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Too close to home

by Joe in The View From North Central Idaho at 06:01, Monday, 01 June

Barb and I live in Bellevue. Several miles and the other side of a large lake (Lake Washington) from Seattle. Mob violence is almost common in Seattle and has been for at least 20 years.

We’ve never seen or heard of riots and looting in Bellevue. That changed yesterday:

Bellevue declared a civil emergency throughout the Eastside city and imposed a curfew Sunday evening for downtown in response to protests that began in the afternoon and turned violent after groups broke into the city’s high-end malls and started stealing items.

The crowds and looting prompted Mayor Lynne Robinson to request assistance from the National Guard for the first time in at least 30 years, and a warning from Bellevue Police Chief Steve Mylett that anyone caught not adhering to the curfew would “go to jail.”

The protests over police misconduct, triggered by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody, have seized larger metro cities, including Seattle, but surprised Bellevue, whi...

The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization.

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
Tweeted on May 31, 2020
[It’s way overdue. But better late than never.

See also Trump announces US to designate Antifa as terrorist organization following violent protests.—Joe]

Last Thursday, when Trump tweeted about the riots in Minneapolis, Twitter took down his Tweet on the basis that it was “glorifying violence.” Few people actually got to read it, but Trump’s tweetdidn’t glorify violence. It was more of a warning about the consequences of looting. 


Barr: It is Antifa.
Cops: It is Antifa.
Protestors: It is Antifa.
Antifa: It is us.
Blue checks: It is something else.

— Andrew Beck (@AndrewBeckNYC) May 30, 2020

I wonder who funds Antifa types?

I wonder if the FBI will redouble their efforts about them, now?  Seems that would be a good use of DOJ resources.  I always assume that if a buncha Klan yahoos get together, all 14 of em, that at least half of them work for the Feds in one capacity or another.  From occasional CI snitch on up.  But the FBI has been working on the Kluxers since the 1920s without much let up.

They took their foot off the gas pedal with the Reds a bit, evidence suggests.  The worry is over-reaction.  Which always happens.  But how much?

After all, The FBI do play dirty though, don't they?  Unleash them and they you have to deal with the overreach later.  And we are still dealing the overreach from 10 years ago now.

The news media tried to convince me all weekend that is was Russia and MAGAs funding and organizing and provoking all the riots.  But they've lied a lot to me lately, and some of them are in Antifa, based on their past actions, so I take stuff...

A Method to His Madness

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 06:41, Monday, 01 June

CNN's Van Jones on Friday accused all white people of being racist, saying, "Even the most liberal, well-intentioned white person has a virus in his or her brain that can be activated at an instant." [More]
I'm not sure if I've ever heard a more racist pronouncement. Then again, CNN's Van Jones is a communist who will say and do anything for power over others.

An “action letter” composed by environmentalist Josh Fox was circulated, describing the film as “dangerous, misleading, and destructive” and demanding an “immediate retraction.” [More]
Funny. All the leftists liked Bowling for Columbine just fine...

Chip Off the Old Block

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 06:35, Monday, 01 June

[More]He's a commie liar just like his old man.

And bourgeoisie = fair game, right?

NYPD officer rams into crowd of George Floyd protesters in Brooklyn [More]
And when the situation is reversed...?

[Via several of you]

[More]I take it the ISS crew has been up there since before the "pandemic," but that social distancing and masks for the new guys aren't "essential"?

Stockpiling Ammunition

by Greg Ellifritz in Active Response Training at 04:00, Monday, 01 June

Written by: Greg Ellifritz


With the recent COVID-19 pandemic and lots of civil unrest, I’m getting more and more people asking questions about stockpiling ammunition.  Online ammunition outlets have been sold out of popular products lately.  Ammo availability at local gun stores is starting to increase, but prices are high and many stores are limiting the amount of ammunition an individual can purchase.


How many rounds should you have?  Should you stockpile self defense ammo or cheaper full metal jacket ball rounds?


 The primary factor is “what event are you stockpiling for?”  Most folks are planning for some type of societal collapse/zombie apocalypse.  That’s fine; but if things get that bad, exactly how many thousands of rounds of that high dollar hollow point ammo do you think you will fire before you get taken out by a team of criminal invaders?  Your best bet in such a situation is to lay low and NOT draw attention to yourself.  That s...

'Protesters' my ass

by Firehand in Irons in the Fire at 05:56, Monday, 01 June

“Protesters intentionally set a fire to an occupied building on Broad Street. This is not the only occupied building that has been set fire to over the last two days. But they prohibited us from getting on scene,” Smith said. “We had to force our way to make a clear path for the fire department. Protestors intercepted that fire apparatus several blocks away with vehicles and blocked that fire department’s access to the structure fire. Inside that home was a child.”

And anyone claiming it was 'white supremacists' is too effing stupid to keep breathing.

Really? Media twisting

by TPOL Nathan in The Price of Liberty at 05:00, Monday, 01 June

A friend shared this with me, from a Pew Research Center posting.

Clearly, the story headline is intended to convey the impression that it is more deadly dangerous to live in a “conservative” GOP-majority district, and that it is safer if you are in a majority Democratic “liberal” district.

Since there is no such thing as a “Libertarian-majority” district, we can’t compare. But the real point to be gleaned – and what would be a more-honest headline – is “COVID-19 deaths declining overall but deaths in Dem districts still more than twice as high as in GOP districts.”

Then you could go on – in the usual mainstream media manner, and explain how racism, white-supremacy, and Orange-man-bad policies h...

Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 06:19, Monday, 01 June

Self-defense is legal in Ohio. The bad guys don’t understand that, apparently. Lorain homeowner shoots intruder who barges into home with two others, police say. Three guys break into a home, the homeowner shoots one, the other 2 run like rabbits. Officers went to the home and found a 19-year-old man outside with a gunshot […]

Central Park Karen Is a Liberal

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 05:59, Monday, 01 June

But then that was to be expected. Central-park-near address, rescue dog (the only approved kind!) are the requirements for limousine liberal, or maybe just liberal without the limo. From The Independent – It looks like [Central Park Karen], the white woman in the viral Central Park video, is a liberal. That’s important. She also had […]

Newspeak Hits the Media

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 05:39, Monday, 01 June

Your speech is literally violence, if you say something they disagree with. Their violence, is just 1st Amendment-protected speech. Arson, Looting, Aggravated Assault and Attempted Murder Are Not ‘Protests’ – The Other McCain. Among other things The Other McCain deals with Samantha Shader, a 27-year-old from upstate New York who threw a Molotov Cocktail at […]

How the Gun Auction Process Works: Ian Buys a Kar98a!

by Ian McCollum in Forgotten Weapons at 06:27, Monday, 01 June

Until this, I had never actually attended one of Rock Island’s auctions in person. They invited me out, and gave me some auction credit to use to make a video about how the auction process actually works. I’ve been wanting a WW1 German Kar98a carbine for a long time, and this seemed like a perfect time to find one. So I will take you through the whole process here, from auction registration to scouring through the guns on Preview Day to bidding and finally to unpacking the spoils after they arrived!

After years of waiting, the JP Rifles M-LOK Series Slim Profile Hand Guards are finally here! The models are available in 9.25″, 12.5″ and 15.5″ overall length options. The handguards are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and offer full M-LOK accessory compatibility in a slim tube design. Below you can read the description from JP Enterprises: With the […]

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The post ...


David Crane david (at) defensereview (dot) com May 31, 2020 Helikon-Tex recently introduced a very cool new lo-pro/lo-vis (low-profile/low-visibility) plaid tactical shirt for concealed carry (CCW) at SHOT Show 2020, and they were kind enough to take DefenseReview (DR) through all the shirts features, which are interesting. It’s called the Helikon-Tex Trip Shirt – Nylon …

Assorted Calibers Podcast Ep 103: Lots of Shooting

by Weerd Beard in Weer'd World at 01:51, Monday, 01 June

Hello Internet!

This Episode is an ACP Round Table.   The Stars of the Show are David and Oddball who attended the Tennessee Blogger Shoot, and Xander who got to wring out his new CZ at the farm.   Erin and Weer’d swap stories for effect.

Did you know that we have a Patreon? Join now for the low, low cost of $4/month (that’s $1/podcast) and you’ll get to listen to our podcast on Friday instead of Mondays, as well as patron-only content like mag dump episodes, our hilarious blooper reels and film tracks.

Show Notes

In January 2020, the National Shooting Sports Foundation launched an initiative  called “Gun Owners Care” (GOC) because it believes the 100 million+ members of the firearms community in America care about their neighbors and communities. Tisma Juett, Regional Member Services Manager for the NSSF, focuses on community in this video – 2nd in a 5-part series.


Sponsored by the NSSF and Project ChildSafe

Tisma details various ways that gun owners care about their co...

It’s easy to teach kids how to be prepared, we just need to think a bit differently when it comes to teaching kids about preparedness. 

Kids don’t know anything until they’re taught. We need to be patient, understanding and make it fun! 

15 Ways To Teach Kids About Preparedness15 Ways To Teach Kids About Preparedness

Kids are incredibly smart and catch on very quickly. We need to make sure that we’re teaching them proper safe...

Sunday, 31 May


Rounds in the last month

by Joe in The View From North Central Idaho at 20:50, Sunday, 31 May

I haven’t done any reloading since February. I was working very long hours and finally got that project done earlier this month. And with the COVID-19 thing I didn’t really want to go to the range anyway, so why spend the time reloading ammo I wasn’t going to shoot for a while? When I received the email saying the Area 1 Championship, which I had signed up for last year, was still on I decided it was time to start practicing and reloading.

Today I started reloading some 200 grain bullets in .40 S&W. I only completed round 104 when the indexer return spring broke on my Dillon XL650 press. It sort of looked like I should consider it a consumable and I ordered five of them. At $1.99 (plus $8.49 shipping) I decided to order five so I could quickly replace it when the next one dies.

After ordering I thought about it some more and realized I had never lubricated the spring. If I had it might have lasted longer (I had only reloaded 21,584 rounds when it died).

No matter. I’ll have spares and maybe they will last longer too.

This brings my lifetime reloaded ammunition totals to:...

When Civil Order Fails

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 20:48, Sunday, 31 May

Seen at Instapundit:

These riots and lawlessness are hitting liberal bastions a whole lot harder than conservative areas.

"Do what you have to do" leaves a lot of room for individual interpretation.


POTD: Belizean Sniper in Stalking Event

by Eric B in The Firearm Blog at 16:30, Sunday, 31 May

Sniper Stalking EventWe don’t visit the Dominican Republic too often here at The Firearm Blog, yet here we are in Santo Domingo looking at snipers doing their best to avoid us. Above you see a Belizean sniper as he aims downrange to acquire a target. He was taking part in a Sniper Stalking event at Fuerzas Comando. This […]

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The post POTD: Be...


We went for a drive

by Joe in The View From North Central Idaho at 13:12, Sunday, 31 May

Barb and I have been on the more cautious side of the behavior spectrum in regards to avoiding risk of COVID-19. We have been going on almost daily walks but haven’t gone on any hikes in the woods and mountains like we usually would have by now. Last weekend we decided we would go for a drive and at least visit the mountains and enjoy the view of them from my car.

I found a place that looked like it had good views and we had never been. It’s the parking lot for the Alpental ski area:


It’s about a 45 minute drive from our place and I figured we could get out and walk around the parking lot some without having to worry about the whole socia...

It’s time to dust

by Joe in The View From North Central Idaho at 12:20, Sunday, 31 May

It’s been months since I did any shooting. As you can see there are dust bunnies on both sights and around the ejection port of my carry (and competition) gun:


I took it apart and cleaned the internals too.

I reserved an entire shooting bay at the range for just myself and will attempt to put some holes in paper later this week.

"An Elephant for Prinkip": practical problems involved with interstellar transport of large mammals

How About That?

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 12:07, Sunday, 31 May

Put not your trust in princes…

by TPOL Nathan in The Price of Liberty at 15:00, Sunday, 31 May

For those people who constantly claim, “if we just get to the Supreme Court…,” well, now you know the truth.

Black Mourning Ribbons: Mourning Streamers for Flags

The Supreme Court of the United States has stamped “CANCELLED FOR PANDEMICS” all over the First Amendment. And by doing so, the Nazgul have demonstrated, 5-4, that they have nothing but contempt for human rights, for freedom, for liberty, and for the Bill of Rights.

These five people have refused to declare the prohibition and restrictions on religious assembly decreed by Governor Gavin Newsom, dictator of California, to be unconstitutional – a violation of the First Amendment. They are traitors, they are oathbreakers, they are enemies of the very Constitution they swore to uphold.

The ink of that stamp bleeds through every page, every article, every paragraph a...

Federal Officer Patrick Underwood

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 14:41, Sunday, 31 May

End of Watch. Federal Officer Killed in Shooting Outside Oakland Courthouse. A federal law enforcement officer in California was killed and another critically injured after being shot while providing security at the U.S. courthouse in Oakland near one of the increasingly violent protests unfolding around the country.[SNIP] Family and friends have identified the officer killed […]

Eiffel Built More than a Tower

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 12:27, Sunday, 31 May

Still one of the most beautiful bridges in the world – Garabit Railway Viaduct. As usual, click the image for a larger view, and more information. (Photo by Geertchaos) Earlier photos will show a river valley. A dam was built in 1959 to create the reservoir. Specs on the bridge are as follows. Location: St. […]


Minneapolis is burning and the city says:
Gov. Tim Walz has also activated the Minnesota National Guard to help protect Minnesotans’ safety and maintain peace in the wake of Floyd’s death. Frey has also issued a new declaration of local emergency.
“We need to offer radical love and compass...

Written by: Greg Ellifritz


Last week, I became involved in a discussion about the term “law enforcement officer.”  That’s what many cops are calling themselves these days. The words sound almost professional.  The problem isn’t really with the term itself; it’s when officers embrace the idea that their sole occupational mission is to find and arrest as many law breakers as they can.  If only things were that simple.  Our true mission is one that is exponentially more complex than that.


My hard charging cop readers (and their supervisors) will likely hate what I have to say.  That’s OK.  Read the article anyway.  Think about the ideas I discuss.  My guess is that after 20+ years policing your community, you’ll eventually come to similar conclusions.  It’s an issue of perspective; and I guarantee your perspective will change after a couple more decades in the game.  If you read and embrace the ideals of this article, you’ll be far ah...

Expanding the Shipyards

by ASM826 in Borepatch at 08:26, Sunday, 31 May

It's what we started with that made it possible.

Two Different Responses to Looting

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 11:20, Sunday, 31 May

Husband and wife beaten with 2x4s for trying to defend store in Rochester, NY.


Different ending in San Antonio, Texas. Some store owner had a gun and used it.

Happy Birthday Clint Eastwood

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 10:17, Sunday, 31 May

Born May 31st, 1930. So many movies to choose from. The Spaghetti Westerns. Harry Callahan. The Comedies. Here’s a short scene from the best of the made-in-America Man-with-no-name movies. So here’s the scene from Pale Rider that everyone remembers. (The final shootout is better, but much longer.) The Man-with-no-name movies. There are really only 2 […]


Biden continues to commit unforced error, like the hubbub he created and later apologized for when he said at the end of an interview with The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne tha God: “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

It was so cavalier and comfortable that it was shocking. Biden doesn’t get to define blackness nor excommunicate anyone from it.

But that wasn’t the only problem in the interview. He said just seconds after that statement that “The NAACP has endorsed me every time I’ve run.” That never happened, and the NAACP had to release a statement to clarify that it “is a nonpartisan organization and does not endorse candidates for political office.”

This is not the first time Biden has lied about his relationship to the black community. He has repeatedly lied over the years about marching in...

A playful mutant dog

by Joel in The Ultimate Answer to Kings at 07:29, Sunday, 31 May

The secret life of cows

by Joel in The Ultimate Answer to Kings at 07:26, Sunday, 31 May

“Ladies, let’s have a midnight party at Joel’s place!

“In the morning we can hide in the bushes across the wash and giggle at him swearing at all the pies we laid in his driveway!”

They are calling these the George Floyd riots.  Well, they aren't anymore.  They aren't about Floyd anymore.   That's the controversial bit.  Let me explain my thinking.

Oh, his murder was the spark, and HUGE spark it was, but the conflagration is beyond that now.  The Floyd protests have been co-opted.  It's grown beyond the righteous Floyd protesters.

You can still see glimpses of the Floyd protests.  Floyd protesters guarding stores, guarding cops from a mob that got separated from their platoon, thing like that, but that greater mob outnumbers Floyd protesters.

Factions of the greater mob has exploited the spark for their own ends. Sure.

What got us here?  Gov't overreach.  Tyranny.  Yes, racial injustice is part of it, but tyranny is still at the base.  Floyd was killed by a cop, and instrument of government.  The folks that tell us what to do and when to do it.  That lady, Breonna Taylor, in Louisville that was gunned down in a no-knock that went to the wrong house and she tried to defend herself from home invaders?  Government sent those people.  The Ah...

Was it brickbat from this pallet what they used to beat that man/store-owner, in the street Reginald Denny style?

...from overnight.

Oh dear.

...and then the sun went down.

Well, the monument in the center of Monument know, the one to all the soldiers and sailors who died while ending the institution of chattel vandalized last night, before the rioters went on to trash other institutions of systemic racism, like Five Guys, Tower Liquors, and Fogo de Chao.

So far the festivities have been contained inside the Mile Square, which is several miles south of Broad Ripple. (An Indianapolis block is roughly a tenth of a mile, and we're north of 54th Street, so...about five and a half miles away as the crow flies.)

I bicycled over to Half Liter to pick up dinner, and their beer garden was doing brisk business. Mama Carolla's and Diavola Pizza on 54th were also thronged with al fresco diners, as were Fat Dan's and Moe & Johnny's over on College Avenue. Twenty Tap was still dark, which is wo...

that the people you claim to be protecting own, and use.

Anyone want to bet the antifassholes are in this up to their smelly socialist eyebrows?

The Grieving Crowd

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 07:15, Sunday, 31 May

Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 06:19, Sunday, 31 May

And the reporters still have trouble sorting the victims from the criminals. Police: Robbery suspect shot, killed by intended victim. Reporters insist on calling the dead-guy a “victim,” despite the fact that cops say he was shot in justifiable self-defense. Investigators said the intended robbery victim shot Cobb in an act of self-defense. Police said […]

Neighbors Were Shocked

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 05:59, Sunday, 31 May

Because they think they’re protected by their zip code. Neighbors ‘shocked’ after Everett homeowner kills suspected burglar inside home. This was a story I posted on previously. Find a link at the bottom of this post. Randy Guint lives just four houses down from where the shooting took place. “Of course I’m shocked. I’ve lived […]

Self-defense Is Legal in Oklahoma

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 05:37, Sunday, 31 May

But then I suspected that it was. Update: Woman claims self-defense in Wednesday fatal shooting. The state will not be filing charges against Ragina Louise Armstrong, 51, in Wednesday’s fatal shooting of John Robert Atkinson, 44, according to Assistant District Attorney for Kevin Etherington. Self-defense is a human-right.

IT’S BUBBA TACTICS TIME in this episode of TFBTV, when James Reeves breaks out the good ol’ fashioned Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30 and tells you about three must-have accessories for the platform. Stocks, sights, optics, mounts – we’ve got you covered. Note: As with every TFBTV video, we received no compensation whatsoever from any of […]

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The post BUBBA TACTICS: 3 Must-Have Accessories for a Ruger Mini-14 or Mini-30 appeared first on The Firearm Blog.


What's open and how wide in the Free State?

First, what can't be shut down?  The juice to your house.  If you don't pay the power bill, you keep your lights til at least July 1.  No late fees either.  Same with water, gas, phone, and cable.

Brewpubs and wineries and restaurants, outdoor seating only, distance customers, paper one-use or sanitized menus.

Outdoor youth sports can come back some.  As can a few other outdoor activities.  Keep your distance, and no one from Jersey!.  Pools can open at 25% cap.

My County, modified operations WITH guidelines:

  1. Retail: Curbside only.
  2. Restaurants and bars: Outdoor seating (delivery and curbside pick-up continues).
  3. Childcare: Open for dependents of essential employees and Phase 1 reopening employees.
  4. Personal services: Hair salons and barber shops for hair only. By appointment.
  5. Houses of worship: Virtual or drive-in services or outdoor gatherings of 10 or fewer participants.
  6. Manufacturing: Fully reopen but w...

So, in the midst of all the rioting, there are some feel-good stories.  One comes out of Seattle where a news station was covering the rioting.  One police cruiser was set on fire, and we see an antifa-type (maybe BLM - who knows?) brandishing an AR platform rifle.

One of the news stations hired a "security" guy to oversee them, and he steps into the action, retrieves the rifle, sends antifa-boy up the street.

Good job!  Antifa-boy learned a valuable lesson.  There is nothing like posing that you're a bad-ass, then having your rifle taken, having a Glock put in your face, and being sent up the street to teach you that the real basasses are simply letting you have your temper tantrum.  But, when things started to get real, the professional stepped in and handled it.

Saturday, 30 May


 After browsing the interwebs for hours on end looking for a review of the 1-6 vortex viper, I never found one I felt went into detail enough about it. I have looked at them at my local sportsman’s warehouse and if I was confident my wife wouldn’t murder me for buying a scope that she doesn’t think I need, I would have bought one a while ago. I reached out to Vortex for a review opportunity and they were happy to set up this review. At this point, I feel very unfortunate that I have to send this optic back…  From the moment I picked this scope up, I was impressed by the clarity of the glass, the crispness of the reticle and dot, and the overall sturdiness of the build. That’s not to say this scope is perfect, because it isn’t, but for the price vortex is asking for, it is absolutely a great value scope. It feels durable, it looks identical to a Vortex Razor and overall, just looks good on an AR. 

Reticle, Glass, Fit and Finish

The glass quality of this optic is phenomenal! It’s very clear with either extremely little or no distortion on the edges whatsoever. I feel like distortion is such...

Cocktail Enthusiast Street Cred

by Weerd Beard in Weer'd World at 19:49, Saturday, 30 May

So this is a little project I decided to do. I have these tiny cocktail glasses, and when I can’t decide what I want for a drink, or I’m thinking about how certain drinks relate to each other, I just make three tiny drinks!

So this latest inspiration was making 3 related drinks that could be considered “Secret Handshake” Drinks. These are drinks that are slightly more obscure than say the Dry Martini, the Daiquiri, or the Old Fashioned, but not so obscure that anybody who’s read more than one Cocktail book has probably heard about.

These are also good drinks to be able to mix up for friends as a way to flex a little, without being too pretentious.

So there’s going to be six drinks here, I decided to go with a Whiskey trio, and a Gin Trio

We’ll start with the Whiskey!



Vintage Walther Model 2 Rifle.

Unique in that it functions as a bolt action and semi-auto

Length of barrel 24.5in blade frontsight insert with detachable protector tangent rear sight with windage and elevation, wanut stock with nice checkered pistol grip. Smooth trigger pull all metal parts, weight about 7lbs.

I love finding and shooting these vintage rifles.

So be honest how many of you have seen or heard of these?

Rifle History

Sad and both interesting.

There is very little to no documentation, most of the Walther factory documentation was either destroyed or hauled off by the Russians after the US Army captured the factory and made off with a good deal of the production. There is no record of Walther factory material in US archives. So most information comes from circumstantial info.

I chatted with someone who st...

France glock 17With so many daily news around it’s easy to forget that at the beginning of the year it was announced that France had selected the Glock 17 as their new service pistol. This Photo Of The Day serves a reminder of this but also shows the pistol it replaces, the MAC 50. The French government has […]

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The post ...


Arson is a Felony

by Clayton Cramer in Clayton Cramer. at 15:23, Saturday, 30 May

Minneapolis police could have opened fire lawfully, but the police there have clearly lost any willingness to enforce law.

Do you really to risk a driver responding to his windows being broken with full throttle?  Do these protesters really think anyone finds Floyd's death acceptable?

A year and half ago, I bought a Telrad finder for the big scope.  This is a 0 power device that projects several red circles in the field of view.  For visible magnitude objects, it simplifies aiming the scope enough to use my 9x60mm finder for more precise aiming or sometimes the eyepiece itself.  The Telrad is pretty large for the electronics it contains, and needs the exterior packaging redesigned, but it is a very nice addition to the scope.  It has a mounting bracket intended to stick to a traditional telescope tube, which is not very useful on a Serrurier half truss tube (as is common on most big reflectors these days).  So I built a mounting bracket that attaches in a very easy spot for attachment, but not so good for use.

Are you old enough to remember it?  Two summers of race riots helped Nixon win the 1968 election (barely).  I rather doubt these riots and the increasingly bizarre claims the Democrats are making (Russians, white nationalists,  drug cartels) is going to play to Trump's disadvantage.  Time to declare insurrection and send in the Army.

Not as much as we has initially hoped to get, but within a couple thousand of what we need to pay off the loan on the new house.  I am going to miss the view, but utility bills and gasoline alone make the new house cheaper.   Being closer to our kids, darker sky, and less road noise make it a win.  No more flying coach!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are back!

by Unknown in The Freeholder at 16:15, Saturday, 30 May

'Merica, dammit!
The United States is now back in the manned space launch business, thanks to SpaceX. I just watched a perfect launch and insertion into orbit of  the Falcon 9/Crew Dragon. Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley are now into their 19 hour chase-down of the ISS.

I r...

Professionalism in Policing

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 13:55, Saturday, 30 May

Because between the Breonna Taylor screw up and the George Floyd execution, they don’t already look like a bunch of jackbooted thugs with sub-par intelligence. Some genius needs to add to the mix. Louisville PD apologizes for targeting news crew at protest. A police officer was seen on camera firing what appeared to be pepper […]


Before 1PM!

— David Reaboi (@davereaboi) May 30, 2020


by New Jovian Thunderbolt in New Jovian Thunderbolt at 13:31, Saturday, 30 May

Makes you wonder.  Did someone put a pallet of bricks there?  Who, someone?  I can see at least two different and opposing sides seeing the utility of that.  Opposing, but with a common desire to see brickbats thrown.  Huh. 

Or it's staged. 

Or... could be a coincidence.

“They” staged a pallet of bricks in

— Ali † opposes Antifa (@ali) May 30, 2020

The GoFundMe for Uncle Hugos is now live. Please, share this far and wide.

For those of you that don’t know, Uncle Hugo’s is a locally owned, indy bookstore in Minneapolis. It got burned down last night by rioters. The building it a total loss. All the inventory was destroyed.

Uncle Hugo’s has been there since 1974. It was a special place, beloved by the locals. Because it specialized in used books, a bunch of irreplaceable 1st editions and signed copies by authors who are no longer with us were lost.

Don Blyly is the owner. On a personal level, he’s the bookstore owner who got a copy of my first manuscript, who then passed it on to Toni Weisskopf at Baen, telling her that it was a perfect fit for Baen, and that he could sell this book, except the dummy who wrote it was self publishing. I’ve been to Uncle Hugo’s to sign books probably eight or nine times now. Basically, Don helped launch my career, and I’m not alone.

Don is trying to figure out how to proceed, with a new location, or with a scaled down operation.


Abandoned the Perimeter?

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 10:23, Saturday, 30 May

So, whoever is in charge in Minnesota sent riot police and National Guard troops to protect something, ehn those same cops and troops, (probably on orders) abandoned the perimeter, leaving the field to the rioters.

Am I reading that correctly?

Riot Police, National Guard 'Completely Abandon' Perimeter in Minneapolis, Chased Away by Protesters
Whoever is in charge in Minneapolis needs to make a couple of hard decision. Are you going to put troops in contact without giving them the ability to defend themselves and whatever it is they are supposed to guarding?    If you are not, don't send them in.  Cede the field to the rioters and let them have their fun. Then, when Minneapolis is a smoldering ruin, plow it under and be done with it.

What's going on in Minneapolis now is bulshit.

War bulletin?

by TPOL Nathan in The Price of Liberty at 11:01, Saturday, 30 May

The Fifty States – at least the urban areas – seem to be descending into chaos the last weekend of May, 2020.

Not triggered by the Lockdown, but certainly heightened by it, I find reports from at least these cities:

  • Minneapolis (of course)
  • Denver
  • Detroit
  • Oakland
  • Los Angeles
  • Portland (Oregon)
  • Louisville (KY)
  • DC
  • Atlanta
  • Houston
  • San Jose
  • New York City

Some of the notable incidents, many common to multiple if not all cities:

  • “Peaceful protests” (per media) quickly turn violent, sometimes in response to police efforts to disperse or prevent them from entering areas
  • Private businesses are attacked, looted, and burned – including many owned by black or Hispanic or Asian merchants
  • Police vehicles are attacked and often burned
  • Public transit buses are attacked and burned
  • More and more shots are being fired, by and at protesters and rioters
  • Police are using rubber bullets, batons, shields (as battering weapons), and firing chemicals and flash-bang grenades
  • More and mo...

SILENCER SATURDAY #127: H&K SP5 Subsonic Ammunition ChoicesGood morning everyone and welcome back to another edition of TFB’ Silencer Saturday brought to you by our friends at Yankee Hill Machine, manufacturers of the Turbo and Turbo K line of suppressors. Last week we discussed some buying tips for silencer newbies and many of you added advice from your own personal experiences in […]

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The CDC currently puts the number of confirmed deaths at about 100,000. But even the “best estimate” 0.26% fatality rate is a significant overestimate because of how the CDC is counting deaths. The actual rate is fairly close to a recent bad year for the seasonal flu. And though public health officials have been transparent about how they are counting coronavirus deaths, the implications for calculating the infection fatality rate are not appreciated.

“The case definition is very simplistic,” Dr. Ngozi Ezike, director of Illinois Department of Public Health, explains. “It means, at the time of death, it was a COVID positive diagnosis. That means, that if you were in hospice and had already been given a few weeks to live, and then you also were found to have COVID, that would be counted as a COVID death. It means, technically even if you died of [a] clear alternative cause, but you had C...

New Orleans Covid Update

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 07:11, Saturday, 30 May

It seems that the city of New Orleans, the ground-zero of most of our troubles, both covid related and in large part, societal, will remain in Phase 1 of the recovery for several more weeks.

Cantrell however then said that she is not prepared to move into the next phase of reopening the city's economy.
Did I mention that the New Orleans mayor, LaToya Cantrell is a Democrat?
 "We are only, again, in week two of Phase One.  We have yet to see the impacts of our busy weekend of Memorial Day that just passed where we saw large gatherings throughout the city, but mostly in surrounding areas and surrounding states that abut us. So we are going to be looking, of course, at that data."
She doesn't have to worry about me coming to New Orleans anytime soon.   Next, she will probably be crying that she's lost a lot of tourist dollars and needs assistance from the state or fed so that New Orleans can stay afloat.

An email from commenter Marion Stinett to Vanderleun describes Minneapolis today:

Everyone has seen the videos of the Minneapolis police officer kneeling on the neck of a hapless petty criminal. And now looting and arson are happening all over the city. How did a very civilized city come to this?

Well, progressives, of course. But beyond that, do folks know the City of Minneapolis operates a protection racket?

All of the adults on the city council have retired or been voted out, and the council is now composed of earnest young progressives like our boy mayor Jacob Frey. And what does every young progressive like Jacob fear the most? Being called a racist. We also h...

Karma Is a Bitch

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 08:37, Saturday, 30 May

From The Other McCain – Courageous Social Justice Activists Vandalize CNN Atlanta Headquarters. I much prefer the bit from Proverbs. “Those who plant injustice will harvest disaster.” If you encourage rioters by calling them “mostly peaceful” (which granted, was actually done by MSNBC) then you can expect the waves to continue. But CNN and MSNBC […]

Saturday Roundup of Link Roundups

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 07:26, Saturday, 30 May

Wombat-socho at The Other McCain starts us off with In The Mailbox: 05.27.20. Adam Piggott: Is There Life After Cats? also, Media Scum American Conservative: The Conservative Case For The USPS American Greatness: Former Mueller Prosecutor Weissmann Now Fundraising For Joe Biden Bacon Time!!!! is up next with Wednesday Linkage. Animal Magnetism ANIMAL’S DAILY DIRTY […]


Here’s what I don’t understand: at least 13 different individuals – most of them minors – are shown in these well-circulated pictures, spanning a decade or more. Their images are included in every meme and click-bait derision of Biden…yet no one in any of those families has ever said anything. No outraged father has ever confronted him, or better yet, sent him to the deck. If he – or anyone – pulled that crap with either of my underage daughters, they’d have been picking up teeth.

Gila Monster
May 24, 2020
Comment to A picture is worth a thousand words
[It’s a good point. There are probably many valid responses. See a few of them in the link above.

And don’t think others haven’t had similar thoughts and gotten a lot close to making it reality than what you see in videos and pictures. Here is one report:



by New Jovian Thunderbolt in New Jovian Thunderbolt at 03:30, Saturday, 30 May

We are allowed to eat at outdoor seating in restaurants, now, in my state.  The one restaurant with good shady outdoor seating near me closed permanently.   The timing is poor because if it isn't raining in Maryland in the evening it is 90 degrees and humid.  I am hoping the re-open momentum is irresistible now.

Layoffs at work.  While my section is busy making money for the company 24/7, lots of other parts of this very large corporation have been shuttered, and they need to save money, and to do that they need to dip everywhere.  It's the story everywhere right now, I am sure.

Well, except local governments and public universities.  While they COULD have laid off the more sinecure-ish positions, they didn't, and are going on the tried and true business model of begging for a bailout.  I hope they fail.  If they DO fail they still won't can the sinecures.  Regulator rules arbiters and diversity enforcement specialists will keep their jobs, but firemen and school teachers will lose out. Just my guess.

You could fire 50% of the non teach admin types randomly at any university and have...

The other day, while listening to a CD from a pub band we saw during our last trip to Ireland, I started looking through the photos I had taken in the Emerald Isle. Some of those photos brought back memories of the tobacconists we visited while in Dublin. I've previously shared some of our pub adventures from that trip.

The first stop we made was Peterson of Dublin. Peterson's is well-known as a pipe shop, but they do have some cigars in the downstairs part of the shop. 

No, the local authorities are not handling this well.  At all(not exactly a surprise, is it?)

Yet instead of focusing on that, the NYeT uses this as another occasion for "It's all Trump's fault!"

I'm sure that bitching about this makes me an Enemy of Journalism or something.

Where Would We Be Without Experts?

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 05:59, Saturday, 30 May

Go read the whole thing; it isn’t long. But I will highlight the stats, which caught my eye. COVID-19: The ‘Experts’ Are Clueless. Something really went wrong in New York. The per-capita death rate in Georgia remains 88% lower than New York’s; Florida’s rate is 93% lower and Texas is 96% lower. Of course with […]

Another Failure of the Victim-selection Process

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 06:19, Saturday, 30 May

Self-defense has a long history in Washington State. Police: Everett homeowner shoots, kills burglar. Investigators say it appears the man had broken into the home and was in a room where firearms were stored when the homeowner shot him. Self-defense is a Human-right, and it appears to mostly by your legal right in Washington.

A Live Song from Within Temptation

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 05:39, Saturday, 30 May

I don’t usually feature live songs on Musical Interlude, because frankly there are very few artists who sound as good live as they do in the studio. But we’ll make an exception to that rule (“It’s more like guidelines, really”) and feature a song from an acoustic concert given by a Heavy Metal band. Within […]

Zastava DMR Showdown: M76 vs M91 at the Range

by Ian McCollum in Forgotten Weapons at 06:27, Saturday, 30 May

Time to compare the Zastava over-sized AKs! Today I’m out at the range for a comparison shutoff between a Yugoslav M76 and a Serbian M91, both Kalashnikov-based DMRs made by the Zastava factory. The M76 is chambered for 8mm Mauser, with a pistol grip and a centerline scope. The M91 uses 7.62x54R ammunition, with a thumbhole stock and offset scope mount.

My conclusions? They both shoot the same. I like the handling of the M76 better, but as an American receiver kit-built, it just isn’t a reliable rifle. For something that can actually be counted on to run, the M91 is a much better choice.

Friday, 29 May


A couple days ago I had a check to deposit. With Tamara’s words from 11 days earlier still fresh in my mind I put on my white hat to indicate I was one of the good guys:


I’m not sure it helped that much. But they did let me in the bank when the ATM didn’t want to allow the deposit so I couldn’t have been all that scary.

Covid Jacket Patch

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 17:49, Friday, 29 May

My buddy Termite sent me this image.

You can buy one here.  Yeah, it's a police supply store.

Friday has arrived,

by Firehand in Irons in the Fire at 19:30, Friday, 29 May

the rain has stopped for now, and the data is in.


NightStalker II on a Sony A7SAbout 8 years and 5 months ago our former Editor-In-Chief, Steve Johnson, posted about Tacticool Cameras. It was a photo of a Nikon camera equipped with a Tactical Solutions NightStalker II night vision adapter. My friend Sun of Franklin Armory lent me his and then I acquired a slightly different version. Let’s take a look […]

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The post Friday Night Light...


I'll be back.

by Unknown in Home on the Range at 06:39, Saturday, 30 May

As Arnold says.

I developed a bad bacterial infection in my foot where I had a bad scratch  After doing an online consult I'm home with some serious antibiotics but if it doesn't improve in 3 days I'm going into the hospital for IV antibiotics.

I would have gone to the doctor earlier, but it looked just like a bad rash at first (working out a lot I do get athlete's feet) and my dermatologist was closed due to COVID.  By the time it blew up and Sepsis was a possible worst-case concern, well . . . crap.

Send a prayer - I'm running NO fever which is a really good sign and the wound is not seeping,  Outside of just feeling crappy I'm OK but going to take a few...

More Quora Content

by Kevin in The Smallest Minority at 15:36, Friday, 29 May

I posted a link to this story of a 70 year old man defending his wife from an attacker who broke through the front door of their home.  He retrieved a firearm and shot the attacker several times.  I received a comment on the piece, to which I responded.  Here's the thread so far:

Peter Collins: When are you going to post all of the stories of people shooting their kids, or their wives or husbands, or themselves.

You are 9 times more likely to be killed with a gun you own than to kill an intruder or mugger or other criminal.

So, this man killed an intruder - that means nine other gun owners were killed by their own guns.

The odds are against you, 9 to 1. Only a fool bets that longshot with his life.
KB: I don’t have to. ABCNNBCBS and all the other major news outlets already take care of that. What they DON’T typicall...

Be wary of strong drink.

by USCitizen in Traction Control at 15:47, Friday, 29 May


Be wary of strong drink. It can make you shoot at tax collectors… and miss.
– Robert A. Heinlein

Seen on GAB

“[W]hat [the city] cannot do is form an agreement to lease its building, take my client’s money, and then a week before the show make a decision to breach that contract based on zero cases of COVID-19... [More]
Trough-feeding bureaucrats don't care about the financial losses and inconvenience their incompetence and arbitrary diktats have on the people in the private sector who pay for it all. They don't care about your rights, either.&n...
Officials blamed glitches in the system, but for Ari Freilich of the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, the system was working as intended... [More]
Just set the default to "Autoinfringe"...

[Via JPFO Alerts]

Oh, the Irony

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 15:15, Friday, 29 May

Ironically, these responses have been most regressive in states with the most “progressive” governments. [More]
I think they meant to say "Predictably."

[Via Mack H]

The Fighting Temeraire

by Borepatch in Borepatch at 16:37, Friday, 29 May

ASM826 has been posting about the fate of old ships, which reminded me of one of the most famous nautical portraits of all time.

It's "The Fighting Temeraire". painted in 1839 by J M W Turner.  You can see it in London at the National Gallery.  The complete title gives a better sense of what's going on: The Fighting Temeraire, tugged to her last berth to be br...

Minneapolis, Anarchy and Media Spin

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 13:24, Friday, 29 May

Anarchy in Minneapolis: Democrats Celebrate Rioters Who Burned Down City The idea that these criminals were “protesters” or “demonstrators” is an insult to the intelligence of everyone who watched — and the videos were streaming all over Twitter — as thieves and vandals not only destroyed a police precinct station, but looted or damaged some […]

Officer Nate Lyday

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 14:59, Friday, 29 May

End of Watch. Police identify officer shot and killed responding to domestic incident in Ogden. Police have identified the officer who died after being shot responding to a domestic incident in Odgen Thursday.

POTD: Viking Themed CZ Shadow 2

by Eric B in The Firearm Blog at 16:30, Friday, 29 May

MP Customs CZThe Latin motto DVC which stands for Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas (Accuracy, Power and Speed) was not known to the Vikings. DVC is the somewhat more modern motto from Jeff Cooper to define the essential elements of shooting. That didn’t stop MP Customs to make some advanced custom Cerakote work on a CZ Shadow 2 pistol. Rune language and […]

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The post ...

With Father’s Day just around the corner, I’m sure a lot of you are already gift shopping for your dad. Sometimes we gun guys can be hard to shop for and even when you know what we want we can be picky about what brand/type/color/style just as much as women are with their clothing. In […]

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The post Fathers Day Approacheth! TFB’s Top Seven Gun Gifts for Your D...

TFBTV Mailroom # 30

by James Reeves in The Firearm Blog at 15:00, Friday, 29 May

In this episode of TFBTV Mailroom, James complains about the Olympics, explains the mysterious origins of the channel, gets drunk (again), curses, complains, and reads your awful mail. NSFW language. Want to send something in? TFBTV Mail Room: PO BOX 52288 New Orleans, LA 70152 ««« GUN AND GEAR GIVEAWAYS »»» PLEASE check out our […]

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Usually black people.   Rioters destroy businesses that are often black owned.  A very sad documentary that I watched about the aftermath of the Rodney King riots interviewed a black businessman whose business was destroyed in the 1965 Watts riots (no compensation from insurer) and was wiped out again.  He said he was too old to start again.

Grocery stores and other low profit margin businesses do not want to reopen in risky places, leaving liquor stores as the only food stores at high prices to the detriment of the non-rioters of the community. 

Racial prejudice will certainly increase as images of black rioters create or reinforce stereotypes.  Even the most vigorous SJW teaching will not fix that.

Not what we we wanted, but close enough to run the numbers.

I bought it on Amazon.  It is a collection of science fiction from many decades, much of it now dated by advancing science (even fungus does not live on the Moon) but often quite enthralling.   Only one story was so uninteresting that I skipped to the next story.  One I just read was titled "Syndrome Johnny" about a series of intentional plagues to improve the human species in a way that is implausible but fascinating.

Of course these stories are awash in assumptions that many social structures of the 1950s would persist into the future: e.g. the role of women as primarily homekeepers to men who di nearly all the interesting things.  Not recommended for your SJW friends.  I rather doubt many of my readers have such friends.  Relatives, yes.

How Chinese Flu Spread?

by Clayton Cramer in Clayton Cramer. at 11:07, Friday, 29 May

Sky News reports a monkey overpowered a research assistant and stole COVID19 samples. Reporter calls it "mostly a protest....  not generally speaking unruly."  

Let me emphasize that the unjustified killing by a police officer that has sparked riots across the U.S. is a shameful crime in desperate need of prosecution.   Why am I not surprised it happened in a progressive-run city?

This is Not a Good Sign

by Clayton Cramer in Clayton Cramer. at 09:41, Friday, 29 May

MSNBC guest calls for pitchforks and torches outside a Trump fundraiser. 

Louisiana Covid Update - Day 74

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 10:22, Friday, 29 May

It's Friday, and just like clockwork, the LDH has put up the numbers.
Total Covid load is 38,802, which is the number they put up yesterday.  Odd.
Deaths are up a bit, to 2661.  They managed to update that number.
Hospitalizations census is down to 714 with 90 on ventilators.  That is a substantial drop.

My home parish of Rapides is reporting 703 cases, same as yesterday.

It seems that the Dept of Health is having technical issues.  Somehow, that doesn't surprise me at all.

I mean, it's not like thousands of people are checking these numbers daily, depending on those numbers to be accurate, timely updated, and transparent. 

Unclear on the Concept

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:57, Friday, 29 May



Nothing to See Here

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:33, Friday, 29 May

MSNBC reporter says “I want to be clear on how I characterize this. This is mostly a protest. It is not generally speaking unruly."

As a building burns in the background...
— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) May 29, 2020

Frank Drebin did it better:

Above all, it raises a question that no one ever seems to ask when these cases arise: what was the role of the police union in preventing effective disciplinary measures or even dismissal from the force?  [More]
From what I've documented, it appears to be one of making death threats.

[Via Mack H]

Tangentially related updates:

  • ...
Rioter: ‘We’re Gonna Start Coming to the Suburbs’ - “Ain’t nothing left here.” [More]
I guess diffusion isn't a concept he's spent much time considering.

I'm pretty much with Arnhole on this one:

Surviving Riots and Political Demonstrations

by Greg Ellifritz in Active Response Training at 09:13, Friday, 29 May

*This is an excerpt from the chapter “Surviving Third World Riots and Political Demonstrations” from my book Choose Adventure.  With the riots we’ve seen over the last couple days, and calls for more rioting this weekend, the information will be useful for you.  As our country descends into chaos, the advice from a third-world safety book might become necessary to survive our daily activities.





Tweet of the Day

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 09:08, Friday, 29 May

— Robert Fryer (@RobertF49999387) May 28, 2020

Blue cities burn, blue States crash

by TPOL Nathan in The Price of Liberty at 11:01, Friday, 29 May

It was on Wednesday morning that I posted comments regarding the decline and fall of the massive urban areas. Increasingly uninhabitable, “ungovernable” (at least for those who believe in a totalitarian nanny-state system of rule over the masses), and economically and socially unsustainable.

It seems that I was unintentionally and unknowingly prefacing the storm. The Battle of Minneapolis is now raging, and battles have and are developing across the Fifty States in city after city. Meanwhile people on all sides are whipping up fury and escalating the threats, demands, AND violence. But the source? The police and the politicians: not just but especially the regressivists that control the blue states and cities.

The problem is not “racist cops” or even (as some have claimed) “criminal cops.” It is MORE than just the police, although what these cops are doing IS criminal, IS immoral, and CANNOT be tolerated. But these criminal cops (like the killer cop in Minneapolis – midday on Friday FINALLY arrested) are BACKED and DEFENDED not just by their own fellow cops and their leaders, but by...

CDC, COVID-19 and Math

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 09:18, Friday, 29 May

Because they never published the stats. CDC warns antibody testing still too inaccurate to use for coronavirus-related policy decisions. The math is the point, but the upshot is that about half of the positive antibody tests are false positives. In other words, less than half of those testing positive will truly have antibodies. It is […]

U.S. Pacific Fleet Public Affairs announced on the 22nd May that the USS Portland (LPD 27) had successfully disabled an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) using an experimental Solid State Laser. The Technology Maturation Laser Weapon System Demonstrator (LWSD) MK 2 MOD 0 was tested onboard the amphibious transport dock ship on the 16th of May at […]

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The post ...

AK Leather Cheek Rest Kits by D4 Guns

by Hrachya H in The Firearm Blog at 10:00, Friday, 29 May

AK Leather Cheek Rest Kits by D4 Guns (1)There are several reasons why you may need to cover the metal stock of your rifle. One of them is not to have bare metal rubbing against your cheek when shooting the gun, especially in long shooting sessions. For me, the primary reason is that metals are materials with high thermal conductivity. If you think […]

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The Democrats started with like 20 candidates and Joe Biden was the cream of the crop.

Just think about that for a minute…

Ryan Fournier @RyanAFournier
Tweeted on May 24, 2020
[H/T to Adam McIntosh.

One might argue there are other explanations..

A rather remote alternate hypothesis is that the primary voting was fraudulent and some powerful group put Biden in as the apparent nominee so as to be able to replace him with someone who could not have won the nomination via the normal primary process. But then that would mean they implemented a complicated and risky solution when they could have just used the fraudulent voting to put in their desired candidate in place instead of Biden.

Another alternate hypothesis is that the nominating process is flawed and Biden is the candidate who happened to, perhaps by luck or skill of his handlers, come out ahead of better qualified candidates. But that means the Democrats are responsible for creating such a flawed system such that Biden became the pres...

Looter Man

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 08:26, Friday, 29 May

We all remember this photo out of Hurricane Katrina, when looting ran wild in the New Orleans metro area.  Some defended the looters, saying that the stores were closed and food was short, and they had to provide for their families.  Like this guy, providing for his family.

Katrina Looter ManNow, in Minneapolis, we're starting to see images of other disadvantaged, oppressed individuals ust trying...

A Little Street Justice

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:24, Friday, 29 May

Seven people were shot Thursday night in downtown Louisville during a protest to demand justice for the shooting death of Louisville resident Breonna Taylor during a March police raid... [More]
That'll teach those cops!

[Via bondmen]
Mississippi cop on leave after video shows his hands around man’s neck [More]
Imagine the riots that would ensue had he been white, which tells us much.

[Via bondmen]
A spontaneous protest also broke out in Los Angeles with Black Lives Matter protesters walking onto the 101 freeway and blocking traffic. [More]
I'd say this weekend is a pretty good time to avoid the hotspots.

[Via bondmen]

And Here We Go

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:11, Friday, 29 May

CNN’s Lemon Blames Trump for Death of George Floyd in Minneapolis [More]
And by Trump he means those of us who supported the agenda he campaigned on.

[Via bondmen]

Small Wonder

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:46, Friday, 29 May

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Gets Schooled After Wondering Why Armed Militiamen Weren’t Treated Like Minneapolis Rioters [More]
Because they weren't attacking anything and because they had the ability to check a monopoly of violence?

I wonder how useful idiots like him get elevated to positions of prominent influence and have to remind myself that the question answers itself.

[Via Michael G]

Rotten to the Core

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:37, Friday, 29 May

What the 'Obamagate' Scandals Mean and Why They Matter [More]
It means those who would rule us are evil and will do anything for power.


It also means odds are justice will never be done through the system and we'll see if Mr. Kennedy was right or not.

[Via Michael G]

A Proven Technique

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:23, Friday, 29 May

In a communication through Facebook on May 17, the informant allegedly told Palma of a seller who had fully automatic firearms and conversion items, which convert semi-automatic firearms to fully automatic, for sale. The seller the informant was referring to was an undercover agent with the ATF. [More]
In other words, they're using low-hanging fruit to "pad statistics" again, to make the case for a push to ban semi-autos.

[Via ...
New England Journal Of Medicine On What Masks Can’t Do Regarding SARS-CoV-2 [More]
In other words...

Two Birds, One Stone

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:07, Friday, 29 May

Gun storage mandate, loss/theft reporting bills up for legislative action [More]
That way, you can be victimized twice!

And guess who could not be required to report, and why...

[Via cydl]

Is there such a thing as a left-wing authoritarian? [More]
National socialism, anyone...?

What's been going on for a long time is an Orwellian word game used to perpetuate a lie, since "conservative" is a relative term based on time, place, and situation (think "Loyalists" to the Crown at the time of the War of the Rebellion).

[Via ...

It's like these "community heroes" want the town to burn, or as elder feral son Uday just wisecracked, "This makes me want to go out and loot a Target."

[Via Len Savage
Here's what I don't get:
Minneapolis is a stronghold for the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL), an affiliate of the Democratic Party. The Minneapolis City Counc...


by Mas in at 07:09, Friday, 29 May

My old friend John Farnam travels constantly with firearms, as I do and some of you do.  He turned me on to a new case developed just for that purpose by Miles “Rocky” Scoville. If you’ve flown commercial aircraft with … ...

Safariland®, a brand of The Safariland Group, a leading global provider of safety and survivability products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets, today announced the availability of the Safariland REDLINE™ series of military-grade, tactical communications equipment created specifically for the fire and rescue industry. Fire and rescue professionals have long sought effective and […]


by Firehand in Irons in the Fire at 06:44, Friday, 29 May

Well, just maybe they were treated differently because THEY WEREN'T RIOTING?

We're back to "If you're healthy you don't need and shouldn't wear a mask."  From the same people who've changed their minds at least twice on this.

I'm waiting for the next "Why won't you people properly respect The Experts?" so I can throw this in.

Self-defense is Legal in Vermont

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 06:19, Friday, 29 May

I guess this is baffling to the folks in San Francisco. Why else would the cover it? Prosecutor says shooting at Royalton home was self-defense. A non-fatal shooting at a Royalton home was in self-defense and no charges will be filed against the man who fired the shot, police said Tuesday, announcing the decision by […]

Friday Links

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 07:23, Friday, 29 May

Ace at Ace of Spades HQ starts us off with NBC Bans Reporters From Using the Word “Riots’ To Refer to The Minnesota Riots. Fox News seems to be doing the same thing. The only difference between NBC and Fox is that NBC is being transparent about its censorship/euphemism — whereas Fox gives these orders […]

Colonel Thomas Thornton was a wealthy and somewhat flamboyant character in England in the late 18th and early 19th century. He commanded a militia unit with which he had some disagreement, and which mutinied against his comment at Roborough Camp in 1795. Some years later, he commissioned this quite unique firearm from Dupe & Company of London.

The gun is a single stock with two flintlock actions, two triggers, and two clusters of seven .30 caliber rifled barrels each. Each trigger fires a complete barrel cluster simultaneously. In addition to the firepower of this very remarkable weapon, he also had it finished in a truly magnificent fashion, including the fantastic line “PERDITION TO CONSPIRATORS” on ons of the barrel clusters – clearly he harbored some resentment towards his unruly militia subordinates even years later.

In addition, he had a second stock ...

The Ruger 10/22 we aren't sure anyone was asking for: the Red Dragon!Ruger’s 10/22 rifle is fondly considered by many to be a much-beloved classic. In his ode to the legend published in the “Rimfire Report” series last year, TFB writer Luke C. said, “The first rifle experience many of us probably had was the Ruger 10/22. This rifle often holds a special place in our hearts.” […]

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The post ...

Zaffiri Precision SIG P365 Slides

by Hrachya H in The Firearm Blog at 07:00, Friday, 29 May

Zaffiri Precision SIG P365 Slides (2)Zaffiri Precision, a company specialized in producing handgun slides and barrels, has recently introduced a new slide fo...

First Russian Heavy Machine Gun Reflex Sight (1)Russian state corporation Rostec has announced that they have developed the first Russian heavy machine gun reflex sight. This red dot sight is designed primarily for the .50 caliber Kord HMG that is widely used throughout the Russian armed forces both as a crew-served infantry weapon and mounted to various marine, aerial and ground vehicles. […]



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