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 National Covid Deaths:

Aug. 3, 668 deaths; 7-day average 414.  Definitely rising but better than it has been for many months.

Idaho Covid Deaths:


“ATF properly refused to confirm or deny the existence of such records,” he insisted. “Confirming or denying the existence of such records, including law enforcement records … would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy …” [More]

The official Biden DOJ position is this is none of our business.

The Friends of My Enemies

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 16:14, Wednesday, 04 August

 I just don't have time tonight to look into this, but this business of "Republicans" Brian Stewart and Bob Peterson being bankrolled by Soros/Steyer needs a serious looking into. [More]

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Face It, We're Just No Damn Good

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 16:06, Wednesday, 04 August

University’s anti-racism workshop teaches deans to ‘accept white inferiority’ [More]

They need to bear the same stigma as gun owners.

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Inconvenient Truths

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 16:00, Wednesday, 04 August

 1619 Project, Touted as Racial Reckoning, Ignores Democratic Party Racism [More]

Maybe that's because it's really about something else.

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The Best Laid Schemes

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 15:57, Wednesday, 04 August

 Jefferson County parks & rec district drops concealed carry ban effort after ‘numerous’ public comments [More]

Good on the sheriff for speaking out against it.

I'm thinking there may have been one or two private comments as well.

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Patsys Wanted: Inquire Within

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 15:48, Wednesday, 04 August

 It's required to ask at the outset of leftists' 1/6 'Truth Commission': How much of what led to Donald Trump supporters 'storming the capitol' was a setup? [More]

Provocateurs and low-hanging fruit? Oh, go on. When have they ever tried that?

Anybody ever get an answer about magnetic locks?

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Generally Speaking

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 15:07, Wednesday, 04 August


And one general attorney...

 The two Americas: Collectivists vs. individualists [More]

I seem to recall hearing something similar along these lines a while ago...

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 Police Recruiting Ad Lists "Qualified Immunity" as "Unique [Job] Benefit" [More]

Just say it's "standard protocol" and you can get away with murder!

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Henry All Weather Picatinny RailNew this year from Henry USA is an updated version of their All-Weather lever action rifle, now featuring a side-gate loading option and an extended Picatinny rail with a fully adjustable peep sight. In this article we’ll take a closer look at the updated Henry All-Weather Picatinny Rail .45-70 Side Gate lever action rifle. Henry Reviews […]

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POTD: Accuracy International in Ejército de Tierra

by Eric B in The Firearm Blog at 16:30, Wednesday, 04 August

POTD: Accuracy International in Ejército de TierraDo you love photography? Without images TFB would not be the same. TFB has been running our very special Photo Of The Day series for years, sharing great photos from around the world and the world of firearms onto the screen you’re looking at right now. Today we have various rifles from Accuracy International, including their AWM […]

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The p...

Frontier ScoutThis week on Wheelgun Wednesday I am delving into a good old Colt. It feels odd to me to think that this will be my second Colt-related Wheelgun Wednesday and I only own one Colt. The one I have and did an article on is the Colt Police Positive Special. This time around I had the chance […]

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There are a lot of terms that are regional.  

A knit cap can be a ski cap, stocking cap, a touque, or a toboggan depending where in the US you are, for example.  In my experience, Pennsylvania has the weirdest terms for common objects:  gummies, bubblers, macadam (rubber bands, water fountains, and rock and chip roads, FYI).

Regardless, I thought that a wake vs a visitation was either a regional thing (where I'm from they are visitations as they were down south in a bunch of places) or a religious thing (Catholics and Lutherans had wakes, Protestants had visitations).

Turns out I was wrong on both counts:  a wake is with the deceased there and an open casket; a visitation may or may not have the deceased on site.  If the deceased is there,  either there's a closed casket or cremated remains in an urn.

Not sure it makes a difference, but now I know.


by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 14:02, Wednesday, 04 August

 I've been sleeping with a CPAP mask sine ~ 2005 and occasionally, there is an issue.  Once suchcropped up last night when my mask broke.  So, I went to my Doc, looking fora mask and came home with a ResMed AirFit N20 Nasal Mask, #63502.

Not that anybody cares, but I use this blog for this sort of thing, so I can remember what I got, and when I got it.

The Wrong Man

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 14:51, Wednesday, 04 August

 Former ATF Colleagues Write Letter Opposing Biden Director Nominee: ‘Wrong Man for the Job’ [More]

Fine and good, he's an unqualified dick, but I'm more interested in the agents who say he's a fraud.

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The People Have Spoken

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 14:46, Wednesday, 04 August

 Background checks related to handgun sales increased over 2,300% during July [More]

Because, as the grabbers continually remind us, Americans want more gun controls.

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Streamlining the Controls

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 14:43, Wednesday, 04 August

 The new law streamlines the FOID card system, allowing Illinois State Police to create electronic records. [More]

They say that like it's a good thing.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around fingerprinting being a victory.

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Ask the Experts

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 13:22, Wednesday, 04 August

Experts urge Congress to focus on domestic terrorism fight [More]

Expert liars...

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 The Delta Variant Could End The Chinese Communist Party [More]

To paraphrase Stalin when warned about the Pope...

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 The Epidemic of Military Sexual Assault [More]

This doesn't serve the "women warriors" meme very well.

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Identifying the Problem

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 13:10, Wednesday, 04 August

 Rep. Nancy Mace cleverly gets fleeing TX Dem to recognize ID necessity in daily life [More]

The problem is that those who would disenfranchise the rest of us are liars and that those who will not think it through are foolish cultists.

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Learn to Speak Bidenese

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 09:44, Wednesday, 04 August

HT: Bernie Sanders (not the communist one).

… Folks, the bad dream is NOT over

by TPOL Nathan in The Price of Liberty at 11:01, Wednesday, 04 August

Yesterday (3 AUG 2021) I looked at the perhaps unexpected robustness of the Fifty States. Our society, economy, and political system have survived the last year and a half. Read that here.


“The bad dream is over.” That is what we were told, wasn’t it? Back in January? All the rhetoric of Inauguration Day about how (to paraphrase) our national nightmare was. over. Despite the “flight” of The Donald into exile in Florida. Despite the massive witch hunt since then, of the “insurrectionists.” Despite the relative lack of mass violence in the Fifty States’ capitals and in DC. (Except for Seattle and Portland (which are NOT State capitals). Despite the apparent fact that AntiFa does NOT want Uncle Joe to be massa. (Who’d have thought it?) Despite the vomiting forth of imperial decrees. Not just from Uncle Joe, but from many of the tyrannical State rulers: Empresses and kings and more. Despite the failure of our economy and society to collapse.

But the nightmare is NOT ove...

 Pandemic driving gun, ammo sales, police and firearm instructors being left high and dry [More]

If it diminishes "blue state" disarmament enforcement capabilities, what's the problem?

I question the correlation/causation presumption here. I think the demand has more to do with Americans seeing how Democrat rule is making everything more dangerous.

[Via bondmen...

Deer Departed

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:26, Wednesday, 04 August

 St. Petersburg police said a warrant was issued for Benjamin Robert Williams, 38, aka “Bambi.” [More]

Sounds more like Thumper...

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John Fawcett works on Larry Kudlow’s show on Fox Business Network and is now suing Fox claiming he was sexually harassed by Napolitano. He said the on-air personality stroked his arm and made suggestive comments to him while they were on an elevator together. [More]
Sounds like the judge did something, but it also sounds like Fawcett is a "progressive" extortionist looking for a payday.

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No 'One-Size-Fits-All' Solution?

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:25, Wednesday, 04 August

 Missouri governor pardons lawyer couple who pointed guns at social justice demonstrators who marched past their home. [More]

That's a pretty nuanced way for an AP "reporter" to refer to unruly and destructive Marxist trespassers.

Hey, I thought those were fair game to shoot and then maintain anonymity over...

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Won't You Be My Neighbor?

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:54, Wednesday, 04 August


"It" could never happen here, right?

I see stuff like this and I keep coming back to the story in Exodus where Moses goes up to the mountain and when he comes back, the idiots have fashioned a golden calf. That always baffled me as a child, thinking they'd seen the plagues of Egypt, the parting of the Red Sea, manna from Heaven... and I was thinking that such forgetfulness and ingratitude just didn't ring true with the way people behave in real life.

Show you how sheltered I was -- or at least the type of values my parents made sure I was immersed in.

Then we see their latter-day counterparts who have seen the miracle that is -- or was -- this country, with so much right in spite of all the wrong that the rest of the world wants to come here for all the benefits our way of life has produced-- and they all want thos...

Gosar Visits Department of Justice and D.C. Detention Center to Demand Answers Regarding Political Prisoners [More]

That's exactly what they are.

In America.

And the "good Germans" approve.

[Via Henry Bowman]

Back by Popular Demand

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:30, Wednesday, 04 August

Florida poll: DeSantis falls behind Crist as COVID-19 cases surge [More]

Crist being such a man of "principle" and all...

On ALL things...

gun thefts from vehicles-lock your carThe Walton County Sheriff’s Office recently took to their Facebook page to inform the public of gun thefts and to share their disgust regarding people leaving unattended guns in unlocked cars. In less than a week’s time, they took seven reports of vehicular burglaries in which seven guns were stolen, and all of the vehicles […]

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Final Shooting Sports Results from Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

by Giorgio O in The Firearm Blog at 10:00, Wednesday, 04 August

Last week we had a look at the results from the first shooting competitions at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Now we can wrap up this overview with 25m Pistol, 50m Rifle 3 Positions, and Trap. Olympic Games @ TFB: USA Olympic Shooting Team to Use Federal Shotgun Ammunition IPSC Practical Shooting one step closer to […]

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Mexico May Have Chosen Poorly

by Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger in The Zelman Partisans at 09:56, Wednesday, 04 August

This should be interesting.

Mexico sues US gun manufacturers over arms trafficking toll
The Mexican government sued United States gun manufacturers and distributors Wednesday in U.S. federal court, arguing that their negligent and illegal commercial practices have unleashed tremendous bloodshed in Mexico.

The unusual lawsuit was filed in U.S. federal court in Boston. Among those being sued are some of the biggest names in guns, including: Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc.; Barret Firearms Manufacturing, Inc.; Beretta U.S.A. Corp.; Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC, and Glock Inc. Another defendant is Interstate Arms, a Boston-area wholesaler that sells guns from all but one of the named manufacturers to dealers around the U.S.

It appears some of those outfits being sued are suppliers for the Mexican army and police. I suggest those manufacturers go all Ronn...


New York’s licensing requirements criminalize the exercise of the fundamental Second Amendment right, with rare exception. As a result, each year, we represent hundreds of indigent people whom New York criminally charges for exercising their right to keep and bear arms. For our clients, New York’s licensing regime renders the Second Amendment a legal fiction. Worse, virtually all our clients whom New York prosecutes for exercising their Second Amendment right are Black or Hispanic. And that is no accident. New York enacted its firearm licensing requirements to criminalize gun ownership by racial and ethnic minorities. That remains the effect of its enforcement by police and prosecutors today.

July 2021
[Via Damon Root.

It is somewhat disturbing that pointing out that the demographics of ...

Don't Be Stupid

by Clayton Cramer in Clayton Cramer. at 08:08, Wednesday, 04 August

 7/28/21 Washington Post:

A former police officer accused of participating in the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol will be held in jail until trial because he has been dangerously and illegally stockpiling guns, a federal judge ruled.


Conrad Wise Chapman, “Submarine Torpedo Boat H.L.Hunley, Dec. 6,1863, American Civil War Museum, Richmond.

The Civil War Picket reports that scientists at a Clemson University Conservation Center have learned a great deal about the clothing and personal effects of Captain George E. Dixon and the rest of the 8-man crew of the C.S.S. Hunley. Dixon was evidently well-to-do and a sharp dresser, wearing a cashmere coat on that fatal evening.

On Feb. 17,...

Teachers and mandates

by Midwest Chick in Non-Original Rants at 06:43, Wednesday, 04 August

 Well, the American Federation of Teachers is willing to mandate just about everything under the sun except for covid injections.  They dig masks, they like online learning, and it seems that they enjoy turning their students into little racists by pushing Critical Race Theory.  But their line is drawn at mandatory injections--they're all for them, but only if they are negotiated first.

Several unions have come out against mandatory injections, which is good.  They have a lot more clout with the Biden Administration that the rest of us do.  Let's sit back and see what happens.

Today's Numbers

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 08:47, Wednesday, 04 August

 Rapides Regional has posted their Covid numbers for today.

It appears that in the past 24 hours, two lucky souls are out of the hospital.  That's good news, and the overall number has gone down.  That isn't a trend, but it is good news.


by Mas in at 06:00, Wednesday, 04 August


“Jungle Carbine” – the Lee Enfield No5 MkI Rifle

by Ian McCollum in Forgotten Weapons at 06:27, Wednesday, 04 August

Today I am concluding our series on the standard-issue Lee Enfield system with the No5 MkI – the “jungle carbine”. Developed in 1943 as a shorter and handier pattenr of rifle than the No4, the carbine went into production in 1944 and saw use during World War Two. It featured a number of lightening cuts, as well as a shortened barrel, conical flash hider, side-mounted sling, 800-yard sights, and rubber buttpad. Unfortunately, the No5 was beset by a problem of “wandering zero”. A significant number of the rifles failed to properly hold zero when they were widely issued. The problem was never fully resolved, but appears to have been the result of receiver flex due to the lightening cuts. Efforts to fix it were essentially abandoned, as it was recognized that a new self-loading rifle was going to be adopted soon, and it would be a waste of time and money to continue developm...

SIG SAUER has announced their support of the NSSF's +ONE initiative for National Shooting Sports Month 2021 in August.The National Shooting Sports Foundation, or NSSF, is the firearm industry’s principal trade association in the US. Founded in 1961, the organization exists to help promote, protect, and advocate for shooting sports, as well as the various companies and other groups under this umbrella. The NSSF is responsible for some of the industry’s key initiatives, […]

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New Optic Ready Holster Options from 1791 Gunleather

by Luke C. in The Firearm Blog at 07:00, Wednesday, 04 August

New Optic Ready Holster Options from 1791 GunleatherWith the increasing popularity and availability of optic-ready concealed carry options, many companies have started to work to accommodate the new style of carrying. 1791 Gunleather has announced that they will be introducing a new lineup of Optic Ready Holster options that will cover a good majority of their current lineup. The new Optic Ready […]

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RCBS Introduces the New ChargeMaster Supreme Powder DispenserI was recently able to attend an event where representatives from RCBS brought out some of their newest reloading products for us to try out during our stay. One such item was the RCBS Chargemaster Supreme which is replacing the ChargeMaster 1500 Combo pack normally sold by RCBS. The new powder dispenser boasts Bluetooth compatibility […]

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Lack of Practice Makes Imperfect

by Tam in View From The Porch at 05:27, Wednesday, 04 August

The lower A-zone was trying to push a little bit of speed, and the results of not shooting much meant my recoil control was terrible. You can't dry-fire that, sadly.


Well I dun wanna be dead, so tell me how to avoid it!

Looks like hot jungle backlot action, too.

The lesson "Listen to chatty Tojo soldiers for helpful tips and tricks."  

  • Carelessness bad
  • Skylighting bad
  • Breaking concealment for more concealment is suboptimal
  • Predictability bad

Well, poop.  That'd only be helpful if we went to war with Japan again.  I don't think we can step into that same river twice.  

The Problem With Numbers

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 05:48, Wednesday, 04 August

 There is no doubt that the US in general and Louisiana in particular is in the midst of a Covid surge.

On Monday, our Governor imposed a statewide mask mandate that takes effect today. During the press conference, he trotted out some medical directors who talked about the challenges they face trying to treat patients in the midst of this surge.  One Doc said that her hospital was so overwhelmed with Covid patients that they are unable to adequately care for all the patients under their care.

Another Doc said that his hospital had seen a 300% increase in Covid over the past few weeks.  Which caused me to wonder?  What does that mean?  If he had one Covid patient last week, and he has three Covid patients this week, that is a 300% increase, but it doesn't mean he is in a disaster.  It means that we need more context beyond a percentage.

There is no argument that Covid is a real thing.  There is also no argument that this pandemic has been heavily pol...


Preparedness Notes for Wednesday — August 4, 2021

by James Wesley Rawles in at 00:05, Wednesday, 04 August

On August 4th, 1944, 15-year-old Jewish diarist Anne Frank and her family were captured by the Nazi Gestapo. The Franks had taken shelter in a small space in a sealed-off area of an Amsterdam warehouse along with another Jewish family and a single Jewish man. They were aided by Christian friends who brought them food and supplies. Her diary survived the war, overlooked by the Gestapo, but Anne and nearly all of the others perished in the Nazi death camps. — Two of my recent gun auctions at ended very satisfactorily. But oddly, the third one got no bids. …

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Money, Finances and Preparedness, by Mr. Zipph

by SurvivalBlog Contributor in at 00:03, Wednesday, 04 August

As an executive with a multi-billion financial institution, I am a financial insider (boo, hiss). I also believe in preparedness. I believe that I have some insights into the money side of preparedness that you might want to consider. I will not delve too deeply into the fragile nature of the global financial system, but I will share my biggest concerns without going into detail: • The fractional reserve banking system allows your bank to create money out of thin air • The central banks of the world are creating unprecedented amounts of money out of thin air • Fiat …

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SurvivalBlog Readers’ & Editors’ Snippets

by James Wesley Rawles in at 00:02, Wednesday, 04 August

This weekly column is a collection of short snippets: practical self-sufficiency items, how-tos, lessons learned, tips and tricks, and news items — both from readers and from SurvivalBlog’s editors. We may select some long e-mails for posting as separate letters. We’ll start out today’s column with this:  Pompeo Says ‘Collapse From Within Is Possible’ In Dark Vision Of Nation’s Potential Future. (Thanks to Reader A.K. for the link.) o  o  o Avalanche Lily pointed me to a brief “must read” essay, over at NC Renegades: Bad Things Are Coming! Nothing Is Going To Stop It Now! o  o  o In …

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The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

by James Wesley Rawles in at 00:01, Wednesday, 04 August

“Bitcoin is not an actual physical coin, and if computers are shut down, you can’t buy or sell them. That’s why nothing will ever replace gold and silver coins themselves, and all investors should have them at home or in a safe deposit box.” – Mark Skousen

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“We are only going to make things we want to eat.” That is our mantra in The WON test kitchen. And this wild blackberry coffee cake, we definitely enjoyed eating …

I found inspiration for this recipe from a website called Yummiest Food; this concoction lives up to the site’s moniker. A hot and sweaty summer morning spent combing the brambles for wild blackberries yielded a gallon-sized bag nearly filled with nature’s bounty. After a quick wash (of the blackberries, to be specific), I was ready to make something stupidly good but not-so-good-for-you.

Growing up we had a dog, named Lucy, who picked and ate wild blackberries (Editor’s note: Perhaps it might be better described as “she licked and ate blackberries.”). While she never shared her coveted loot, I’m willing to share this tastiest of recipes with you. I think this cake makes for a wonderful way to treat yourself after a steamy summer morning spent in the outd...

Tuesday, 03 August


Eagle Scout fundraiser

by Joe in The View From North Central Idaho at 22:05, Tuesday, 03 August

The daughter of a long time Boomershooter has a daughter working on her Eagle Scout project and needs some money to complete it.

Here is her GoFundMe pitch:

Hello, everyone! My name is Elysia, and I’m a Scout from Troop 498. I want to be the first female Scout from my Troop.

For my Eagle Project, I want to build a eagle-perching pole on Eagle Island in Eagle Lake. A previous Eagle Scout put a pole on the island for our local eagles to perch on. It was there for many years, but it was made from a fallen tree, and eventually it rotted, and it fell during a winter wind storm. The community has wanted to replace it with something better, but there are a lot of projects they want to do, and not a lot of people that want to take charge. They were very happy when I said I wanted to do this!

My plan is to get a 35-foot aluminum flagpole and mount it in a concrete foundation on the island. At the top, I will put a lightweight triangular perching structure to replace the usual ball at the top of the flagpole. I will build the perching structure out of aluminum pipe and alum...


While in the US and Europe, Glocks are often considered to be reasonably priced workhorses, in some other countries, having a Glock is a luxury and a sign of wealth and opulence. For example, in certain parts of Iraq, a Gen 5 Glock 19 retails for around $4000, but even that is not the most […]

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 Lindsay Graham came up symptomatic positive for the WuFlu after spending some time on Sen Manchin's houseboat with a bunch of other Dems (I'm guessing we can technically put him in that particular cohort considering his actions).  Of course he's totally 'vaccinated', just like the folks in the White House and the Fleebagging Texas Dems.

And they keep saying that the unwashed masses are the problem??

Moving Target

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 14:04, Tuesday, 03 August

We have a shooter who surprised me today with a new target for the wax bullet range.  This thing should be a lot of fun at our matches, as a side-match, or a fun match.

It doesn't move fast, but we have enough trouble hitting targets that stand still.

He Who Must Be Heeded

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 13:09, Tuesday, 03 August

 Scientific Journal Paper Suggests Making It A ‘Federal Hate Crime’ To Criticize Fauci [More]

Time to close another gun "loophole"!

Am I wrong to suspect a revenge motive for all those "pantsings" in high school?

[Via Roger J]

Harder for Who?

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 13:47, Tuesday, 03 August

It Just Got Harder for Law-Abiding Citizens to Buy a Gun in Colorado [More]

Now ask about law-breaking citizens (and non-citizens). 

I do wish writers would think about it before beginning sentences like "The 2nd Amendment allows..."

[Via Michael G]

Touching a Soros Spot

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 13:38, Tuesday, 03 August

 The progressive attorneys took office in January 2020 after Soros spent more than $2 million supporting their campaigns. All three have since implemented lenient law enforcement policies, decisions that have coincided with a rise in crime. [More]

Disregard that the rise happened after Dems took over and imposed all those "commonsense gun safety laws."

The important thing here is to attack Virginians for Safer Communities as racists/anti-Semites.

[Via Michael G]

POTD: Black Swan 21 Exercise

by Eric B in The Firearm Blog at 16:30, Tuesday, 03 August

black swanEver since photography was invented in the early 1800s, it has been a medium of almost limitless possibilities. From the beginning, the availability was extremely limited until today where most people have at least one smartphone or camera to capture what’s going on around. Here at TFB, we’ve been running our Photo Of The Day for […]

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Stoeger LugerHello and welcome back to another edition of The Rimfire Report! This ongoing series is all about the rimfire world and its various firearms, ammunition, and trends. This week I am at the helm and filling in for your usual host Luke C. Thankfully, recently I had the opportunity to get to know and research an oldie […]

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Ashli Babbit

in Of Arms and the Law at 12:55, Tuesday, 03 August

One gun homicide the mass media seems to be ignoring... But Judicial Watch is getting the documents. It seems that her husband was notified at 3"45 PM on January 8, and the DC Medical Examiner ordered her body cremated, which was done sometime before 7:13 PM the same day. The document is p. 372 of the linked pdf, The name and all information about the person requesting cremation are redacted, but at 7:13 the "Transaction was completed successfully."

Security Smorgasbord, vol. 13 no. 4

by Borepatch in Borepatch at 12:10, Tuesday, 03 August

This Security Smorgasbord now has more snark!

Congress catches up to Borepatch from 2009, holds hearings on Power Grid security:

The lack of adequate security features in critical electrical grid equipment - including high-power transformers - that's made in other nations poses a serious U.S. cybersecurity threat, according to federal officials who testified at a Congressional hearing this week. Supply chain vulnerabilities could result in a grid ...

Don’t get too excited about our society’s (or societies’) ability to survive all that much longer – at least as measured by history. Yes, it is amazing that we have gone this far, but it probably won’t last. Let’s see what we’ve survived so far, and then why we COULD go downhill quickly.

Rome did not collapse in a single day. Nor did the Ancient Regime of France, nor Czarist Russia. They didn’t even collapse in a month – no matter what the high school history books say. Indeed, it was a rather long drawn-out process that took years.

On the other hand, the more socialist and repressive regimes (and societies) seem to have far faster death spirals. Sometimes measured in mere weeks or days: Soviet Russia comes to mind, but so does both the Kaiserreich (Imperial Germany) and National Socialist Germany and Communist (East) Germany. History is filled with examples, both ancient and modern. From the neo-Chaldean (Babylonian, falling to Medo-Persian Empire) to several “modern” Third World systems in the last decade.

(I am not saying that Rome (in various fo...

Well, Moms DID Demand ACTION...

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:33, Tuesday, 03 August

 Oh boy. Looks like one of Moms Demand Action’s buddies gave the action they demanded, but it wasn’t consensual... [More]

Letitia going after Fredo's big brother means she thinks she has the goods to depose him and signals a move of the state even further to the left. The question remains: What does he (or his handlers) have on her and is this in their interests?

This is fascinating -- like watching a fight between a rat and a snake.

Well THERE'S a Surprise

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:48, Tuesday, 03 August

The first and most immediate threat is in Guilford County, where a newly elected Democrat majority... [More]

Need I copy/paste more?

Doing What He Does Best

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:41, Tuesday, 03 August

 Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson continues to shift blame for problems literally in his own back yard [More]

What does this boob being in power tell us about the majority of Cleveland voters?

Pistol Compensator: Clash of the Carry Comp

by Travis Pike in Recoil at 12:54, Tuesday, 03 August


Inside a British Home Guard Browning M1917 Parts Identification BookletDuring the Second World War, Britain’s volunteer militia, the Home Guard, were extensively issued with American .30 calibre Browning M1917 machine guns. These water-cool medium machine guns contributed significant firepower to the Home Guard fighting units. They began to enter service in late 1940 and by November 1942 there were some 6,330 in service. For […]

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New KILO5K Rangefinder Announced by SIG SAUER

by Will P in The Firearm Blog at 10:00, Tuesday, 03 August

SIG SAUER Electro-Optics has announced a new series of rangefinders with the release of their new KILO5K monocular.While SIG SAUER may be best known for their firearms, they offer a robust line of optics as well. SIG’s Electro-Optics division offers dozens of products including everything from riflescopes and red dots to weaponlights and lasers, prism scopes, standalone magnifiers, thermal sights, and more. One of their successful categories in recent years has been […]

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The FBI needs to go away. It should happen in an orderly and thoughtful process, over a period of months. Congress should authorize and create an investigative division in the U.S. Marshals Service and open applications for law enforcement officer seeking to be rigorously screened, vetted and then accessed into the new organization. Similar action was taken before in the very creation of the FBI. It is now time to clean house and restore the public’s trust in the “premier investigative agency” of federal law enforcement.

Chris Farrell
July 28, 2021
Disband the FBI
[About 99% of the Federal government needs to go away to be operating with the limits set by the U.S. Constitution. So the FBI is just a tiny snowflake at the tip of the iceberg.

And if you think about it a little bit you realize the bigger issue is all the Federal laws the FBI enforces. The laws need to be eliminated first or at least concurrently with the FBI. If they didn’t have laws to enforce their “teeth” would be essentially pulled and be mostly irrelevant.

The FBI was once ext...

Range Day Yesterday

by Tam in View From The Porch at 06:13, Tuesday, 03 August

Lovely weather yesterday for an outdoor range day at Marion County Fish & Game. I got there shortly after ten AM and at that hour you have to stand back behind the 20 yard line in the bays if you want to shoot in the shade. So if, like me, you are too lazy to set up target stands and don't want to stand in the sun, you get used to shooting steel plates from twenty some-odd yards. It's good for trigger control.

It had been a while since I'd run a full-sized steel 1911 in .45AARP, but it felt like old home week and the hits on the plates were stupid easy. A useful sight picture and a good trigger made the Emissary as easy ...

"Lived Experience"

by Clayton Cramer in Clayton Cramer. at 07:30, Tuesday, 03 August

 This is one of those phrases out of the critical racism theory cult.  It means that my personal experience (which is subjective, perhaps improved by trauma or intentional exaggeration to meet the needs of the moment) take precedence over any objective measurements (what is the race distribution of people killed by police officers?)  My "lived experience" trumps data, logic, everything.

My "lived experience" is that growing up poor and white was hard.  I went to school with black kids from middle class homes that I could only envy.  I experienced a robbery that in my perception (all that matters, right?) was driven by race, and relied on race (robber pointing to three much older and larger blacks and identifying them as "my brothers" to insure compliance) to make it happen.  In the 1970s, I saw a lot of racism in hiring.  (I was an employment agent.)  My lived experience has been that hard work and character  are rewarded with family stability and wealth.

That's my "lived experience": if you disagree, you are a racist.


[Ed: This is the first article I wrote for DRGO, published June 16, 2014. Remarkably, republishing it now is as relevant as it was then, as Dr. Murthy has become not only the 19th but also the 21st Surgeon General of the United States. Fortunately, he hasn’t yet joined in the left’s pogrom against guns […]

Feature, not a bug

by Midwest Chick in Non-Original Rants at 06:19, Tuesday, 03 August

 Looks like Pfizer and Moderna are going to be raising the price of their injections due to changes they're having to make due to variants (and probably due to deadly side-effects but that's my opinion).

Just in time for all of those boosters....

More tax dollars to be thrown down the garbage chute.

My shocked face has asked for a week off due to overuse.


by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 07:27, Tuesday, 03 August

 It seems that there is another variant of the Wu-Flu coming.  First identified in Peru, it is spreading across South America.  The Lambda variant, and it appears to be resistant to the Covid vaccine.

The Lambda variant of the coronavirus, first identified in Peru and now spreading in South America, is highly infectious and more resistant to vaccines than the original version of the virus the emerged from Wuhan, China

Oh, joy! 

Portland, Ore., Can’t Find Police for Unit to Fight Rising Murder Rate - Few volunteer for new gun-violence team that comes with more oversight and a mission to combat racism after a history of profiling [More]

Hey, they're not crazy.

What better indicator of where the problems arise?

[Via bondmen]

The Price of Freedom is now out in US cinemas with a UK date to be announced [More]

Help me find where? My editor at Firearms News asked me to review it.

I've been to their site and when I try to find it from their links, it's only listed in four states and it's no longer playing in any of the theaters listed. Theater dates appear to have been limited to a few days in June. 

I even sent them this via Facebook Message:

A Novel Idea

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:59, Tuesday, 03 August

There is no variant… not novel… no pandemic. [Watch]

I've been asked what I think about the credibility of this. It sounds sensible, but I am wholly unqualified to validate the claims with an informed opinion.

FWIW, Reuters' unidentified "Fact Check Team" doesn't like him, so there's that, but they seem to be focused on distracting from larger issues by splitting hairs.

Anybody else getting the feeling that the men behind the curtain know if the truth ever becomes widely known, their jig will be up? And hence all the energy spent on silencing any deviations from the narrative from those whose strings they pull...?

[Via ...

Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 06:45, Tuesday, 03 August

 Shake Shack founder says his other restaurants will require COVID-19 vaccine for customers, employees [More]

So the #1 fatal health problem in this country isn't heart disease...?

What is this, a revenge move for getting caught trying to be parasites? Even though they figured out another way?

Anybody know how the lawsuit is going?

But what's any of this have to do with guns?

According to...

A Public/Private Partnership

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:47, Tuesday, 03 August

 Dr. Shiva discovered that Twitter built a special portal offered to certain governmental entities so that government officials can flag and delete content they dislike for any reason, as part of what they call their “Twitter Partner Status.” [More]

If so, how is this not a deliberate (and fascist in the real sense of the term) criminal First Amendment-suppression conspiracy and RICO violation, with probable FEC violations?

It also raises the question of why we have to learn of it via #justablogger...

[Via Michael G]

 Then, Officer Kevin Perez kicks Crudup in the head. Later, slamming his head to the ground. “When we saw that kick to the head, and then we replayed it and we saw all the other kicks that preceded it. It was unfathomable. Unspeakable. Inexcusable, “ Miami-Dade County State’s Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said. Fernandez Rundle said body camera footage shows Sgt. Jose Perez kick a handcuffed Crudup three times, while Officer Kevin Perez kicked Crudup at least four times. [More]

It's clear this is not just "a few bad apples" and is, in fact, SOP.

[Via bondm...

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 06:40, Tuesday, 03 August

Shocker: Nearly 90 Percent Of Illegal Immigrants Let In By Biden Have Refused To Report To ICE As Required [More]


I rest my damn case.

Good thing this has nothing to do with that "single issue."

"Weeds" my ...eye, but consider the source...

 He’s the third law enforcement officer who responded to the Jan. 6 incident to take his own life. [More]

Seriously, what are the odds?

With the political power grab going on, is it really out of line to recall a Goldfinger quote and wonder...?

UPDATE: So what does "four" mean, and has anyone seen Hillary?

[Via bondmen...

An Open Invitation

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:59, Tuesday, 03 August

 An Invitation to Anarchy [More]

Those behind it prefer to think of it as a proven way to increase panicked citizen demands to be "saved."

[Via bondmen]

Ian’s Customs: The Terrible Krinkov

by Ian McCollum in Forgotten Weapons at 06:27, Tuesday, 03 August

Since you all seemed to enjoy the first installment in the series, today we have another of Ian’s Customs…

This is my “Krinkov” – not a proper name for a short-barreled factory AK (the AKS-74U, specifically), but a word that I think fits this gun just fine. It is a registered SBR that I put together myself about 10 years ago using a Nodak Spud receiver, Romanian “G” kit, cheap-o Chinese airgun stock, and a new set of front end parts. It has a barrel just 9.5 inches long, poorly set rivets, a kludged rear trunnion, and requires one of the recoil buffer plugs to keep the bolt carrier from jumping off its tracks. But it’s my first NFA item, and for all its awfulness I really like it.

Remington Settlement

by Sebastian in Shall Not Be Questioned at 07:55, Tuesday, 03 August

I have to respond to this, because setting folks straight was my schtick for a while.

Please note that Remington, as a company, filed for bankruptcy. The Remington that’s left is just a brand that’s been sold to other companies, namely the firearms business to The Roundhill Group, and the Ammo Business to Vista Outdoors. Neither of these owners has anything to do with the settlement, or the bankruptcy estate, who is making the settlement offer. The Bankruptcy Estate is basically the dead shell of Remington, and is pretty much now controlled by lawyers. So don’t blame Roundhill or Vista, or anything else Remington if you’re unhappy with the settlement. The Remington that was being sued, and the Remington offering the settlement, is dead Remington, which doesn’t have anything to do with the companies that bought up the various assets in the bankruptcy.

Related posts:

  1. Earmark for Remington ...

SilencerCo has announced a promotion for their SCO15 AR-15 lower receivers, running until September 10, 2021.SilencerCo has been a staple in the suppressor manufacturing world for nearly a decade and a half. Since 2008, they’ve produced many silencer models that have sold well, but that’s not all they do. They’ve also previously released some products other than cans, including a bolt carrier group and an AR-15 lower receiver. Since its […]

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Kowa Announces Flagship TSN-99 PROMINAR Spotting Scopes

by Matthew Moss in The Firearm Blog at 06:00, Tuesday, 03 August

Kowa have announced a brand new flagship spotting scope – the TSN-99 PROMINAR. Kowa are a Japanese optics maker with a US arm based in California. The TSN-99 PROMINAR is available for pre-order now with Kowa dealers. The TSN-99 has dual focus (quick/fine), a magnesium alloy body, a standard twist sunshade and a 99m fluorite crystal […]

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Snarly Utility Vehicle

by Tam in View From The Porch at 05:26, Tuesday, 03 August

Spotted this butch-looking Jeep SJ Cherokee Chief while out and about yesterday. I dig the side exhausts. Maybe not super practical, but this thing's hardly set up for rock-crawling anyway.

I can never see a Cherokee Chief without thinking of the song by the same name off Jerry Harrison's Casual Gods solo album...
"Got a bulletproof window, two inches of steel
Nothing gets to me, sitting at that wheel
Got a big gun on the top, wide track down below
No place in this jungle, no place I can't go

Don't look now I'm parked outside your window
But you can't see my face through the pane
Oh, ...

 Ex NRA head Wayne LaPierre?

That'd be nice.  Ex.  He may have done more damage to the 2A cause than even Michael Bloomberg.

That'd be interesting.  A list of the top folks that have hurt our Right to Bear Arms, even if inadvertently. 

  • Wayne
  • Bloomberg
  • George Soros
  • Tom Steyer
But history didn't start yesterday...
  • Mark Chapman, and before him...
  • LBJ
  • Sirhan Sirhan !
  • Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Sen. T. J. Dodd (D CT)
  • James Earl Ray
  • Senator J D Tydings (D MD)
  • Ronald Reagan, Governor, (R CA) [shame and a pity]
I have no idea who the money men were 50 years ago.  LBJ was the lamest of lame ducks when he pushed for this, but he was ...

Happiness is a Warm Cookie

by Unknown in Home on the Range at 04:01, Tuesday, 03 August

Look closely at the photo----------->

Someone was trying to quietly raid the homemade cookies.

This picture makes me smile. On the wall at Dad's was a platter that my Uncle the Boeing engineer brought back from a business trip to Iran back in the late '50s or '60s.   He had told my Dad that it was a serving plate, covered with olives and all sorts of tidbits and they gave him the platter as a gift.  I went to snap a photo and only after enlarging it, did I see someone in the kitchen pilfering a cookie.

As is often the case, when I went to visit,  Dad only had packaged cookies from the store, made out of special Keebler Kevlar, so I usually made a batch when I popped in for a visit, and cousin L. always brought a big bag up when she visited.


Preparedness Notes for Tuesday — August 3, 2021

by James Wesley Rawles in at 00:04, Tuesday, 03 August

On August 3rd, 1914, Germany and France both declared war on each other, formally beginning the First World War. August 3rd, 1846 is the day that the Donner party found a note warning the emigrants that their expected route through the mountains ahead was nearly impassable. Hastings, an unscrupulous trail guide had created his own “short cut” route and wasn’t even at the planned meeting place at Fort Bridger, but had left word for the party to continue on. Hastings had claimed easy passage through the rugged Wasatch Mountains, but had left a note attached to a forked stick for …

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The Blind Squirrel Report, by The Novice

by SurvivalBlog Contributor in at 00:03, Tuesday, 03 August

It is said that even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then. I have some nutty discoveries to pass along. These discoveries do not merit 1,500 words individually. Collectively, they may deserve some attention. I have compiled them into a single article for your edification and entertainment. Fire Starting Cadillac Mink Oil Mink oil is a byproduct of the fur industry, obtained by rendering the insulating fatty layer found under the skin of minks. It is more resistant to rancidity than most other animal and vegetable oils. It is used as a skin moisturizer and in other …

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SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt

by James Wesley Rawles in at 00:02, Tuesday, 03 August

This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on Point Zero Energy portable solar power systems. (See the Idaho section.) Idaho One of my consulting clients recommended a backup/off-grid photovoltaic power system. Point Zero Energy in Weston, Idaho (a small town, near the southeast corner of the state) is currently working …

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The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

by James Wesley Rawles in at 00:01, Tuesday, 03 August

“If God is your partner, make your plans big!” – Rev. Dwight L. Moody

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JoAnna Anderson is a real estate developer in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area, who occasionally pops in and graces us with a guest post. She wanted to let us know what happened when she decided to introduce her sisters to the possibility of becoming their own personal protectors – through concealed carry. But first, it required that she lead the way, as her sisters’ keeper, and guide them to the gun range. We think you’ll warm to this story, too. We did! ~ The editors


Monday, 02 August


At some point, reality will start driving up interest rates.   While Californians coming in will be paying a million dollars cash so interest rates won't matter, there are still people so vulgar as to take put mortgages.  Rising interest rates should reduce prices in areas not targets for Californians but with little effect on prices in places like this.

Star Party

by Clayton Cramer in Clayton Cramer. at 20:26, Monday, 02 August

In spite of the smoke, Donnelley is clear at night so I am going up to do a star party for American Heritage Girls, sort of a Christ-centered alternative to Girls Scouts as they have abandoned their traditional values. 

I am taking the 5" f/7  refractor.  We should see Sunspots, Jupiter, Saturn, and Epsilon Lyrae, the two double stars rotating around each other and a common center of gravity.  My recollection is two blues and one blue and yellow pair.  Astronomy merit badges!

Lawn Blister

by Clayton Cramer in Clayton Cramer. at 20:20, Monday, 02 August

That is what I am calling it.  We had a very heavy rainstorm the other night for which we are very grateful.  The rain gutters feed into French drains to avoid puddles at the edge of the concrete.   The volume of water was so large that water was pushing the lawn up into a bubble.   This lawn is a year old at least.   Not being able to handle this much water was startling. 

The wasps who had nested in the rain gutter were not too happy, either. 



"The endeavor to manage stigma is placed on all gun owners to some extent, in or out of events, even those who do not engage in illegal practices, because the stigma attached to gun culture is so pervasive.” [More]

Freedom-defending gun owners should be ashamed of themselves, insist those who find "pride" elsewhere.

Families of Dayton shooting victims file suit against manufacturer of large-capacity magazines [More]

Especially after Remington lawyers signaled the sharks there was blood in the water and it's feeding frenzy time. Now they have singled out another victim before moving on to others.

The 80 Percent Lower, the Ghost Gun, and the ATF

by Forrest Cooper in Recoil at 18:37, Monday, 02 August


TFB Podcast Roundup 4 - Student of the Gun, Bob Faxon, & Ian McCollumWelcome to the TFB Podcast Roundup 4. I recently took a trip out to Wyoming to do some prairie dog hunting and while my time out there was phenomenal, I was unfortunately stuck for many hours inside of the increasingly unbearable air transit system. Thankfully, this gave me plenty of time to reach out and […]

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Best GOP Political Ad

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 14:46, Monday, 02 August

This is the BEST GOP ad I have seen this cycle.

Just perfect.

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) July 29, 2021

Teddy Daniels is running for Congress from Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District.

Mask Up, Louisiana

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 14:25, Monday, 02 August

 That's the message that our petty tyrant, John Bel Edwards is pushing with his new mask mandate.  It seems that the Delta variant of Covid-19 is going to kill us all, and the only thing John Bell can think of is to try and force us to wear Covid-coozies.  

He did bring in a bunch of medical professionals to tell us how absolutely game-changing the Delta variant is.  They also told us that they were swamped, short-staffed, and exhausted they are.  Yeah, that's what happens in a pandemic, and I salute the people in the wards and working the floors.  But, I don't feel sorry for hospital administrators.  We are now 18 months into this thing, and they should be planning a way out of oit.  An organization cannot work at crisis level long-term.

I have argued before that the biggest problem with the medical community today is the depth of involvement with the government.  If I were a hospital administrator, that would be one of my first priorities. But, they made their choice, let them live with it.

Still, Louisiana is again under a mask mandate.

You CAN Stop the Signal?

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 13:58, Monday, 02 August

 It’s clear these new licensing requirements will be used to target websites hosting technical data and software. Now, the Biden-Harris administration can shutdown sites for not having govt issued license. And it appears the rule change will now give them the legal authority to ban 3D printed guns. [More]

Don't think of it as a totalitarian government that has unconstitutionally empowered itself to ban knowledge. Think of it as commonsense information safety laws.

Propaganda You Can Believe In

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 13:37, Monday, 02 August

 NPR has announced a new ethics policy that allows its journalists to “participate in activities that advocate for ‘the freedom and dignity of human beings’ on both social media and in real life.” [More]

Anybody see a requirement for disclosures posted on the stories, or should the default assumption be "Hey, it's NPR"?

[Via Michael G]

And They're Worse than Hitler!

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 13:30, Monday, 02 August

 Critical race theory bigwig says those who oppose COVID lockdowns are like slave owners [More]

Even now they're plotting to send out vax catcher patrols to capture the inoculated.

[Via Michael G]

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 13:25, Monday, 02 August

 Stanford University’s 'Community Board on Public Safety' unveiled a set of recommendations for campus police reform, which would see fewer armed officers responding to calls. [More]

I'd be fine if Stanford got rid of all of them.

[Via Michael G]

I May Have a Solution

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 13:22, Monday, 02 August

ADL says "Zuckerbucks" is anti-Semitic. [More]

Kind'a like criticizing Soros is...

Will calling them "Zuckerrubles" help?

[Via Michael G]

It's Not About Guns

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 13:16, Monday, 02 August

 A Gun Grab Is the Best Way to Enslave Americans [More]

And according to the grabbers, anyone opposed to that is selfish.

[Via ...

Flux Defense MP17 Gen II Raider

by Dave Merrill in Recoil at 13:40, Monday, 02 August

flux defense mp17 raider cover

POTD: Exercise Rock Topside II

by Eric B in The Firearm Blog at 16:30, Monday, 02 August

POTD: Exercise Rock Topside IIPhoto Of The Day and the 173rd Airborne Brigade is back with some more images. We’re looking at platoon exercise evaluations in the Hohenfels Training Area (Germany) where The Rock and the 8e RPIMa from France spent some time together. The training was a part of Exercise Rock Topside II, taking place at the Joint Multinational Training Center […]

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HOT GAT or FUDD CRAP? The Knock-Off Luxury Showdown

by Austin R in The Firearm Blog at 16:00, Monday, 02 August

Hot Gat or Fudd CrapWelcome everyone to the 104th edition of ‘Hot Gat or Fudd Crap?’, one of our many series here on TFB. If you’re new to the series, this is where we look at the most obscure firearms that are actually for sale and ask the question – is this Gat a sweet deal or only has […]

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Sowing the Wind

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:30, Monday, 02 August

 47 percent of Republicans say time will come 'to take the law into their own hands': poll [More]

Squeeze, baby, squeeze.

[Via Henry Bowman]

 The unidentified sailor was a member of the ship’s crew and is accused of starting the July 12, 2020 blaze, the Navy said. [More]

Why not identify him?

With the direction Thoroughly Modern Milley is taking the military, it would be instructive to know if the suspect fits the narrative being broadcast about who the terrorists are.

[Via ...

Here's an Idea...

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 12:49, Monday, 02 August

San Francisco neighborhood mourns 16-year-old killed Friday night [Watch]

Maybe it's not the guns...?


Just maybe...?

[Via 1Gat]

Spider & the Fly

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:45, Monday, 02 August

World Shows Support for Cuban Protesters [More]

Well, except for Democrats...

 People will 'revolt' if vaccines are mandated: Gov. Kemp [More]

So if any do, will the totalitarians and their media suck-ups blame him and demand his impeachment/prosecution?

[Via Jess]


by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:31, Monday, 02 August

 In a 2018 case out of Adams County, a woman was convicted for purchasing a firearm that her common-law husband, a convicted felon, could access. In an appeal of that conviction, a three-judge panel of the appeals court ruled in a precedent-setting opinion Thursday that’s the same as transferring a firearm to an ineligible person even if it isn’t a permanent transaction. [More]

Think of it as direct and indirect ERPOs to disarm two citizens without due process for the price of one!

And if you hand over a gun at the range to share with someone, any bets it won't be up to you to prove you didn't know?

[Via Jess]

Choosing Sides

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 12:18, Monday, 02 August

GOP Senator Kevin Cramer Says He’s ‘Grateful’ for Capitol Cop Who Killed ‘Criminal’ Ashli Babbitt for ‘Not Complying’ - Cramer is also protecting Ashli Babbitt's killer. [More]

Who thinks the answer is "law and order Republicans"?

[Via bondmen]

 IMPD officers find fully automatic handgun stashed in diaper aisle at local store [More]

Actually, reading the story it says they couldn't find it, and then passively says "the gun was found" and they then "recovered" it. 

[Via Steve T

FBI Attempts to Do Damage Control After Initiating Whitmer Kidnapping Plot [More]

So it's time to provoke some more low-hanging fruit again...?

[Via bondmen]

Dog Day Afternoon

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:17, Monday, 02 August

Intentionally leaving some relevant information out...? [More]

[Via Michael G]

 According to data compiled by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University,  less than 40% of illegal aliens who are standing before a federal immigration judge for deportation orders actually end up being deported. [More]

And how many actually show up for court in the first place?

 Nicolle Wallace Urges Dems: Make Republican 'Domestic Terror Threat' Your Midterm Theme [More]

Squeeze, baby, squeeze.

[Via bondmen]

Investigator's now asking for the public's help identifying all four suspects. [Watch]

Sure. Got descriptions? 

And then there's the obligatory editorial add-on, accompanied by a practiced and perfected look of sincerity:

Thankfully, all of them are expected to survive.

Even the ones in gangs?

If only New York would step up the wealth transfers, ban all home builds, and impose microstamping, stuff like this wouldn't happen and they could get that Gif...

 St. Louis County Police Chief Mary Barton is unexpectedly stepping down from her position. Her office is cleaned out. Barton tells the Board of Police Commissioners that she is officially retiring. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that she will be leaving her post after accepting a large settlement after filing a federal complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. She alleged discrimination. [More]

Why go into work when she extorted enough to move on to greener pastures?

[Via bondmen...

 Thanks to CCDL’s constant pressure, a judge ruled that the fingerprinting process must resume immediately. [More]

If the requirement was to resume branding, would they be demanding that, too?

Whatever happened to the defiance of tyrants?

This is the only one I'll give them.

Another Insurrection!

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 12:43, Monday, 02 August

 Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene accused of ‘trespassing’ at prison holding Capitol rioters [More]

Maybe an "unnamed officer" can shoot them!

I know Kevin Cramer would like that.

[Via bondmen]

None Dare Call It Treason

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:38, Monday, 02 August

 The bill allowing illegals to become Congressional Interns passed by a margin of 215-207 and has yet to be voted on by the Senate. [More]

Anybody got time to track down any Republicans that voted for it?

[Via Michael G...

So Long, Ted Nugent

by Sebastian in Shall Not Be Questioned at 10:47, Monday, 02 August

Ted Nugent has resigned from the NRA Board to be national spokesperson for Hunter Nation. God help them. If only this wasn’t because all the rats are leaving the sinking ship.

BREAKING: HK Announces the Return of the SL8

by Matthew Moss in The Firearm Blog at 12:06, Monday, 02 August

BREAKING: HK Announces the Return of the HK SL8A couple of months back HK shared a short video of an SL8 on a rack and caused a little stir. Today they shared that same video on their social media to announce the return of the HK SL8 to the US commercial market. The news comes hot on the heels of the successful return of […]

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MDT Announces 10-Round .223 Metal AICS Magazine

by Matthew Moss in The Firearm Blog at 11:00, Monday, 02 August

MDT Announces 10-Round .223 Metal AICS MagazineUS and Canada-based Modular Driven Technologies or MDT have announced a new 10 round metal magazine for the short action Accuracy International Chassis System (AICS) which they describe as “nearly indestructible”. MSRP on the new AICS magazine is $67.95. MDT @ TFB: PROOF Research Introduces the MDT Chassis Rifle New High-End Bipod: The MDT CKYE-POD […]

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New CAA MCK Chassis for Taurus Pistols

by Rusty S. in The Firearm Blog at 10:00, Monday, 02 August

Taurus MCK Chassis Image Credit: CAAIf any Taurus owners have money to spare, CAA now offers the MCK Micro Chassis for Taurus G2c, G3, and G3c pistols. The CAA MCK Micro chassis offers a large-format pistol form factor with brace functionality, along with storage for an extra magazine and flashlight compatibility. Initially offered for Glock pistols in the mid-2010s, the […]

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Dad Joke CVII

by Borepatch in Borepatch at 07:30, Monday, 02 August

They used to charge you 25 cents to fill your car tires with air.  Now they charge $1.50.  That's inflation. 

The Gold Penny or Mancus of 30 Pence, was struck during the time of Ecgberht, King of the West Saxons between 802 and 839.

Evening Standard:

An Anglo-Saxon coin discovered by a metal detectorist is set to fetch up to £200,000 [$277,791.37] at auction.

It was unearthed by a metal detectorist at West Dean, on the Wiltshire and Hampshire border, in March 2020.

Experts say it is the only late Anglo-Saxon gold coin in private hands, with eight other specimens held in institutions – seven at the British museum.

The coin, which weighs 4.82g, is expected to fetch between £150,000 and £200,000 at a sale of ...

Olympic Pistol Duelling

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 08:35, Monday, 02 August

My idea of Olympic sport!

Customizing carry guns can be a debatable topic, but the market is filled with all sorts of options for those who want to mix and match to find what works, for those that want to veer from a stock carry gun. Redditor, AlaskanMooCow, ended up with a rare combination for his SIG Sauer P365XL and […]

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The post Unusual Custom SIG Sauer P365XL, In...

Catalyst Arms Introduces New Bag Rider for Ruger Precision RimfireSometimes when you’re at the range, hunkered down with supporting bags for a precision shot, the rifle slips off the bag and you just can’t get a comfortable, stable position. Oregon-based Catalyst Arms, a company that specialises in rimfire accessories, has introduced the Apex Bag Rider, an extension for the Ruger Precision Rimfire’s buttstock. The […]

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If we’ve gotten to a point where a giant tech company, or even a little company, is silencing people who are providing first-hand sourcing for major, major news stories, or reading press releases from elected officials, that’s like not America anymore.

Naomi Wolf
July 30, 2021
Former Clinton Adviser Naomi Wolf: Big Tech Bans Leading to Self-Censorship
[I was chatting with someone about this sort of thing a few weeks ago and he said something which surprised me. He said, “I don’t expect Facebook to exist a year from now.”

I expressed my surprise but there were more important things to discuss and I dropped it. He is a former Secret Service agent, but I don’t see how that would give him insider knowledge about something as big as the elimination of Facebook as a company.

Is this a QAnon thing I haven’t heard?—Joe]


by Tam in View From The Porch at 04:21, Monday, 02 August

Today in completely unexpected Wikipedia articles:

Yesterday in its little "Did you know..." trivia panel, Wikipedia served up the apocryphal-sounding tidbit that the Swiss fishery boomed in the Fifties after a fisherman discovered an industrial potato peeler would make two perfect filets out of a perch. I don't know the veracity of this, but I want it to be true.

I hope the Swiss navy guards its fisheries zealously!


Automotif CCXXXIV...

by Tam in View From The Porch at 04:03, Monday, 02 August

How could you not be happy, tootling around town on a glorious Sunday afternoon with the top down on a nice, clean little Karmann Ghia?

Those round rear side marker lights say it's a 1968 or '69 model, as they were added to comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards that went into effect for the '68 model year. In 1970, VW went to rectangular wraparound turn signal/side marker lights in the rear.

I had no idea that the Karmann Ghia has a Virgil Exner connection! Per Wikipedia:
Segre and Virgil Exner became close professionally...

Masked Man

by New Jovian Thunderbolt in New Jovian Thunderbolt at 04:00, Monday, 02 August

So Big Defense Contractor I work at, like all Big Defense Contractors are masking up today, Monday, because a rainy, crowded, Bear Week in Provincetown caused a super-spreader event and inadvertently proved that vaccinated people are super-protected from death.  Huh.  Thank you gay men and crappily assembled CDC statistics that you almost certainly skewed to show one thing and instead shined the light of truth on another!    

I think mask compliance at work will be a little loose this time around.  Hell maybe zero by Wednesday among people that weren't already wearing, still.  

I won't know because I am going down to the bowels of DC (Georgetown) for a doctor appointment that morning.  Where I am three times more likely to die of a gunshot than from WuFlu.  Well, more than that because, again, I got the nanites. And people dying in that blighted metropolis are almost certainly not all previously vaxxed.

I am back to wanting to get it and survive it, again, personally.  And think my ...

 The latest data (unpublished study) indicates that Pfizer efficacy drops to 84% after six months (from a high of 96 or 97%).  Data from Israel indicates that the rate is in the 30s when it comes to the Delta variant.

Imagine if we had long term data before jabbing hundreds of millions of people.

Vaccine Hesitancy

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 08:42, Monday, 02 August

 After 18 months of a global pandemic, there is a huge data set available to people so that they can make informed decisions.  That is a good thing.  If we are implored to :follow the science" then we have the opportunity to do exactly that.  There is a new MIT study out that examines the science behind the problem of vaccine hesitance and finds that the skeptics are both informed and rational.

But a study done at MIT showed that a substantial portion of public-health skepticism was highly informed, scientifically literate, and sophisticated in the use of data. Skeptics used the same data sets as those with the orthodox views on public health.

You can read the MIT article here.

We can use data to draw conclusions.  The government publishes data that we use.  Two things can be rue at the same time.  For exa...

The firm of Anitua Y Charola in Eibar, Spain (later renamed Charola Y Anitua) was founded in 1880 or 1881, and their first substantial product was a copy of the American Merwin & Hulbert revolver. They were made with hopes of getting Spanish military adoption, and thus were chambered for the .44 S&W American cartridge instead of the .44-40 Winchester cartridge that the original Merwin & Hulbert used. The military acceptance never did come, but the guns were in production for about 15 years.

An interesting quirk of Spanish patent law was that a product had to be actually produced in Spain in order to qualify for patent protection. None of the major small arms developers had manufacturing facilities in Spain, and so most never bothered to take out Spanish patents – and Spanish gunmakers rampantly copied European and A...

TFB Weekley Amazon Deals 5: National Coloring Book Day EditionWelcome to TFB Weekley Amazon Deals 5: National Coloring Book Day Edition. Coloring books can do a lot of things for both young and older minds alike. For one, coloring books teach children at an early age to develop fine motor skills with their hands as well as small objects. Research also suggests that coloring […]

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Preparedness Notes for Monday — August 2, 2021

by James Wesley Rawles in at 00:07, Monday, 02 August

August 2nd was the birthday of Peter O’Toole (1932–2013). When his name is mentioned, Lawrence of Arabia immediately comes to mind. But one of my favorites was his 1971 film titled Murphy’s War. That has some very memorable seaplane flying scenes. — I’ve recently added eight guns, over at Elk Creek Company. And I have several more new acquisitions to add soon, including several stainless steel Ruger Old Army percussion revolvers. Take a look. Keep in mind that we now take payments both in pre-1965 U.S. silver coinage, or in Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) at a multiplier that changes often, …

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Writing Contest Winners Announced: Round 95

by James Wesley Rawles in at 00:05, Monday, 02 August

We’ve completed the judging for Round 95 of the SurvivalBlog non-fiction writing contest. The prize winners are: First Prize: First prize is awarded to S.B. for An Electric Car for TEOTWAWKI? (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) published on June 3-4-5, 2021. He will receive the following prizes: The photovoltaic power specialists at Quantum Harvest LLC  are providing a store-wide 10% off coupon. Depending on the model chosen, this could be worth more than $2000. A Gunsite Academy Three Day Course Certificate. This can be used for any of their one, two, or three-day course (a $1,095 value), A course …

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CRKT Ripsnort, by Pat Cascio

by Pat Cascio in at 00:04, Monday, 02 August

I like knives, all kinds of knives, big or small, or everything in the middle…even “ugly” knives are a sight to behold if you ask me. However, I’m not sure where the CRKT Ripsnort comes into the play. To be sure, it is a big knife – well, mostly big…and some would say its an ugly knife – I’m not sure where this fits into my idea of ugly – maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I’ve been covering CRKT products since their second year in business, and one thing for certain is, they produce a wide variety of knives …

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Recipe of the Week: Plain Soft Custard

by James Wesley Rawles in at 00:03, Monday, 02 August

The following recipe for Plain Soft Custard is from The New Butterick Cookbook, published in 1924, It is now in the public domain. A custard is a mixture of cooked egg and milk, flavored. Starchy material is sometimes used to replace part of the eggs. Custards are classified according to the method used in cooking them; those cooked over hot water and stirred throughout the cooking process are known as soft or stirred custards-erroneously, as boiled custards; those set in hot water and cooked in the oven (oven-poaching) are firm or baked custards. The firmness of a custard depends on …

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Economics & Investing For Preppers

by James Wesley Rawles in at 00:02, Monday, 02 August

Here are the latest news items and commentary on current economics news, market trends, stocks, investing opportunities, and the precious metals markets. We also cover hedges, derivatives, and obscura. Most of these items are from the “tangibles heavy” contrarian perspective of SurvivalBlog’s Founder and Senior Editor, JWR. Today, we look at investing in military surplus rifles. (See the Tangibles Investing section.) Precious Metals: Silver Price Forecast: Back into the Teens? o  o  o Inflation climbs higher, but gold closes sharply lower. Economy & Finance: On Friday, the U.S. Senate advanced the Bipartisan Infrastructure bill with a 66-28 vote. JWR’s Comment: …

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The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

by James Wesley Rawles in at 00:01, Monday, 02 August

“’Runner’s World‘, like many magazines, has become a print chatroom for disenfranchised women, minorities, and men so feminized they are practically lactating. Every article portrays runners as victims of oppression, racism, and sexism thanks to white guys like me. You may be sporting $250 running shoes while sipping $10 lattes and talking on your $1000 smart phone all financed with student loans, but you are still a victim of evil capitalism. The woke movement infecting America is more dangerous than the CCP virus because rather than being aerosolized in respiratory secretions, it is spread by thought. Social justice authors could …

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How much food do you keep in your pantry? Would you have enough if there was an emergency or disaster? Do you even know what to buy? Rogue Preparedness made a list of 42 must-have food pantry items that everyone should stockpile. ~MC

Rogue Preparedness Banner

If you’re getting prepared for an emergency or disaster, I’d say food is one of the first things you should be stocking up on.

While this is a list of food items to stockpile, it’s important to keep in mind that water must also be stockpiled. Rice uses water. Dried beans uses water. You need water for hygiene, drinking, clean...


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