprised he doesn't call it the Office of the Elected President in Exile.

[Via Jess]

Vudoo Gun Works V-22M Review: Not Your Granddad’s .22 Magnum

by Lynsey Davis in Recoil at 11:06, Tuesday, 26 January

vudoo gun works v-22m live

The Savage Renegauge shotgun was released a year ago and it is now time for the Competition version. The Renegauge Competition looks delicious in black and red, don’t you think? The barrel is finished with Melonite, while the receiver, magazine tube and extended Skeet2 Light Modified choke are finished in Cerakote. Below you can see some of […]

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The post [SHOT 202...

It doesn’t seem a full year since SHOT 2020 but at 2021’s virtual SHOT Benelli have announced the introduction of three new calibers to their Lupo bolt-action line. The new Benelli Lupo rifles are chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win. and .243 Win. The Lupo was launched at last year’s SHOT Show, check out our video […]

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"It's my pleasure."

by Tam in View From The Porch at 07:56, Tuesday, 26 January

If they'd put Chick-fil-A in charge of Operation Warp Speed, everyone would have already been vaccinated, gotten a sweet tea refill, and been told to have a nice day. https://t.co/49Qofz6Juk

— Tamara K. (@TamSlick) January 26, 2021

Amazing origami

by Borepatch in Borepatch at 08:31, Tuesday, 26 January

What's even more amazing is that the artist is from Finland.  Check them out.

I wish this didn't look so plausible

by Borepatch in Borepatch at 06:45, Tuesday, 26 January

Six years ago I posted The Inevitability of Secession which laid out how it seemed that the wheels were fixin' to come off the Republic.  Donald Trump - despite the insanity suffered by the left - gave a 4 year breather for this, by directly addressing the legitimate grievances of those most likely to leave the Union.  Now with the Democrats back in the White House and Congress - and the insanity not one whit less than before - it looks like we're maybe going to accelerate into a great national divorce.

As with all divorces, it will be very, very messy.  I have some thoughts on that for a later post but for now this looks pretty prescient.

(Originally posted 20 March 2015)

The inevitability of secession, part 1: Introduction...

people don't like or trust them anymore.
In recent years the United States has seen more severe acts of political violence and deadlier riots than the events at the Capitol—but American guarantees of free speech apparently should not survive the shocking image of Nancy Pelosi’s office being ransacked. The notion that free expression is sedition’s handmaiden or that the prevention of treason should be a higher goal than the open exchange or exposure of allegedly dangerous arguments are not controversial views anymore; they pop up frequently, among putatively liberal-minded commentators in The Washington Post and The New York Times.

Media skepticism toward free expression actually began long before the Capitol riot – and before Trump was elected. The New Yorker’s Kalefa Sanneh anticipated the rising ambivalence toward the existing First Amendment regime when he likened “speech nuts” to “gun nuts” in a 2015 essay. Today, support for the mainstream American free speech norms of earlier, less-Trump-addled times is increasingly cast as a kind of sinister eccentricity, as when Slate declared in the days after the Capitol assault that “We have...

Democrats have said they want to ban dark money as uniquely corrupting, since it allows supporters to quietly back a candidate without scrutiny. Yet in their effort to defeat Trump in 2020, they embraced it.

For example, Priorities USA Action Fund, the super political action committee that Biden designated as his preferred vehicle for outside spending, used $26 million in funds originally donated to its nonprofit arm, called Priorities USA, to back Biden. The donors of that money do not have to be disclosed.
Same clowns who're always screaming "Big money out of politics!", yet have their hands out to rich leftists.  Because that's different.

I'll bet he refused

by Firehand in Irons in the Fire at 06:26, Tuesday, 26 January

Teachers, per the email, were told to impersonate health care workers despite the threat of perjury — with the approval of COO Gary Purushotham — in order to obtain access to the vaccine. "Remember to register under healthcare initially," Johnson's note read. He declined to comment to SFGATE.

"We're important!  And we're teachers!"  In a system that's closed.

How can you restore your right to possess firearms after being convicted of a felony or domestic violence?

The Tubman $20

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 12:30, Tuesday, 26 January

 I've been hearing rumors that they are finally going to put Harriet Tubman on a $20 bill.

A WaPo columnist thinks that conservatives are distressed over the idea.  Not this conservative.  If they used this design, I think it would be cooler than hell.

I think that would be a fine design that captures her spirit.  I think it's a capitol idea.

Andrew Jackson is okay, but Harriet Tubman is cool  Especially with that Colt revolver.

UPDATE** Below is the design the p...

This is how it works

by Sailorcurt in Captain of a Crew of One at 06:33, Tuesday, 26 January

Whenever you hear a leftist say “but there’s no evidence of that…” this is how it works.

The US Commission of Civil Rights conducted a study to determine whether the impacts of “Stand your Ground” laws had disparate impacts based upon race.

Their hypothesis was that minorities were harmed by such policies and so they set out to prove their hypothesis.

Unfortunately for them, they didn’t get the results they wanted; so, like any honorable researcher would do, they dutifully reported the results of their research even though it didn’t reach the conclusion they wanted right?

Of course not you silly goose…they suppressed it (you have to click through to the pdf document to find the below quote).

This report should not have been published in this form. When the results of an empirical study don’t come out the way Commission members hoped and expected that they would, the right thing to do is usually to publish those results anyway. Why hide useful information?1

Instead, the Commission sat on the report f...

Why Privacy is Important…

by Sailorcurt in Captain of a Crew of One at 06:14, Tuesday, 26 January

…even if you’re “not doing anything wrong”. I hear it over and over again…”Yea, I know the NSA’s reading my e-mails and text messages, but as long as I’m not doing anything illegal, what difference does it make?”

The newly announced war on conservatives domestic terrorism is a prime example.

WH source: The NRA, Turning Point USA & Patriot Guard Riders are three of many non-militia groups on the list CID / FBI are using to cross reference in vetting for potential “extremists”

Although it’s obviously baseless to claim that either the NRA or TPUSA are “extremist”, the one that really shocked me is the Patriot Guard Riders.

The Patriot Guard was formed in direct response to Fred Phelp’s cult of extremists (whom, I note, are not on the list) who were loudly picketing and disrupting the funerals of fallen service members. The group was not allowed onto the cemetery grounds, so they typically parked themselves across ...

Buyer's Remorse

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:05, Tuesday, 26 January

 “Insulting”- Labor Unions That Endorsed Biden Now Lashing Out At Him [More]

Gee, it's almost like Democrats don't really care about the workin' man.

Yours is Not to Question Why

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:02, Tuesday, 26 January

No Dissent Tolerated: Biden White House Channel Disables Comments on All YouTube Videos, Scrubs Thousands of Comments [More]

Who wants to test what kind of criticism gets you banned here

[H/T Wirecutter]

 At this time of great division in our country, we call for unity amongst all gun owners in the fight to protect our gun rights in the future, regardless of who you voted for or how you feel about the 2020 Election. [More]

Unity with those who voted to enable this

Unity with those who attack anyone pointing that out?

Unity with snotty leftists who consider themselves our superiors and thus will not "attempt one more minute of discussion inside of another standard gun group, filled with the effects of political propaganda, bigotry, and puerile intellects"?

Where do I sign up?

The Stinkin' Project

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:25, Tuesday, 26 January

 According to records made public by the Federal Election Commission, “the group has routinely funneled the millions it raises to its founders and advisors.”  [More]

Mark has a question.

[Via Jess]

Sounds Good on the Surface

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:17, Tuesday, 26 January

 What If Deplorables Start “De-Platforming” Leftists From Receiving Skilled Trade Services? [More]

Too many are Democrats. Hell, we can't even get gun and ammo makers to deny confiscation enforcers.

[Via Michael G]

 Eric Holder calls on Democrats to use court-packing 'power' of new majority, White House [More]

Anybody ever figure out what these hyperventilators' point was?

[Via Mack H]

 As Biden Opens Borders, Cartel War Leaves 19 Torched Bodies In Mexican Border Town [More]

We're just going to have to live through one overreach disaster after another until the public loses its will to continue supporting those making war on freedom.

Think Clausewitz!

[Via Michael G]

Couple faces charges in Cedar Rapids murder with pellet gun that was staged to look like a suicide [More]

And yes, the stat padders classify it as "gun violence."

[Via Michael G]

 The writers and columnists at National Review just had a great week.  Joe Biden was inaugurated, President Trump is gone, and their writers can scratch off their calendars the upcoming rush week at the Lincoln Project frat house and get back to pretending they are conservatives. [More]

Gotta lure the suckers in before you can betray them...

[Via Mack H]

 Chuck Grassley Urges Biden to Condemn Violence in Seattle and Portland [More]

Everyone knows the real violence comes from the fraction of a percent of the 30,000 haters that gathered in DC. 

Note how "our side" urges and their side demands?

[Via Mack H]

Gungrabby Gabby

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:41, Tuesday, 26 January

 Gabby Giffords Is Hoping Hollywood Can Help in Her Fight Against Gun Violence [More]


Will that be before or after they cut in line?

Then there's this:

Police violence is gun violence. 

"Only Ones" quick to disarm your countrymen take note: Your turn in the barrel's coming.

The Lunger Games

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:13, Tuesday, 26 January

Hollywood Elite in COVID-19 Vaccine Scramble: ‘It’s the Hunger Games Out There’ [More]

Just like they "scramble" to get their kids into exclusive schools...

Where's Skip Coolzip when you really need him? 

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell backed off his demand that Senate Democrats preserve the procedural tool known as the filibuster, easing a standoff with new Majority Leader Chuck Schumer as the two negotiated a power-sharing agreement in the closely divided chamber. [More]

Nonetheless, it looks like appealing to Joe Manchin worked -- for now.

Why I Scaled Down Blogging

by Sebastian in Shall Not Be Questioned at 07:22, Tuesday, 26 January

There’s a lot of reasons you don’t see my old posting volume, and overall it just comes down to the fact that I believe my energy is better spent on other endeavors these days. To some degree we are beyond talk: beyond hearts and minds. This current political environment is a struggle of zealots, and I’ve never been very good at being a zealot. I’m not in the mood as much to talk 2A politics because I feel that issue is now adrift, and its fortunes tied to the greater realignment that’s happening. 2A rights are a component of that, but won’t decide the whole thing. Plus, whether the righties here want to acknowledge it, there’s a decent amount of support for gun rights on the far left. The gun control movement is almost entirely funded and lead by our modern nobility, with some support from what in Marxist theory would be Bourgeoisie.

Anyways, back to one of my reasons for scaling back. I know our political opposition read gun blogs, especially back in the day when we had more influence. One day I was speaking with someone on the front lines, who did the difficult work of influencing lawmakers and opposing these people on a reg...

[TFB GUNFEST] Holosun’s 2021 Optics Lineup (and the 507k)

by James Reeves in The Firearm Blog at 09:00, Tuesday, 26 January

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves speaks with Luis of Holosun about Holosun’s complete micro red dot optics for 2021, including the brand new 507k optic for ultra-compact pistols like the Glock 43X MOS, SIG P365, and other optic-ready micro-compacts. ««« GUN + GEAR GIVEAWAYS »»» TFBTV is viewer supported and does not accept […]

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[SHOT 2021] SmartGunz Announce RFID-Enabled 9mm Sentry Pistol

by Matthew Moss in The Firearm Blog at 08:00, Tuesday, 26 January

[SHOT 2021] SmartGunz Announce RFID-Enabled 9mm Sentry PistolKansas-based SmartGunz have announced that their Sentry 9mm pistol, the company’s first product, will begin shipping in the 2nd quarter of 2021. Physically the SmartGunz Sentry is a 9x19mm 1911 pistol, but it utilises RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to enable the gun to be used by its designated user. SmartGunz LLC believes that one way […]

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At this year’s virtual SHOT Show, Franchi took the opportunity to unveil a pair of new 28 gauge over – under shotguns. Expanding their Instinct range they have added a new 28 gauge option to their Instinct LX and SLX lines.   Here’s what Franchi have to say about the 28-Gauge LX: ACCOKEEK, Md. (January 19, 2021) – […]

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GEN5 MagwellWhen the Gen5 Glocks were announced, reactions were a mixed bag. Some people welcomed changes like the flared magwell, while others either didn’t want it or thought it wasn’t enough. Well, for the people who wanted more flare in their lives, a new option now exists. True to themselves, Strike Industries has released a sharp, […]

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Street, Photography

by Tam in View From The Porch at 04:50, Tuesday, 26 January

54th Street Red Line station, Canon EOS M, EF-M 22mm f/2
Walking home from a late lunch/early dinner at Twenty Tap last night, the lighting of the Red Line station caught my eye. Between the wet pavement and the gathering dusk, it was a little island of light. There was one lonely dude waiting for a bus but, even before the Time of the 'Rona, more people would be getting off than on at 54th Stree...

Sort of Want...

by Tam in View From The Porch at 03:56, Tuesday, 26 January

I need one of those "civilian af" patches.


Head up

by New Jovian Thunderbolt in New Jovian Thunderbolt at 13:18, Tuesday, 26 January

 "Hey, T-bolt, why do you keep your head up when shooting?"

Well.  Lately, I am looking for good hills to stand on.  And with the hardware in my neck, that's another requirement.  


My shooting training is all antedated by my spine issues.  I was lucky to start out with a trainer that really stressed keeping your head in a natural upright position.  Not to hunch over like I shooting into driving sleet.   


And really, my head doesn't go down much any more.  I can't fold bedsheets by myself.

 Chicago's 'strategy' to help curb the carjacking epidemic is to subject the urban yoots to an afternoon of movies with snacks and beverages rather than going behind bars.  The movies are designed to try to elicit empathy in people who have none.  I guess it's what happens when social workers take over....

The next phase of the Forever War is here

by TPOL Nathan in The Price of Liberty at 05:00, Tuesday, 26 January

With all due respect to Joe Haldeman (author of the SF novel Forever War), we have just entered the next phase of the Forever War being fought by the FedGov under various names and for various reasons.

Apparently, virtually immediately after Biden was inaugurated as massa in chief, various news sources (including Syrian and others) reported that small numbers of American vehicles and troops (less than 500, apparently) began moving into new positions in Syria, in support of groups trying to overthrow the Assad regime.

Clearly we have to take ANY media report with a large grain of salt these days. Especially highly-politicized media which is little more than a mouthpiece for various political and government groups. (Like the mainstream media here in the States, and all the media in the Middle East.)

Trump never ended all the various occupations and brushfire wars in which the US Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force (and all the black ops outfits) are involved. But he did withdraw a lot of troops, slowed down operations, and NEVER started another war. (That I am aware of.) Bu...

Carrying and Using the LDK Knife

by Greg Ellifritz in Active Response Training at 03:56, Tuesday, 26 January

Written by: Greg Ellifritz


Many of you are aware that I designed the Ka-Bar TDI Last Ditch Knife.  I recently received a question from a reader about some design features:


“Greg: I noticed you mentioned you designed the Last Ditch blade for Kabar. I would be interested in an article about the design and how it works, and how it is meant to be grasped. I actually bought one, but could not get my mind around how it is to be wielded and it has ended up sitting on my closet shelf for a couple years.”


I designed it primarily as a knife that could easily be missed on a cursory search if one was taken hostage. I had been traveling through South America a lot and was worried about kidnapping attempts. There just weren’t any really good knives on the market that could be easily hidden.


My initial thought was that I wanted something no larger than a credit card, so that I cou...

Get Your Sunglasses, it’s Original Owen Gun Camo!

by Ian McCollum in Forgotten Weapons at 05:27, Tuesday, 26 January

I had the chance to take a look at this Australian World War 2 Owen submachine gun, and it’s *very* bright camouflage paint. My initial reaction was that it was a poorly done restoration, because of just how neon-Mountain-Dew-green it was. However, as it turns out, the stock on this example came out of a sealed package as new old stock from an Australian parts warehouse. That bright paint is in fact original, having not been subjected to sunlight since it was painted at the factory in the 1940s. Remarkable!


Preparedness Notes for Tuesday — January 26, 2021

by James Wesley Rawles in SurvivalBlog.com at 23:04, Monday, 25 January

January 26th, 1945 is the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Soviet Army. Established in 1941 Auschwitz was a complex of three large camps and 40 smaller camps used for slave labor, unethical medical experiments, and monstrous killing grounds where prisoners were gassed and cremated. As the Soviets headed for Auschwitz, the German Gestapo began a murder spree and began destroying the facility in an attempt to hide the evidence of their crimes. When the Soviets arrived, they encountered 648 corpses and more than 7000 starving camp survivors along with storehouses filled with hundreds of thousands of dresses, …

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Why I’m Leaving Amazon — And How You Can Help Starve The Beast

by James Wesley Rawles in SurvivalBlog.com at 23:03, Monday, 25 January

I’ll feel clean, once I’ve left the brown-tinged waters of the Amazon behind. Let me begin by explaining that I joined the Amazon Associates program in 2007. At that time, Amazon’s corporate management was already liberal, but their politics didn’t influence the way that Amazon was operated to any great extent. And Amazon was not yet a provider of web/cloud computing services. I found Amazon to be a handy place to shop for books, DVDs, and various merchandise. They offered commission-earning links that never expired. By becoming an Amazon Associate, I earned an average of about 7% on any items …

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SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt

by James Wesley Rawles in SurvivalBlog.com at 23:02, Monday, 25 January

This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on an ancient grizzly bear.   (See the Wyoming section.) Idaho Taking a Stand: Sheriffs, Local Officials, and Rule of Law VS. Covid Dictators.  And here is a report on the same sheriff from the left-wing propagandists at Spokane’s major newspaper: New Kootenai County …

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The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

by James Wesley Rawles in SurvivalBlog.com at 23:01, Monday, 25 January

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” – Albert Einstein

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On opening day of duck season in East Texas, it seemed only fitting to chase the most abundant and beloved species in our area – wood ducks . My husband, Derrick, and I have long awaited the arrival of duck season opener and called my cousins to make sure they could roll out early the next morning. Derrick and I happily pulled all of our gear out of storage in our front bedroom and excitedly filled the blind bag with everything we could imagine we might need. Adorned in shadow grass and filled with plenty of ammo and snacks, the blind bag stood at the ready. The gun for this hunt? The Browning A5 Wicked Wing in 12 gauge.  


Monday, 25 January


They aren’t stupid

by Joe in The View From North Central Idaho at 19:31, Monday, 25 January

From here via email from Paul K:

Q: Why would liberals be upset about me having an AR-15?
A: They assume you would use it on them.
Q: But why do they assume that? I would only use it in self-defense.
A: Yes.
Q: But … Oh.
A: Yes.

They aren’t all stupid all the time.

As I have said before:

One might even be able to make the case that the Second Amendment isn’t only not about hunting–it’s about protecting us from liberals.

Manually, In-Peson

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 18:16, Monday, 25 January

 Watching a video from the Epoch Times, and I grabbed this as a screen shot.  Amazon is facing a union election in Alabama and is resisting mail-in voting.  Evidently, Amazon believes that the best way to conduct an election is with manual, in-person voting.

Isn't that special.  I wonder why Amazon is insisting on in-person voting over mail-in ballots?

Fine Art Tuesday

by Unknown in The Freeholder at 21:30, Monday, 25 January

Night, Arkhip Kuindhzi, c 1905-1908

Arkhip Kuindhzi was a Russian landscape painter connected with the Realism Movement.

Born in 1842, his parents died when he was 6. He endured a hard childhood, raised by an...


548 MPH glider

by Joe in The View From North Central Idaho at 17:12, Monday, 25 January

This is incredible on so many dimensions:

  • The constant 60-80 G-loadings with spikes as high as 120 g.
  • The human reaction time with constantly changing orientation.
  • The high velocity so close to the ground.

For details read World’s fastest RC aircraft hits a stunning 548 mph – without a motor.

The president of Federal speaks. They bought Remington's ammo plants through the bankruptcy sales, and are going to be bringing them back online.

SQL Question

by Clayton Cramer in Clayton Cramer. at 13:57, Monday, 25 January

I have a SQL query that counts mass murders caused by mental illness by year.

SELECT year, Count(year) FROM Table2
WHERE ((Table2.cause_ID=15) OR
GROUP BY Table2.year;

But there are years with no mental illness mass murders, and this query does not show rows for those years.  How do I tell the query to insert rows with the intervening years and a 0 count?

It appears that I should create a table of years and counts initialized with years starting at my first row in Table2 up to the last row in Table2, then setting each count with the results of the above query.  But Access does not like:

create table allyears (year int, count int );

It shows a syntax error on the next statement after the semicolon.

France’s InterWar Aircraft Machine Gun: the 1926 Darne

by Ian McCollum in Forgotten Weapons at 05:27, Monday, 25 January

Darne was a French gunmaker best known for sporting shotguns, but they entered the military arms field during World War One. The Lewis Gun was one of the best Entente aircraft guns, and Darne put a licensed copy into production in 1915, making a bit more than 3,000 of them by the end of the war. During this time they also developed their own machine gun design, which was ordered by the French military, but cancelled with the Armistice in November 1918. After further refinement, Darne’s design was formally adopted by the French Air Force in the 1920s. About 11,000 were made in total, about half for France and the other half for a variety of foreign clients including Brazil, Turkey, Italy, Yugoslavia, and Spain.

Darne hoped to market its machine gun design as more than just an aircraft armament. In its catalog, the same basic mechanism was offered as a light infan...


by Iain Harrison in Recoil at 16:27, Monday, 25 January

fk brno cover
fk brno coverIn 2018, we traveled to the Czech Republic in order t...

The VR series semi-automatic shotguns from Armscor International / Rock Island Armory get an addition with the 20 gauge version called VR82. The thumbhole stock design reminds me of the HERA Arms CQR stock, don’t you agree? The metal finish is black anodized, with a contoured 18″ shotgun barrel with Mobil chokes. The action is […]

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POTD: Lead Slinging Sled for the Dutch Marines

by Matthew Moss in The Firearm Blog at 16:30, Monday, 25 January

Today’s Photo Of The Day features the Netherlands Korps Mariniers lead slinging sled! Unveiled a few months ago, the sled has an FN MAG 7.62x51mm general purpose machine gun mounted at its center. The Netherlands’ Korps Mariniers shared photos of a series of new sled equipment that was set to be used during the Joint Arctic […]

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[TFB GUNFEST] Blue Force Gear Medical Kits and IFAK Pouches

by James Reeves in The Firearm Blog at 16:00, Monday, 25 January

In this episode of TFBTV‘s #GunFest2021 coverage, James Reeves speaks with the Director of Medical Programming at Blue Force Gear about BFG’s trauma kits, FAKs, pouches, and the popular micro trauma kit. Guns are important, but so is first aid for gun guys. Check out today’s video. ««« GUN AND GEAR GIVEAWAYS »»» PLEASE check […]

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Blue Force Gear Medical pouchesBlue Force Gear has been expanding their Trauma Kit NOW! medical pouch kit line, with six different sizes, each of which will be available in four different level fill options. Brad spoke with TFB about his task of bringing the medical pouches up to speed, which stems from his experience in the medical field, as […]

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Dad Joke XVIII

by Borepatch in Borepatch at 12:12, Monday, 25 January

Did you hear about the buffalo who lived 200 years?

He just celebrated his Bison-tennial. 

 Oregon SB 619:

Be It Enacted by the People of the State of Oregon: 

SECTION 1.(1) The Department of Revenue shall establish a program to pay reparations to Black Oregonians who can demonstrate herit...

On Friendship

by Unknown in Home on the Range at 10:40, Monday, 25 January

Chapter 22 - On Friendship (From True Course - Lessons From a Life Aloft, Outskirts Press 2019.

I think the friends we make in the aviation business are unique. There's something ab...

Joe Biden Lifts Transgender Ban

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 12:23, Monday, 25 January

I wondered this morning what indignities he might put us through, and it seems that he has lifted the ban on transgenders in the military.

Now, I guess we know.  I served during Clinton's "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy, but I'm not quite sure how I'd react to this.  I had no problem serving alongside females in the Army, and respected them for their expertise.  Bit, this would just be confusing as hell.

I always considered Major Payne to be a romantic comedy, not a how-to manual.

Who Will Audit the Auditors

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:07, Monday, 25 January

 However, the Board of Supervisors is now attempting to prevent a “real” audit from “the likes of Jovan Hutton Pulitzer and instead have their choice of auditor” to perform it, TGP notes. [More]

Nobody thinks they would have gotten the "All Clear" if there wasn't a plan in place...?

[Via Jess]

Today's 'Daily Defense

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 13:21, Monday, 25 January


TODAY AAR is LIVE f4-5p ET, 1-2p PT from the beautiful #NaplesFL @Xinsurance offices after the weekend FIRE event at Force Center Tradecraft Range with guest @dcodrea and X CEO Rick Lindsey. Enjoy! @CCRKBArms @2AFDN @newsmax @Liz_Aiello @OANN pic.twitter.com/SQO8EnTqR8

— Mark Walters (@aarmark) January 25, 2021
Listen live.

 REVEALED: Anti-White, Pro-BLM Social Media Posts Of Black Woman Charged In White Child’s Death After Jan 6 Capitol Protest [More]

And the child was adopted? So much for "background checks" guaranteeing anything.

[Via Jess]

Cruise Control

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 12:35, Monday, 25 January

Cruise line says only vaccinated passengers can sail [More]

If you won't do it for yourself, think of the pirates.

[Via Matthew L]

Capture the Flag

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 12:29, Monday, 25 January

Leftwing Activist Journalists Claim the Gadsden Flag Is a Sign of Insurrection and Hate [More]

They sure are selective...

[Via Mack H]

The Enemy Within

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:54, Monday, 25 January

 For Conservatives, Our Republican “Allies” Are Far More Dangerous Than Our Leftist Enemies [More]

That's because the enemy inside the gates is capable of inflicting far more damage, and make no mistake: They are the enemy.

[Via Mack H]

A Snowballs' Chance

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:46, Monday, 25 January

 A dozen Senate Republicans are trying to block one of progressives’ fondest goals — packing the US Supreme Court with liberal justices — with a new amendment to the Constitution. [More]

Sure makes it look like they're doing something, doesn't it?

[Via Jess]

Plenty More Damage to be Done

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:30, Monday, 25 January

 The Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson said that now that former President Trump is out of office, he intends to turn the super PAC's attention to Sen. Ted Cruz... [More]

You gotta wonder why he had no comment...

[Via Michael G]

New Evidence Implicates FBI Higher-Ups in Dishonesty of Anti-Trump Lawyer [More]

The hearts of disillusioned children throughout the land are breaking.

[Via Michael G]

Vag of Honor

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:13, Monday, 25 January

Cindy McCain says Arizona GOP censure is ‘a badge of honor’ [More]

And who knows more about honor than a homewrecker, a continued adulteress, and a drug abuser who stole from her own charity?

[Via Michael G]

A Great Future in Politics

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:04, Monday, 25 January

 Tulane students issue COVID-19 demands...but they have nothing to do with COVID-19 - A student group at Tulane University is demanding that the school provide a $15 minimum wage, offer reparations, defund police, and more, all in response to COVID-19. [More]

The implications of the word "demand" remind me of a supposed Stalin quote for a reply.

[Via Michael G]

Block Biden

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:06, Monday, 25 January

HOW WE CAN STOP BIDEN’S GUN CONTROL ... It is imperative that you contact your Senators using the form above and urge them to STAND FOR THE FILIBUSTER! [More]

We talked briefly about the concept here and embedded the original detailed Manchin/Tester plan here.

ULLA SELLA 'n all th...

First Look: Strike Industries P320 Sights

by Dave Merrill in Recoil at 12:32, Monday, 25 January


Uberti Hardin & Teddy RevovlersWheelgun lovers and cowboy action shooters alike will be happy to know that Uberti USA is expanding the Outlaws & Lawmen Series. In the SHOT Show 2021 days, Uberti USA released two new models and added a .357 Magnum option to two existing ones. Let’s first see the new models, called Hardin and Teddy, in […]

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[TFB GUNFEST] Thunder Ranch Edition Century VSKA AK-47

by James Reeves in The Firearm Blog at 10:00, Monday, 25 January

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves interviews Adam with Century about the new Thunder Ranch edition VSKA AK. From Century and Davidson’s press release: Clint Smith, President and Director of Thunder Ranch®, is a Marine Corps veteran of two infantry and Combined Action Platoon tours in Vietnam. His experience includes seven years as a […]

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[TFB GUNFEST] Century Arms Thunder Ranch AK-47

by Will P in The Firearm Blog at 10:00, Monday, 25 January

[TFB GUNFEST] Century Arms Thunder Ranch AK-47 (1)When it comes to firearms training schools, Thunder Ranch is among the foremost in the business. For almost 30 years, this premier institution now based in Oregon has served to provide top-level instruction for a variety of gun/shooting types and the full spectrum of students. Courses are offered for everyone from individual citizens looking to […]

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Rooted in America’s ugly history of white supremacy, indigenous dispossession and anti-blackness, multiracial whiteness is an ideology invested in the unequal distribution of land, wealth, power and privilege — a form of hierarchy in which the standing of one section of the population is premised on the debasement of others. Multiracial whiteness reflects an understanding of whiteness as a political color and not simply a racial identity — a discriminatory worldview in which feelings of freedom and belonging are produced through the persecution and dehumanization of others.

In the post-Trump era, the challenge will be to prevail over the extremism of Trump’s White majority while trying to prevent the politics of whiteness from becoming an increasingly multiracial affair.

Cristina Beltrán
January 15, 2021
To understand Trump’s support, we must think in terms of multiracial Whiteness
[See also what Ed Driscoll has to say about this...

Overheard on the Radio...

by Tam in View From The Porch at 09:02, Monday, 25 January

I was driving downtown to shoot some photos and drop off some film last week. Terry Gross was interviewing filmmaker Sam Pollard on Fresh Air for MLK Day...

Pollard: "But to now know that the minister of the Ebenezer Baptist Church, Raphael Warnock, is going to be our - the first Black senator from the South is a phenomenal experience."
I nearly swerved up onto the sidewalk on Meridian Street at hearing that. While Warnock is the first Black senator from Georgia, Tim Scott would be surprised to learn that South Carolina isn't in the South.

We'll give Pollard a pass on Senators Revels and Bruce, since most Americans are woefully undereducated on the original civil rights era* of the Reconstruction period and how it was quashed by regressive segregationist peckerwoods following the Compromise of 1877.


*golf clap*

by Tam in View From The Porch at 06:16, Monday, 25 January

if you try to correct my grammar, i will think fewer of you

— Sammy (@thesammyhannah) January 24, 2021

Well, that's the internet for today, folks. Submissions are closed. Thank you for playing.


Dog Beach

by Borepatch in Borepatch at 07:14, Monday, 25 January

We took Wolfgang and his niece Birdie to the Venice (Florida) dog beach yesterday.  It's a great facility - fenced so the dogs can run free in the waves, and they have hoses to wash the pups off when you leave.  Wolfgang even met one of his German Shepherd buddies from the dog park there.

Birdie liked to play bathing beauty in the pavilion.

.38 Smith & Wesson

by Tam in The Arms Room at 08:02, Monday, 25 January

The full-size Model No.3 was Smith & Wesson's first top-break revolver, as distinguished from the tip-up rimfire guns on which the company had built its initial reputation. Although originally chambered for the .44 Henry rimfire cartridge, Smith was persuaded to develop a centerfire alternative, the cartridge that eventually became the .44 Russian.

The No.3 saw limited service with the U.S. Army, as well as foreign contracts with the Russians, Japanese, and others. While military contracts are always good, Smith recognized that the bulk of domestic sales would be of smaller, cheaper, more pocketable guns for the private citizen to carry.

Sales of the antiquated rimfire No.1 1/2 in .32 Rimfire Short were flagging as Smith launched a five-shooter that was initially a smaller copy of the No.3. These first .38 top-breaks are known as "Baby Russians", for their longer and more complex ejector assembly scaled down from the bigger gun. Simplified for easier production, the ...

so if you run into that show them this.  Some excerpts:

Banning guns is an idea whose time has come.” U.S. Senator Joseph Biden, 11/18/93, Associated Press interview

Yes, I’m for an outright ban (on handguns).” Pete Shields, Chairman emeritus, Handgun Control, Inc., during a 60 Minutes interview.

“I am one who believes that as a first step, ...

January update post

by correia45 in Monster Hunter Nation at 07:32, Monday, 25 January

It’s almost the end of January (better late than never) but if I’m not going to interact with the fans on Facebook anymore, I need to make sure that I blog consistently to make up for it. (I am going to be curious to see how much difference not using that page makes in sales, because if it doesn’t make that much, being scared of losing sales is the main reason writers stay there).

First off, the 7 author giveaway is over and the random winners are being contacted now. (I think we beat their previous record by 4x) All of us will be shipping books to the winners. I’ve got to get with John Brown so we can both sign those copies of Gunrunner.

Speaking of Gunrunner, it is out in a couple of weeks. If you would like to get an autographed copy go here:


Thats right. Uncle Hugos is still in business. Their store (which has been open since the 70s) got burned down during the riots… Oh sorry. “Mostly peaceful yet fiery protests”. However, you can’t keep a good book sel...

It’s a Weird Old World

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 07:49, Monday, 25 January

Millennials are strange. They cover their bodies with tattoos; pierce their noses, ears, eyebrows, and places you don’t want to know. Despite their spectacular sissiness, they affect beards, dress like lumberjacks, and have adopted as a generational icon the plebian Pabst Beer.

Their latest weird thing is an obsession with Sea Chantys, a phenomenon apparently inspired by the video below which was uploaded to TikTok and which rapidly went viral.

See the NY Slimes article or this one at Inverse.


A Useful Tip

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 07:13, Monday, 25 January

Not The Bee

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 09:12, Monday, 25 January

 The headline says it all.  (Not the Bee)

Husband stabbed repeatedly by his wife after she finds photo of him with young skinny girl, turns out it's an old picture of her.

Yeah, evidently he was out in the yard working, and his wife picked up his phone and was looking through old pictures.  Jealousy erupted when she saw photos of her husband with a hot, attractive woman.   So, of course, she grabs a knife and stabs him several times before he can get the knife away from her.

Turns out, the photo was of her from several years back, when she was both hot and attractive.

I'll never have that problem.  I still think that my wife is hot and attractive.  She's smokin'.

Public Service Announcement

by Sailorcurt in Captain of a Crew of One at 09:25, Monday, 25 January

So, it’s common knowledge that gun sales have been astronomical last year and so far this year and it’s not just us old fat white guys buying more of what we already have:

A report released this month by the National Shooting Sports Federation stated that 40% of all gun purchases in 2020 were made by 8.4 million first-time buyers.

Classes of people once generally opposed to guns are fueling the spike in firearm sales. Forty percent of gun buyers were women, and sales to African Americans rose 58%, according to the report.

So, with that in mind, I want to remind all those 8 million new gun owners about not only my standing offer to provide training, free of charge, to new shooters, but also of the network of people across the nation who are making the same offer.

Keep in mind that we’re not offering training on how to become gunfighters or &#822...

For Other Purposes

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:36, Monday, 25 January

To expand Americans' access to the ballot box, reduce the influence of big money in politics, and strengthen ethics rules for public servants, and for other purposes. [More]

I wonder what those could be...?

Cut to the chase?

(4) The Supreme Court’s 2013 Shelby County v. Holder decision gutted decades-long Federal protections for communities of color that face historic and continuing discrimination, emboldening States and local jurisdictions to pass voter suppression laws and implement procedures, such as those requiring photo identification, limiting early voting hours, eliminating same-day registration, purging voters from the rolls, and reducing the number of polling places. Congress is committed to reversing the devastating impact of this decision.

Besides, a "sworn statement" should be more than enough verification. Just look at the oaths our politicians have taken!

Also, ...

A Temporary Respite

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:49, Monday, 25 January

Aero Precision Keeping Its Word on Tacoma Gun Tax Pledge [More]

Wake me when they leave the state altogether.

[Via DDS]

An Open and Shut Case

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:35, Monday, 25 January

So COVID "baselined" in April?  [Watch]

This is evidently what that conclusion is derived from.

Somebody besides me is going to have to figure out what this means in terms of "shut down" policies and break it down for those of us without the background qualifications to have truly informed opinions. All I know for sure is my default isn't trust when it comes to what politicians and the DSM want me to believe.

[Via DvD...

Whether Permitting

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:43, Monday, 25 January

 States Eye Allowing Concealed Carry of Guns Without a Permit [More]

I can't help but notice the ones screaming against it the loudest are also against permitted carry.

[Via bondmen]

 Likewise, the proposed gun rights amendment is not just a state version of the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment (which many states have). It is a more extreme gun rights amendment, an outlier that only three other states have adopted. It would apply “strict scrutiny” to “any and all restrictions” on gun rights. If passed, this amendment would threaten to invalidate many sensible laws, from existing laws like the law prohibiting felons from having guns to modest proposals like background checks and red-flag laws. States that have adopted “strict scrutiny” language have seen costly legal battles to preserve common-sense gun laws, and some prosecutors have declined to enforce them. [More]

More "extreme" than "shall not be infringed"...?

Who does she think she is? 

"Conservative" Hugh Hewitt?



by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:37, Monday, 25 January

Biden Proves Democrat Voters Have no Idea What They’re Voting For [More]

Unfortunately, neither do plenty of Republicans and gun owners. Otherwise, we wouldn't be in this mess.

[Via bondmen]

The Eye of the Beholder

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:33, Monday, 25 January

 “This guy is in the middle of a government meeting brandishing a weapon,” MacIntosh told the paper. “Why would I not think they were trying to harm me?” [More]

Anybody see "brandishing"? Because what I saw was ridiculing a hoplophobe.

That said, you need to know which hat to wear, and when...

[Via Jess]


Quick: Somebody condemn and purge this guy as "right-wing extremist" and a "racist"!


Eye in the Sky

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:31, Monday, 25 January

St. Louis aldermen endorse 18-hour aircraft surveillance [More]

The maker of rules, dealing with fools...

[Via bondmen]

Why They Oppose It

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:29, Monday, 25 January

 We are concerned that a new federal domestic terrorism statute or list would adversely impact civil rights and — as our nation’s long and disturbing history of targeting Black Activists, Muslims, Arabs, and movements for social and racial justice has shown — this new authority could be used to expand racial profiling or be wielded to surveil and investigate communities of color and political opponents in the name of national security.  [More]

So it's not really about "liberty and justice for all," is it?

Now if there were only some way to make it so it only applied to White Christians...

Wipe Out

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:26, Monday, 25 January

"Toilet Paper Effect": Americans Scramble For Ammo Amid Shortage [More]

Some would like to give us plenty for free.

[Via bondmen]

Murkowski: No, I'm Not Switching Parties [More]

The question I have is why do Alaskan Republicans keep giving her the choice?

[Via DvD]

The Quality of Mercy

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:13, Monday, 25 January

 St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell supports commuting all 49 people on death row [More]

Something tells me more lessons in custodianship will follow all the "rehabilitation and restoration" being planned...


Washington Post ends ‘fact-check program’ for Trump, has ‘no plans’ to launch one for Biden [More]

Their function now is to parrot and amplify.

[Via bondmen]

 Biden Apologizes After Guardsmen Sleep in Garage ...First lady Jill Biden tried to smooth things over with chocolate chip cookies for the troops...  [More]

Did they offer to put 'em up like Trump did?

Speaking of which, how's this for a standard of proof before leveling accusations?

Where do you see that she doesn't [insert whatever made-up allegation that comes to mind here]?

[Via ...

World Affairs Brief

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:24, Monday, 25 January

It has been a long battle trying to convince subscribers and Trump supporters that all the stories of false hope spread by “insiders” like Q about Trump staying in office after the theft of the election were bogus. In reality, Q was only a small part of the plot to lead Trump supporters astray with false hope. [More]

We have a saying around these parts...

Anyway, looks like some good stuff over at Skousen's. You can subscribe to his newsletter and get more.

[Via SamAdams1776

Recognising Foreign Influence

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:32, Monday, 25 January

 For those departing or entering US government service in this transition period, beware new approaches via social media. Foreign spies often use fake social media profiles to connect to those with info they want. Before linking with someone you don’t know, understand the risks. [More]

WarOnGuns Correspondent TM wonders why a U.S. intelligence agency warning us to be on guard against foreign influence would use British spelling for "organisation" and "realise" in the slides at the end.

I note who else spells like that and wonder if they're outsourcing security...

An Apportion Provider

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:12, Monday, 25 January

 Oops – Biden Census Executive Order On Counting Illegal Aliens May Hand Texas GOP Multiple House Seats [More]

Before uncorking the champagne and laughing at the idiot, what will putting them on the "pathway to citizenship" do, and what will this do to the rest of the country?

Good thing this has nothing to do with that "single issue."

[Via Michael G]

What is It That Matters, Again?

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:23, Monday, 25 January

Biden Vows to Undo President Trump’s Pro-Life Policies [More]

It's telling, that they use a photo of a black child and that blacks overwhelmingly vote for the destroyers of their race's future... 

It's curious, how many "racists" are against that...

[H/T Wirecutter]

The Fox So Cunning and Free

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:22, Monday, 25 January

Unless you want to see a federal prison from the inside, you'll follow the laws scrupulously, and you're Johhny StraightArrow, as far as everyone in your effing life knows, or that anyone, anywhere, can ever prove. [More]

There's a lot to be said for the Gray Man.

Sgt. Garcia! Join me for some wine?

The World is Not Enough

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:00, Monday, 25 January

 Socialist students 'disrupt’ campus...even after school bows to their demands- Columbia University recently bowed to the Young Democratic Socialists of America’s demands for increased financial aid. Nevertheless, students hosted a rally and a sit-in to "disrupt" campus. [More]

Of course, partial capitulation is not enough: That's why we call 'em "totalitarians." Imagine a "circling pack of jackals" and how likely they'd be to disperse if you threw them a scrap of flesh, as opposed to becoming emboldened sensing weakness and fear, and moving in closer.

Who thinks these are just DSA "solidarity songs"?

Poor, underprivileged Columbia students...

[Via ...

An Isolated Incident

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:44, Monday, 25 January

 Fenix Ammunition No Longer Selling To Police After Mask Enforcement [Watch]

The real question is how many won't follow the examples set by Hornady and Barrett, and what are gun owners prepared to do about those who value unquestioning confiscation enforcers more than those they target?

My guess is not enough to make any difference at all.

[Via Jess]

I Know You are But What Am I?

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:22, Monday, 25 January

 "I think it's become clear she is a menace to our country," said McCarron, the president of Colorado Ceasefire. [More]

Says the useful idiot fanatically subverting what the Founders knew to be "necessary to the security of a free State"...

Thought for the Day

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:21, Monday, 25 January

 Remember how Holder's DOJ coordinated Fast and Furious "reports" with Media Matters? [More]

That was uncovered by The Daily Caller's Matthew Boyle via his Freedom of Information Act inquiries.

I wonder which agency is most likely to have colluded with tech and social media "deplatformers" to censor suggested targets on behalf of the government, that is, who should a FOIA request be sent to...?

Frying Pan, Meet Fire

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:42, Monday, 25 January

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio coy on possible challenge from Ivanka Trump [More]

We have the devil we know.

Convince me Mrs. Kushner won't be just as bad if not worse.

Is there no one in all of Florida capable of running who is not from the insulated elite?

[Via Jess]

Anti-gun WA Lawmakers Rush to Ban Magazines, OC at Rallies

by Dave Workman in Liberty Park Press at 08:48, Monday, 25 January


RRA RBG-1S rifleRock River Arms is well known for their quality AR-15 rifles, but they’ve just announced a brand new precision bolt action rifle, the RBG-1S series. RRA actually ran a soft launch of the RBG-1S at SHOT Show 2019 but took their time to hone it. Early examples featured a fluted barrel, but that was one […]

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Meprolight is a division of the SK Group, and a well-known manufacturer and global supplier of electro-optical and optical sights. In this article, we’ll focus on their new self-illuminated backup sights designed for the AR platform. You know, the sights that you must have, but pray you never need? The Mepro FUBS folding back-up sights […]


[TFB GUNFEST] Century Importing MP5 Clones from MKE

by James Reeves in The Firearm Blog at 06:00, Monday, 25 January

Century is importing affordable (well….*more* affordable) MP5 clones from MKE of Turkey. Many shooters don’t know that Heckler & Koch licensed certain factories to produce the MP5 in somewhat recent history. Licensee factories existed in places like Turkey, Mexico, France, Great Britain, and even Iran, and they produced copies of the MP5. MKE, a/k/a The […]

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[TFB GUNFEST] New Century Arms AP5 and AP5P Pistols

by Austin R in The Firearm Blog at 06:00, Monday, 25 January

Century Arms AP5 and AP5P PistolsCentury Arms unveiled their new AP5 and AP5P pistols at TFB’s GunFest 2021.  While the pistols themselves may not exactly be “new”, they do introduce new options into the US market for fans of the roller delayed blowback platform. New Century Arms AP5 and AP5P Pistols The two new pistols being offered are manufactured under […]

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A Lack of Comprehension

by Tam in View From The Porch at 05:42, Monday, 25 January

"If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat." -Sun Tzu
I realize that in the Manichaean environment of modern politics, everybody's somebody's fascist or communist. Surely, however, people who make a point of commenting on politics would have a basic grasp of the viewpoints of those they consider their ideological foes, right?

Not so fast.

Jacobin is an explicitly socialist quarterly that sets itself up as a younger, hipper alternative to traditional, stodgy outlets of the American far Left like The Nation. Think Reason but for beard oil-using craft beer drinkers who prefer Das Kapital to Atlas Shrugged.

From where they're sitting, you can't slide a sheet of paper between the political positions of Joe Biden and, say, George H.W. Bush, so they greeted the recent inauguration with a cover spoofing the incoming administration and the general Democratic reaction to it with a bit of tongue-in-cheek Byzantine iconog...

Monday Bupkis

by New Jovian Thunderbolt in New Jovian Thunderbolt at 03:30, Monday, 25 January

Don't really have nuffin. 

Been seeing John Moses Browning (pbuh) stories lately.  One even said it was the forgotten history of the man.  I dunno about that.  Any one with more than half a dozen guns probably has SOMETHING invented by the man.  

No, I don't think most gunnies are ignorant of JMB.  

Is it his birthday?  It was!  Saturday.  That explains it.  I am remiss not marking it my own self.  

 Jeff Bezos now thinks that voting by mail is a bad thing.  

It was awesome when the fate of the United States and its future was at stake, but when the rubber meets the road and it's going to affect his bottom line, then the only way to have a "valid, fair and successful” vote is if it's in person.  

Maybe he'll jack it up and insist that everyone sign the back of their ballot like what happened in south Texas when LBJ was running back in the day.  

It's Monday, Now What?

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 05:20, Monday, 25 January

It's Monday and I have some things to do today, working on the club and the state match I'm planning for April.

Yet, I wonder, five days into the Biden presidency, what indignities he is going to foist on us today?  Immigration?  Taxation?  The re-trenching of the Deep State?  Erosion of personal liberty? All of the above?

Ben Shapiro asks a couple of pertinent questions, about how to define unity and peace.

Here in Louisiana , it looks like we are in for another rainy day.  Thankfully, my work today wil be indoors.

Written by Greg Ellifritz


I once responded to a very unique call in my cop job.  The details might generate some critical thinking on the part of my readers.


A woman and her infant child were parked outside a small electronics store on a busy thoroughfare in the suburban city where I work.  She was waiting to provide a ride home to her sister and her best friend, both of whom were working in the store.  Five minutes before closing, another car pulled into the parking lot.  It was occupied by two men.  She thought it was strange because it backed into a parking space facing the store and because it had no license plates, either front or back.  Even though it was strange, the car was a Lexus and didn’t seem out of place in the wealthy suburb.


The woman watched as one of the men entered the store while the other stayed in the car with the engine running.  The man in the store asked some unusual questions about a remote control, looked around the store thoroughly and then left...


…specifically, “You may all go to Hell, and I will go to Texas.”

In This Episode:
  • Erin and Weer’d discuss the NRA’s Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, its impending move to Texas, and what this all means for the future of gun rights groups;
  • Xander brings us his Independent Thoughts on the care and feeding of our rights;
  • David talks about the term “Bubba” and what it really means pertaining to firearms;
  • and finally, Weer’d asks Logan Metesh of High Caliber History about how one goes about field stripping an old and unusual gun.

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Show Notes

Main Topic:

  • ...

The following blog is an excerpt from, “The Unique History of the Denali Puppy Cam Sensations” by the National Parks Foundation.

denalinpp_sled-dogs-working_jacob-w-frank_nps Denali Puppy Cam(Jacob W Frank, National Park Service photo)

Anyone who has enjoyed its heartwarming seasonal ...

Sunday, 24 January


Preparedness Notes for Monday — January 25, 2021

by James Wesley Rawles in SurvivalBlog.com at 23:05, Sunday, 24 January

Today is the birthday of celebrated Scottish poet Robert “Bobby” Burns. He was born on January 25, 1759. — An USB stick update: There has been a technical glitch, because we have so much bonus material and almost 40,000 posts and columns lined up for our waterproof 2005-2015 Special 15th Anniversary Archive USB stick. It looks like it might have to be a 32 GB stick! We should have a pre-order announcement by about February 5th. Thanks for your patience. — Fellow blogger Commander Zero of the great Notes From The Bunker blog posted news that his namesake, Edén Pastora — …

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Only One Gun?, by Pat Cascio

by Pat Cascio in SurvivalBlog.com at 23:04, Sunday, 24 January

I get a lot of questions asked of me, all the time, but many of them are really one in the same question, just phrased a little differently. Over my lifetime, I’ve been asked, literally hundreds of times: “What is your favorite gun…?” or, “If you could only own one gun, what would it be…?” and other similar questions from those seeking a truth or “the” truth about firearms. And, I can’t give a pat answer to these questions and no one else can, either. I can only reply based on my own experiences, the facts and my finding over …

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Recipe of the Week: Chicken Hash

by James Wesley Rawles in SurvivalBlog.com at 23:03, Sunday, 24 January

The following recipe for chicken hash is from The New Butterick Cook Book, by Flora Rose, co-head of the School of Home Economics at Cornell University. It was published in 1924. A professional scan of that 724-page out-of-copyright book will be one of the many bonus items included in the next edition of the waterproof SurvivalBlog Archive USB stick. This special 15th Anniversary Edition USB stick should be available for pre-order on or about February 5, 2021. The 14th Edition sold out quickly, so place a reminder in your calendar, if you want one. Ingredients 1-1/2 cup chopped chicken 1 …

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Economics & Investing For Preppers

by James Wesley Rawles in SurvivalBlog.com at 23:02, Sunday, 24 January

Here are the latest news items and commentary on current economics news, market trends, stocks, investing opportunities, and the precious metals markets. We also cover hedges, derivatives, and obscura. Most of these items are from the “tangibles heavy” contrarian perspective of SurvivalBlog’s Founder and Senior Editor, JWR. Today, we look at the ups and downs of the classic car market. (See the Tangibles Investing section.) Precious Metals: First up is this, over at Zero Hedge: Massive Silver Bets as Treasury Wants More Trillions o  o  o Erik Lytikainen: The Gold Bull Market Is Just Getting Started Economy & Finance: National …

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...Yet Reuters has found new evidence that the CDC’s response to the pandemic also was marred by actions – or inaction – by the agency’s career scientists and frontline staff.

At a crucial moment in the pandemic when Americans were quarantined after possible exposure to the virus abroad, the agency declined or resisted potentially valuable opportunities to study whether the disease could be spread by those without symptoms, according to previously undisclosed internal emails, other documents and interviews with key players.

Soon after balking at testing the returnees from Wuhan, the agency delayed testing asymptomatic passengers among 318 evacuees from the Diamond Princess, a contaminated cruise ship in Japan. In addition, the agency failed at that time to make effective use of outside experts and appeared at times unprepared for the crisis on the ground, lacking adequate personal protective gear and ignoring established protocols, Reuters found.

... According to [Dr. Michael Callahan,...

Surely, You Jest

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 18:03, Sunday, 24 January

 I just saw this on Tucker Carlsson and had to take a screen grab.

It appears that Amazon is facing a union vote in Alabama and doesn't want the employees to be able to use mail-in voting.

Surely, you jest.  Amazon doesn't like mail-in voting?

My answer:

100+ years of “public education” has produced the electorate we have today. Too many people can’t reason, have no coherent philosophy, have no knowledge of actual history (only “social justice” history), have been taught that Western Civilization is the root of all evil in the world, etc.

It started in the very early 1900’s,...

 From his American Greatness piece A Party of Faction and Fantasy:

The central fact to appreciate about Donald Trump is that he was elected without the permission, and over the incredulous objections, of the woke oligarchy that governs us. 

Exactly right.  

Also this:

Donald Trump brought peace to the Middle East, Joe Biden brought war to Washington.


 ...than "Loyalty checks" for your military

Third-World status achieved!  Sh!thole status to follow.

You’ll love this.

I’m in my masters class for education (already know where this is going) and Paulo Freire and Myles Horton are mainstays for this class with their book “We make the Road by Walking.” Here is a quote by Freire “Education is not neutral and that by claiming to be neutral, we are technically siding with the powerful.” 
Paulo Friere is best known for his book "Pedagogy of the Oppressed" and is the spiritual founder of "Critical Pedagogy," which is to education what "critical race theory" is to racial healing.  Miles Horton is known for his textbook "Education for Social Change."  As opposed to "education to learn how to read, write, do math, understand science, and think for yourself."


American ThinkerAre the End Times Near?


I believed, and still believe, that every manifestation, every symptom of the sickness of our time, the self-destructive corruption, the lies and hypocrisies and weakness of spirit, the coordinated attack on the institutions and traditions that have sustained Judeo-Christian civilization, the digital surveillance project of billionaire Globaliers -- these must be resisted and fought, for there is no other choice but feckless and dishonorable surrender.

But at the same time, we need to be realistic. We are not doomsayers to acknowledge that civilizations fall...

Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke - "Hell, yes, we're going to take your AR-15, your AK-47."

Here's hoping this post makes it past the Google censors.  

“Much of the social history of the Western world over the past three decades has involved replacing what worked with what sounded good. In area after area – crime, education, housing, race relations – the situation has gotten worse after the bright new theories were put into operation. The amazing thing is that this history of failure and disaster has neither discouraged the social engineers nor discredited them.” ~Thomas Sowell, Is Reality Optional?, 1993
Add nearly three more decades to that record.  
(C)onservatism is not so much based on ideas, but on simply observing what works, and then generalizing from there. - Dr. Robert Godwin
After the preceding ...

But There's No Evidence of Fraud!!!

by Kevin in The Smallest Minority at 17:24, Saturday, 02 January

 I wonder how they're going to move the goalposts this time.

And if you think this happened exclusively in Georgia, I have the title to a bridge in Brooklyn I'll sell you, cheap!


by Kevin in The Smallest Minority at 06:12, Friday, 11 December

In relation to this cartoon, watch this:

The "Great Reset"

by Kevin in The Smallest Minority at 05:45, Friday, 11 December

 The one-worlders are all abuzz about the coming "Great Reset" made possible by the political changes worldwide brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Back in July I wrote Endgame about this Progressive wet-dream.  Down towards the bottom I made some predictions:

If the Democrats win, and they probably will since they'll be cheating as hard as possible, they'll take it as a mandate to really crank up the Progressive agenda, and the millions of us who haven't swallowed that ideology will be their sworn deadly enemies.  They have already weaponized the IRS and the Justice Department against Trump supporters, expect that to be cranked to 11 because the Deep State is deeply Progressive Postmodernist.  There will be a breaking point.  It might not be in 2021, but it...

"If he were still living, he never would have done that."

Dov Fischer in a recent Spectator piece asked the question: "What kind of sore-losing idiot would suspect Democrats of voter fraud?"  He answered:

A remarkably sensible, adequately intelligent, reasonably skeptical idiot — with a graduate degree in American history, who knows what Democrats in this country have done in previous elections.

Democrat election fraud is so prevalent that we make jokes about it, and have for years.  New York's Tammany Hall, Lyndon Johnson's election to S...

Things that Make You Go "Hmmmm."

by Kevin in The Smallest Minority at 11:34, Tuesday, 24 November


THIS is the Kraken

by Kevin in The Smallest Minority at 09:25, Saturday, 21 November


Wow. Just wow. This was the spine the Republicans never had before.

From the archives, a blog post at "Jim's Blog" from April of 2013.  This is just an excerpt.  Read the whole thing.

The Left Singularity:Leftism leads to more ever more leftism, ever faster. If the process was not interrupted by dictatorship, civil war, or social collapse, it would end with everyone torturing each other to death for insufficient leftism, Khmer Rouge style, and the last torturer committing suicide for his failure to inflict infinite torture in finite time.

A State-Broken People

by Kevin in The Smallest Minority at 11:41, Monday, 21 December

Back in 2010, long before he morphed into Col. Nicholson, George F. Will delivered the keynote speech at the Cato Institute's semi-annual Milton Friedman Prize dinner.  I liked it so much, I transcribed it. (Turns out, I didn't need to.  It's on the web in several other places, but....)  I titled my transcription "Learned Feudalism," a phrase Will used in the speech.  On Cato's web page, the speech is titled "Not a State-Broken People," another phrase from the speech.  Here's the pertinent excerpt, but do read the whole thing:

We are not Europeans. We are not, in Orwell’s phrase, a “state‐​broken people.” We do not have a feudal background of subservience to the state. No, that is the project of the current administration — it can be boiled down to learned feudalism. It is a dependency agenda that I have been talking about ad nauseam.

Two recent examples. First, when the government took over student...

Who are You Going to Believe?

by Kevin in The Smallest Minority at 17:56, Monday, 16 November


 He's not wrong.

Spread this around.

Joe Biden: "Buy a Shotgun"

by Kevin in The Smallest Minority at 06:29, Wednesday, 11 November

 ...to investigate election fraud.

They're on the case!!

From his excellent piece Election 2020:  The More Fuckery Update - (Read the whole thing.  Seriously.)

I believe most people on the right already believed that fraud happens in these machine cities, because duh. But I think most of us also believed that our votes still mattered because we could win by beating the margin of lawyer. But after this audacious fuckery? If they can pull off this level of blatant, clumsy, in your face bullshit and get away with it, no amount of regular votes will ever matter again. Even if we overcome Big Tech and the media controlling most information and get more people on our side, they’ll just stop the count when we are too far ahead and make more votes appear until they win. Then the media and Big Tech will declare nothing weird happened. Shut up.

So I can’t say how this is going to go, but none of the ends from this point will be good. At best this marriage goes back to an abusive relationship with irreconcilable differences, and at worst it ends in a murder suicide.



by Kevin in The Smallest Minority at 06:34, Monday, 09 November

I've been going through the stuff I've accumulated over the last 3-4 years, and finally gotten back into reloading.  I discovered that I've got a couple thousand .224" projectiles in various weights, but after loading the 600 prepped .223 cases I had on hand, I ran out.  (BTW, anybody need or want a box of 75 grain Hornady VMax bullets?  They can't be loaded to AR-15 magazine length, and I don't have a bolt gun in any .22 caliber.)

So I went searching last night for more brass.  I prefer to purchase prepped NATO brass - resized, deprimed, swaged, trimmed and polished.  All I have to do then is put in a primer, drop a powder charge and seat a bullet.

Everybody's out, or if they're not, they're quite proud of what they've got left.  I found NATOBrass.com, however, and they had 5,000 in stock.  Now they've got 4,000.

And I've got some loading to do.

Blog Irregularities

by Kevin in The Smallest Minority at 07:03, Monday, 09 November

So I posted a couple items down about election fuckery, and for some reason Blogger doesn't post any older content on the front page.  Hitting the "Older Post" link gets you the older posts like normal.  Not sure what the deal is there, but I'm willing to bet it's in the HTML of that post.  Sorry about that.


Mira Furlan-RIP

by Midwest Chick in Non-Original Rants at 15:20, Sunday, 24 January

 There are only a few folks who read this blog who will know who Mira Furlan is and they will be those who watched Babylon 5 or Lost.  I was not a Lost fan, but I think B5 was one of the best shows on television for its five year arc.  

Mira Furlan, as Ambassador Delenn of the Mimbari, kicked total ass.  One of the best scenes ever from B5 is below.  It was a culmination of a large portion of the story.  My apologies to those who won't understand the context, but I'm hoping that the basassery as well as Ms Furlan's acting ability shows.

POTD: The Drag

by Eric B in The Firearm Blog at 16:30, Sunday, 24 January

POTD: The DragSenior airman Marianique Santos, U.S. Air Force, got an honorable mention in the Combat Training category in the Defense Visual Information Awards 2015 with the photo above. The photo is called “The Drag”, and we see U.S. Army Soldiers from the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, as they carry an injured soldier during a […]

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The post POTD: T...


Women’s Shooting Groups – Good & Bad

by Kathy Jackson in Cornered Cat at 12:38, Sunday, 24 January

Quote: “I am patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it.” – Edith Sitwell

My take: Time for some real talk, here. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and draw up a chair; this might take a minute.


Lately I have been thinking a lot about my time within the firearms training industry.

For those who don’t know: I quietly retired from teaching a couple of years ago, and have kept the website and social media presence going mostly for the good of the order, getting no financial benefit from either at any point over the past several years. Though I still make a tiny bit from book sales, and truly appreciate it when people buy my books and recommend them to others, realistically this is all a labor of love.

Because I no longer draw a paycheck from teaching classes, and because it has been several years since I’ve done so, I’m beginning to realize that I am finally free to say some things that really need to be said — and since I’m neither trying to build a business/brand name nor currentl...

Euroarms Hand Spring Replacement

by Dave Markowitz in Blog O'Stuff at 11:14, Sunday, 24 January

Today I put a new hand spring in my Euroarms Remington. I made it from a bobby pin and then soft soldered it in place, after widening the slot in the hand using a cutoff wheel in my Dremel tool.

Using soft solder will allow me to replace it if this one breaks.

I got the gun back together after much cussing — the hammer spring in it is really strong — and it seems to function ok.

When putting the gun away I noticed I had a small envelope in the box. I opened it up and found a set of spare screws. I must have ordered them at one time but totally forgot about them. Since Euroarms parts are now unobtanium, this was a really nice surprise.

I ...

I saved up from some writing projects to buy a birthday present for myself. I'd mentioned earlier that I wanted to do a project this year where I did a bunch of photography with the little Nikon 1 system.

So I scared up a used Nikon 1 V2 body from KEH and, since candid portraiture of my friends is my favorite kind of photography, I rolled the dice on a low-priced 1 Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 on eBay. The 32mm/1.2 is a very well-reviewed portrait lens and the best piece of glass for the Nikon 1 system.

The camera body arrived from KEH and was exactly what I'd hoped for: Basically f...

Woulda Shoulda Coulda…

by Joel in The Ultimate Answer to Kings at 10:23, Sunday, 24 January

The snow has started right on schedule, probably inaugurating the three days of unpleasant weather promised by the weatherman.

Shame, too, because the past couple of days were very pleasant by January standards. And yesterday I really wanted to go out and shoot my pistol, which I haven’t been doing very much for reasons related to the obvious: Ammo and frickin’ winter.

I didn&#82...

Conservatism’s all-time top blogger, Glenn Reynolds, makes a practice of identifying repetitive memes with a particularly apt and cutting catch-phrase. His associate bloggers, especially Ed Driscoll, have gotten very good at using the same technique.


Related: Biden’s pause on oil cause for big concern in New Mexico.

Good and hard:

https://t.co/bMdThimB42 pic.twitter.com/3grahmtn24

— S...

You, me, Mewe

by Drang in The Clue Meter at 10:20, Sunday, 24 January


No, it won't be this much fun. But you might be able to make an
income out of it.(Yes, another series. This one will be irregular, with posts as I think of things that haven't been beaten to death elsewhere. Plenty of people have written about blacksmithing and such. No need for me to cover it as well.)

One of the first things I seriously wanted to do with my life was to be a radio DJ. WKRP In Cincinnati and the m...


Coming Up From Christie’s

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 07:40, Sunday, 24 January

Lot 19

Depicting a man deep in thought, sitting on the ground with his chin resting on his folded arms, this pre-Columbian terracotta sculpture from Colima in Mexico dates from around 250 AD. The horn protruding from the figure’s head marks him out as a sha...

 Check out this article.  There are a couple of takeaways that I'd like to emphasize by repeating.

Less than 1% of adverse injection reactions, including death, are reported or are reported as having a direct correlation.

The US FDA, the body that now requires Graphic warnings on 50% of a cigarette pack, is not warning pregnant women to not get either the Pfizer or Modera injection.  The only thing they are warning about is 'don't get this if you have an allergy to any ingredient.'  

This is because these injections are not FDA approved.  They are Emergency Use Approved--there's a huge difference.  

The UK is telling women who are pregnant or going to be pregnant to got get the injection.  The FDA has no such warnings, even though these injections have not been tested for safety on pregnant women, children, or the elderly.

Let me repeat this for clarity.  These injections have NOT been tested for safety on p...

Two more tweaks to the blog

by Sailorcurt in Captain of a Crew of One at 08:08, Sunday, 24 January

First, I added an analytics tool.  This is not a third party tool that is going to send your data elsewhere, it is a WP plugin that stores data locally.  There are two new non-essential cookies used by the tool.  Feel free to check out the cookie policy and privacy policy pages for more info.

The second thing I added, is something I’d like some feedback on.

It occurred to me that I tend to use a lot of acronyms and gunny terms that visitors who aren’t experienced gun owners might not be familiar with.  I don’t want to “dumb down” (no offense intended) my posts, so I installed a “glossary” plugin that highlights terms and when you hover over the term, provides a tooltip with a definition.

I’ve only defined a couple of terms so far and before I spend a lot of time setting up terms and writing out definitions, I’d like some feedback.  Is this function obnoxious, or useful?  If it’s obnoxious, I’ll get rid of it.  I really don’t think I get that many non-gunnies on this blog anyway.

My last post has a couple of exampl...


What we are witnessing right now is the final phase of a collapse scenario that was more than a decade in the making, and Biden is about to help finish the job.

Biden will no doubt seek to hyperinflate the dollar in the name of offsetting the losses and keep things afloat for a short time, but the real agenda will be to trigger price spikes in goods as well as eventually killing the dollar altogether. No amount of stimulus will stop the crash that has already been set in motion; the bailout measures from this point on are Kabuki theater, a show put on for the masses to make us believe that the government and the banks “did everything they could” to save us. The elites have no intention of stalling or stopping the collapse; their “great reset” demands it.

One’s initial assumption would be that Biden would then take the blame for the economic crisis, but it appears that the establishment is going to set up a Herbert Hoover narrative and lay all the blame squarely on Trump and conservatives. In the past I have noted that Trump’...

Sunday Smithery has occurred.

by Tam in View From The Porch at 06:08, Sunday, 24 January

There's a new Sunday Smith up at The Arms Room blog: a 1948-production .38/.32 Terrier.

So someone won the Billion dollar lotto

by Borepatch in Borepatch at 05:19, Sunday, 24 January

I think I know who it was.


Sunday Smith #69: .38/.32 Terrier, 1948

by Tam in The Arms Room at 05:58, Sunday, 24 January

Smith & Wesson's small "I-frame" revolvers had their genesis in the first swing-out cylinder revolver the manufacturer offered, the .32 Hand Ejector Model of 1896. These were supplanted in the catalog by the .32 Hand Ejector Model of 1903, which incorporated advancements from Smith's original 1899-vintage .38 Hand Ejectors, such as moving the cylinder stop to the bottom of the window, adding a second lockup point for the cylinder assembly on the front of the ejector rod, and relocating the cylinder release to a thumb-operated latch on the side of the frame. All these changes are still in use on S&W revolvers nearly one and a quarter centuries later.


 The 1911 has a lot of flat metal.  Engraving purty designs on guns predates 1911 by centuries.  But gunsmiths and gunnies are a conservative lot, so they commonly stick to the classic designs when engraving their pistols.  Which predates 1911 by millennia.  Scrolls and S's and C's.

What Will John Roberts Do?

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 04:45, Sunday, 24 January

 As I understand the kabuki theater that has become the Congress, soon we will be treated to the drama of yet another impeachment trial that has no chance of arriving at conviction.

As I understand the process (and I am not an attorney, although I do have  a working knowledge of the English language), the only penalty is removal from office, and n this case, the defendant is not a public officer of the United States.  Hence, he is a private citizen and cannot be removed from office.

Alan Dershowitz, a noted constitutional scholar, says that the Senate lacks jurisdiction in this case.

So, the question is: What will John Roberts do?  Will he shatter the dignity of the US Supreme Court by participating in this farce, or will he follow the plain language of the Constitution?

This may be interesting to watch.

Ammo Search Tool

by Sailorcurt in Captain of a Crew of One at 06:20, Sunday, 24 January

In case anyone’s been living in a cave to wait out the demopocalypse, here’s some news: There’s an ammo shortage right now.

As a long time gun owner who’s been through this before, and a reloader to boot, I’m OK on ammo for every gun I had before the shortage began. I don’t have “enough”. I’m not sure there is an “enough”, but I can get by…with one exception:

Back in, oh, mid 2019, I stumbled across a deal on a 6.8spc BCG that I couldn’t pass up. I’ve wanted a rifle in 6.8spc for a while now. Since then I’ve been collecting parts here and there until finally, about November of last year I got it finished…and of course couldn’t find anything to feed it.

I found bullets. I found suitable powder. I have primers (good thing because those are made of unobtanium right now). But I can’t seem to find brass anywhere. I’ve got some on backorder.

So, every now and again, I go online just to see if I can find anything, anything at all, that I can feed the beast.

About a week ago I stumbled across this site...

Back and angry – today’s Tommy in DC

by TPOL Nathan in The Price of Liberty at 04:55, Sunday, 24 January

Readers are probably familiar with Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “Tommy.” Although a chauvinist, imperialist, and claimed-to-be-racist warmonger, Kipling had a way with words, and was a keen observer.

I thought of that poem (reprinted below) as I read of how many National Guard troops were treated by the staff of the thugs that “represent” us and our States in DC on Thursday. One Guardsman is reported to have said, “Yesterday dozens of senators and congressmen walked down our lines taking photos, shaking our hands, and thanking us for our service. Within 24 hours, they had no further ruse for us and banished us to the corner of a parking garage. We feel incredibly betrayed.”

Shocking? I guess, but NOT unexpected. American politicians and “leaders” have virtually ALWAYS treated serving American soldiers (sailors, Marines, airmen, Coastguardsmen, and now guardians) like dirt beneath their feet.

This time, it was injury added to insult: the demand by Congress (I understand this originated with the corrupt High Chan...


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